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Did Giant Reptiles Share the Earth with Giant Humans?

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by Brad Steiger

  Illustration of Dinosaur Man
Illustration of Dale Russell’s and Ron Seguin’s “Dinosaur Man” and Stenonychosaurus Inequalis

The notion that early humans might have been contemporaneous with the giant reptiles has stoked the creative fires of many a fantasy and science fiction novelist. In Worlds Before Our Own (Anomalist Books, 2007), I pose a two-pronged question: Did a race of early humans exist during the Age of Reptiles, something like 70 million years ago; or did a certain number of the giant reptiles survive until a few thousand years ago?

Early in January, 1970, the London Express Service carried an item relating the discovery of a set of cave paintings which had been found in the Gorozamzi Hills, twenty-five miles from Salisbury in Rhodesia. According to the news story, the paintings included an accurate representation of a brontosaurus, the 67-foot, 30-ton behemoth that scientists insist became extinct millions of years before man achieved his earthly advent.

Experts agree that the paintings were done by bushmen who ruled Rhodesia from about 1500 B.C.E. until a few hundred years ago. The experts also agree that the bushmen only painted from life. This belief is borne out by the other Gorozamzi Hills cave paintings, which represent elephants, hippos, deer, and giraffe.

The November, 1968, issue of Science Digest carried the startling thoughts of Mexican archaeologist-journalist Jose Diaz-Bolio concerning his discovery of an ancient Mayan relief sculpture of a peculiar serpent-bird found in the ruins of Tajin, located in Totonacapan in the northeastern section of Veracruz, Mexico. Diaz- Bolio suggested that the serpent-bird was not merely the product of Mayan flights of fancy, but a realistic representation of an animal that lived during the period of the ancient Mayans — 1,000 to 5,000 years ago.

A startling evolutionary oddity would have been manifested if such serpent-birds were contemporary with the ancient Mayan culture, for creatures with such characteristics are believed to have disappeared 130 million years ago. The archaeornis and archaeopteryx, to which the sculpture bears a resemblance, were flying reptiles that became extinct during the Mesozoic age.

William Meister, an amateur rockhound, found what appears to be a fossilized human sandal print with a trilobite, an extinct marine animal, imbedded in the impression made by the heel. Meister discovered the print in July, 1968, while searching for fossils at Antelope Springs, near Delta, Utah. Since the impression was made on what once may have been a sandy beach of the Cambrian period of the Paelozoic Era, the sandal print would have to be an incredible 500 million years old.

Human footprints
Photo Reference credit: LINK.

Dr. Clifford Burdick personally investigated William Meister’s find, and while digging in the same area where the rockhound had found the remarkable sandal print, he himself found a human track similar to the first one Meister discovered, evidently made by shoes or moccasins. Professors of the geological department of a leading university conceded that the tracks definitely looked human, but they could not accept their biological origins.

Dr. Burdick commented that the manlike tracks found at Antelope Springs, preserved in rock hundreds of feet below the present surface of the ground, may have been covered at or near the beginning of some great catastrophic, earth-shaking event that buried many forms of life all together, some marine and some non-marine.

“If these are verified as human tracks,” he said, “the discovery will have far-reaching repercussions throughout the scientific world, and especially for stratigraphers and palaeontologists. Cambrian fossils such as trilobites, are placed at the bottom of the Palaeozoic, some estimated 600 million years before man evolved, according to evolutionary geology. This evidence, if verified, will practically collapse the geologic column.”

In addition to the giant footprints of manlike bipedal creatures discovered throughout the southwestern United States, other indications that a much larger race inhabited North America in prehistoric times came with the discovery in Supai Canyon, Arizona, of a petroglyph depicting a mammoth attacking a man. This primitive work of art was found by Harold T. Wilkins, who determined that the beleaguered man must have been over ten feet tall, according to the perspective employed by the ancient artist. Amerindians in the vicinity stated that the drawings had been made by the “giants of long ago.”

The New York Times on December 2, 1930, carried an item that told of the discovery of the remains of an apparent race of giants who once lived at Sayopa, Sonora, a mining town 300 miles south of the Mexican border. A mining engineer, J. E. Coker, said that labourers clearing ranchland near the Yazui River “dug into an old cemetery where bodies of men, averaging eight feet in height, were found buried tier by tier. . . .”

On February 14, 1936″ The New York Times ran a piece datelined Managua, Nicaragua, which stated that the skeleton of a gigantic man, with the head missing, had been unearthed at El Boquin, on the Mico River, in the Chontales district. “The ribs are a yard long and four inches wide and the shin bone is too heavy for one man to carry. ‘Chontales’ is an Indian word, meaning ‘wild man.’

In its June 9, 1936 issue, The New York Times published an article item with a Miami, Florida dateline that told of human skeletons eight feet long imbedded in the sand of an uninhabited little island off Southern Florida. E. M. Miller, zoologist at the University of Miami, commented that the skulls were unusually thick, the jaws protruded, and the eye sockets were high in the head.

In his book emtitled Forbidden Land, Robert R. Lyman wrote of an unknown tribe of American giants who had the added distinction of having horns growing from their heads:

“At Tioga Point … a short distance from Sayre, in Bradford County (Pennsylvania]… they uncovered an Indian mound [and] found the bones of 68 men which were believed to have been buried about the year 1200. The average height of these men was seven feet, while many were much taller. On some of the skulls, two inches above the perfectly formed forehead, were protuberances of bone, evidently horns that had been there since birth. Some of the specimens were sent to the American Investigating Museum.

“. . . In December 1886, W. H. Scoville of Andrews Settlement discovered an Indian mound at Ellisburg. When opened, the skeleton of a man was found. It was close to eight feet in length.”

According to their oral tradition, the Delaware tribe once lived in the western United States. At some point in their history, they migrated eastward as far as the Mississippi River, where they were joined by the Iroquois Confederacy. Both groups of people were seeking land better suited to their rather cultured way of life, and they continued together on their eastward trek.

Scouts sent ahead learned of a nation that inhabited the land east of the Mississippi and who had built strong, walled cities. These people were known as the Talligewi or Allegewi, after whom the Allegheny River and Mountains are named. The Allegewi were considered taller than either the Iroquois or the Delaware, and the scouts saw a good many giants walking among them.

When the two migrating tribes asked permission to pass through the land of the Allegewi, it was denied. Bitter fighting broke out, which continued for a number of years. EventualIy, the superior numbers and the determination of the allies prevailed, and the Allegewi fled to the west.

The Allegewi next appear in the legends of the Sioux, whose tradition tells of a confrontation with a race of great stature. The Sioux, who were surely among the ablest of warriors, exterminated the Allegewi when the giants sought to settle in what is now Minnesota.

Is there any archaeological evidence to support these tribal legends and traditions?

Rising out of the earth in Ohio, Minnesota, Iowa, and other states are the huge Earthworks of the mysterious “moundbuilders.” The mounds scattered throughout the Midwest were apparently raised by the same unknown people, and the earthworks are extremely large.

Do giant mounds indicate giant people?

Enormous weapons, including a copper ax weighing 38 pounds, have been found in these mounds. It is difficult to imagine the average-sized Amerindian, as we first know him at the time of the European invasion, casually wielding a 38-pound axe.

However, outsized weapons and implements alone are not proof of a giant race, and neither are huge monuments. The former can be works of art, the latter could be objects of religious commitment. The best proof of a race of giants in North America– or anywhere else — would be the discovery of the skeletons of these people.

Two brothers living in Dresbach, Minnesota, in the process of enlarging their brick business, were forced to remove a number of large Indian mounds. In one of the huge earthenworks they discovered the bones of “men over eight feet tall.”

In La Crescent, Minnesota, not far from Dresbach, mound-diggers reportedly found large skillets and “bones of men of huge stature.”

Over in Chatfield, mounds were excavated, revealing six skeletons of enormous size.

Unusually large skeletons of seven people buried head down were discovered in Clearwater. The skulls in the latter find were said to have had receding foreheads, and teeth that were double all the way around.

Other discoveries in Minnesota included “men of more than ordinary size” in Moose Island Lake; several skeletons, one of “gigantic size” in Pine City; ten skeletons “of both sexes and of gigantic size” in Warren (buried with these particular specimens were horses, badgers, and dogs).

Could these huge skeletons of gigantic “indians” be all that remains of the last of a proud prehistoric race who defied the monster reptiles and built an extensive empire of walled cities throughout the Americas?

Dr. Clifford Burdick first began investigating “footprints in stone” in the early 1950s when the Natural Science Foundation of Los Angeles assigned him to go with four other members to examine the reported man-tracks found in strata contemporaneous with dinosaur prints in and around Glen Rose, Texas. The committee soon learned that men had been cutting dinosaur and human tracks out of the limestone of the Paluxy River bed near Glen Rose since at least 1938. A Mr. A. Berry gave them an affidavit which stated that in September of that year, he and other men found “many dinosaur tracks, several sabre-tooth tiger tracks, and three human tracks” in the river bed.

Dr. Burdick learned that Dr. Roland Bird, field explorer for the American Museum of Natural History of New York City, had also examined the Berry tracks. Describing them in the May 1939 edition of Natural History magazine, Bird admitted that he had never seen anything like the tracks, and assessed them as “perfect in every detail.” But since the man-like tracks measured 16 inches from toe to heel, Bird declared that they were too large to be human, although the barefoot tracks did show all the toes, insteps, and heels in the proper proportions. When Dr. Bird made a special field trip to the Paluxy River to examine the tracks in situ, he became less enthusiastic about the prints in association with dinosaur tracks, because “man did not live in the age of dinosaurs.”

Whatever species of creature made these tracks, it was definitely bipedal. The footprints all have about the same length of stride, which would be consistent with a man with a 16-inch foot. The shapes of the prints are more manlike than any other animal known to science.

If the tracks are accepted as being human, then scientists will be forced either to place man back in time to the Cretaceous period or to bring the dinosaur forward to the Pleistocene or Recent period.

In referring to the evidence of the Glen Rose tracks, Dr. Burdick states that the generally accepted theory of evolution would be dealt a lethal blow, because the geologic record of human footprints contemporaneous with dinosaur tracks “suggests that simple and complex types of life were coexistent in time past or during geologic ages. . . . This does not harmonize with the hypothesis that complex types of life evolved from lower or more simple forms. Evolution implies that through the geologic ages life has not only become more complex, but has increased in size. If evidence from the man-tracks can be used as a criterion, ancient man was much larger than modern man as an average. This harmonized with most fossil life which was larger than its modern counterpart. . . . On the whole, biological life has had to contend with unfavorable environment which has been a factor in its degeneration, rather than its evolution.”

  Fossil Footprints
Fossilized footprints such as this–which certainly appear to be human–have been found throughout the American Southwest, most often in geologic strata indicative of 250 million years old. Dr. Wilbur Greely Burroughs, Geology Department, Berea College, KY, studied a series of such humanlike tracks impressed upon a sandy beach in the Pennsylvanian Period of the Palaeozoic Era, around 250 million years ago. Burroughs named the unknown originator of the mysterious tracks Phenanthropus mirabilis (“looks human“; remarkable).

For years, Frank X. Tolbert wrote about the alleged mantracks in the Paluxy River in his “Tolbert’s Texas” column in the Dallas Morning News. Consistently skeptical that the prints were made by humans, Tolbert maintained that the tracks had been made by giant sloths. But in his January 6, 1973 column, Tolbert reported “what may be the clearest of the so-called ‘giant men tracks’ yet discovered”– a footprint of “a huge humanoid” measuring 21 1/2 inches in length, 8 inches in width across the front of the foot, and 5 1/2 inches across the instep.

Dr. C. N. Dougherty of Glen Rose stated that near the footprint are also the deeply engraved prints of three-toed dinosaurs. “These men-tracks belong to the Mesozoic Era because the clearest man-track is exactly eight inches from a trachodon track and on the same layer of rock,” said Dr. Dougherty. “The trachodon tracks are as clear and distinct as the man-track. ”

According to Dr. Dougherty: “When I discovered this trail of a giant man under the waterfall, I had a feeling that it was one of the most important discoveries since the Dead Sea Scrolls.”

The thing that most intrigued Tolbert is that the prints are each 21 1/2 inches in length, “And they indicate that these men who were contemporaries of the brontosaurus, if men they were, walked with a stride of seven feet.”

Some might conjecture that such giant humans might have been able to band together and put up a pretty good fight against any giant reptile.

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November 29, 2009 at 7:02 am

Egyptian Artefacts and Time-Travelling Lower Dimensional Manipulative Extraterrestrials

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by Peter Tremblay

Photos taken of ancient hieroglyphics on different visits by individuals to Egypt, distinctively show a military-looking helicopter, an aeroplane, a submarine, and even some kind of alien spacecraft. Photos which accompany this article, were further documented to have been taken in 1996 and 1997.

Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics that show a military-looking helicopter constitute apparent evidence of time travel related to Manipulative Extraterrestrial infiltration of Earthbound human society.

The glyphs suggest that Extraterrestrials have shown an interest and have demonstrated the capability to rule over humanity. The glyphs also suggest that similar technologies today, that apparently existed thousands of years ago, may have originated from a similar source. Indeed, Dr. Michael Salla has suggested the current existence of military-industrial-extraterrestrial complex that has access to “exotic technologies” which include time-travel. If these technologies existed thousands of years ago, wouldn’t time travel by a related group account for the re-introduction of the same technologies?

Retired NATO Commander, Rhodes Scholar, and four-star general Wes Clark — who made a late October 2003 entry in the 2004 U.S. Presidential race following a successful draft campaign — made comments in reference to “time travel” as an important area of research that was quite attainable. Perhaps according to scholarly testimony like Dr. Salla, and other researchers of UFO phenomenon, such technology has already been developed, this LINK

Bill Hobbs further records that Clark said on the U.S. Presidential campaign trial, that he thinks that time travel is possible and that it will be accomplished. And he strongly implied that as president, he would openly allocate federal money to develop it. LINK Indeed, if such an “exotic technology” was already developed, then the elites who presided over any such technology would be able to evaluate the American public’s reaction to such information.

Could time travelling manipulative extraterrestrials that presided over the destruction of previous human civilizations, use time travel as a means of selectively seeking to influence sentient races at different stages of the technological development of various planetary civilizations?

In 1848, one of numerous archaeological expeditions working in Egypt discovered strange hieroglyphs at the height of about ten metres right above the entrance to the Seti Temple in Abydos. The walls were apparently covered with the strange signs that greatly puzzled researchers. The only thing the researchers realized at once was that they had discovered some images of strange mechanisms that nobody ever saw before.

“The archaeological expedition carefully copied the mysterious signs on the temple walls, and the hieroglyphs gave rise to endless disputes and heated debates among Egyptologists. As a result, majority of Egyptologists arrived at a conclusion at that time that there were just strange objects drawn in different variations, ” documents the Russian newspaper Pravda. LINK

Researchers of the 19th century failed to understand what ancient Egyptians actually drew on the temple walls. Like any sensation the mysterious Abydos hieroglyphs were absolutely forgotten some time later.

In about 150 years, the respectable Arab newspaper Al-Sharq Al-Awsat published several evocative photos taken in the Amon Ra Temple in Karnak. At that, the newspaper asked its readers whether they believed that ancient Egyptians knew about battle aviation. The photos showed an ancient artist(s) engraved a battle helicopter with a distinct rotor and a tail unit. Nearby, the artist depicted several other aircrafts astonishingly resembling contemporary supersonic fighters and heavy strategic bombers.

The Russian article from Pravda titled “Ancient Egyptians used helicopters and airplanes for battles?” documents that “After the thought provoking publication of the photos it became clear why Egyptologists of the 19th century could not tell what was depicted on the walls of the temple in Abydos.” LINK.

Indeed, the nineteenth century researchers did not know how helicopters and aircrafts look.

Well-known Egyptologist Alan Alford left to the Nile banks to study the Abydos mystery. The researcher studied the mysterious hieroglyphs and made sure that what seemed absolutely incredible was in fact quite real. Alford told journalists that ancient Egyptians had depicted a real helicopter model as if they made the engravings from life. LINK Some of the depictions by artists thousands of years ago, are still apparently unknown.

These photos were met with the usual attempts by operatives of a modern era, who are paid by the Establishment, and who operate in a cloak of secrecy, to spin an accompanying web of deceit and dis-information. LINK

These photos are further accompanied by archaeological findings in Egypt of alien skulls attributed to an oppressive apparent human-extraterrestrial hybrid race. Professor Zecharia Sitichin’s research further supports eyewitness accounts by indigenous and other peoples, about numerous skulls of human-extraterrestrial hybrid race that have been photographed.

Joel Mills in the process of producing the CD-ROM “The Secrets of Stargate.” sought to collect photographs of giant skulls of apparent human-extraterrestrial hybrid races. These skulls were later apparently censored from the producing of the CD-ROM. Notwithstanding this “these skulls are so numerous in the area of the Nasca desert in South America, that you can find small makeshift museums in the backyards of the locals.”

Mr. Mills believed that these alien skulls and related artefacts proved that original Stargate film (1994) of an interseller time teleportation mechanism could be not simply some sort of science fiction fantasy.

Wikpedia documents that the film and later developed television series was based upon the following storyline:

  “The United States civilian government holds the Stargate’s existence a secret, so story lines present no contradiction between the episode’s events and reality. In the story, many Earth mythologies are in fact based upon events involving aliens who visited or controlled Earth civilizations in the distant past.”Posing as gods, Manipulative Extraterrestrials were presented as enslaving the inhabitants of ancient Egypt, creating its culture and religion. These malevolent aliens were presented as using Stargates to move labourers from Earth to other habitable planets. The aliens were also depicted as being forced to flee Earth following a successful rebellion by the humans, and the Stargate was buried and forgotten until its rediscovery in Giza, Egypt, 1928.

Adolf Hilter has been historically documented as being a member of the UFO oriented Thule society, before his rise to power. Nazi Germany was allegedly inspired from his contacts with representatives of alleged Great Pyramid inspiring Extraterrestrial “Aryan” civilizations. This has been documented in the article titled, “The Aliens of the Golden Dawn”. LINK

In the book entitled The Dawn of Magic by Louis Pauwells and Jacques Bergier first published in France under the title Le Matin des Magiciens 1960, Hitler was documented as having indicated: “The new man is living amongst us now! He is here!” exclaimed Hitler, triumphantly… I will tell you a secret. I have seen the new man. He is intrepid and cruel. I was afraid of him.” LINK

Did the same group of time-travelling Extraterrestrials that provide military technology that were drawn on the Egyptian glyphs, also seek to funnel technology to Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany so as to effectuate an agenda to run planet Earth as “Aryan” custodial gods, over the enslaving of humanity?

Local guides in Peru explained their church leaders feel the skulls of apparent ancient ruling castes of human-alien hybrids, are “the work of the devil”, and the offspring of the fallen angels in the Bible.

With this in mind, learned scholar and author John Lash in documents ancient Gnostics as seeking to warn humanity about intelligent inorganic life possessing demonic consciousness that were presented in Gnostic cosmology to be Archons or “fallen angels”.

Findings prove that the Archonic rulers of these apparently technologically advanced societies, shared the common bond of huge skulls and brains that probably provided them with highly developed intellectual capabilities. This information has been allegedly shared by secret societies and religious leaders for hundreds of years. These pictures have been described by viewers as showing “proof of beings from another world” interacting with humans LINK

Egypt’s King Akhenaton and his daughters were allegedly proud of their “distinct features” (elongated skulls) and the true facts of this royal family are shrouded in controversy. LINK.

Some historians paid by the Establishment to create dis-information, point out that the giant skulls of this family are simply a deformity caused by inbreeding. Others discount this and claim that it is the art style of the Armana period. LINK.

Ignatius Donnelly in his book entitled Atlantis, The Antedeluvian World explores historical accounts of a Continent that existed in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean that sank into the sea. He documents that before it sank, the apparent Human-Manipulative Extraterrestrial hybrid rulers left for Egypt, Mexico and Peru and became rulers of newfound apocalyptical empires with Great Pyramids, that were based around oppressive religious-militaristic cults. He found information about elongated apparent alien-human hybrid skulls hidden in the Library of Congress in Washington. Perhaps “the sinking” of Atlantis had something to do with a military attempt of these alien-human hybrids to seize and take control of Atlantis as an allegedly highly advanced human civilization?

Alberto Fujimori
Former Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori had advocated the release of official photographic documentation of the apparent skulls of an alien-human hybrid ruling caste.

When President Alberto Fujimori took power in Peru he had decided to allow the skulls to be photographed. The Peruvian government had indicated to a researcher that “these unusual skulls could be found in many museums in Peru and excavations were uncovering them even now near the Nasca Plateau.” LINK.

Brad Steiger’s book entitled Worlds Before our Own presented evidence that previous earth civilizations were destroyed possibly by very sophisticated nuclear weapons, in a catastrophic war on Earth of intergalactic proportions, involving different alien civilizations . If this is the case, then these glyps corroborate Dr. Salla’s research of a military-industrial-extraterrestrial complex that once again may be taking humanity into a path of planetary destruction for whatever alien agenda might exist.

Dr. Salla in “A Report on the Motivations and Activities of Extraterrestrial Races – A Typology of the Most Significant Extraterrestrial Races Interacting with Humanity” in Exopolitics, revised January 1, 2005 documents that Clifford Stone, a retired U.S. army Sergeant who served in the U.S. Army for 22 years and participated in covert operations to retrieve crashed extraterrestrial ships and extraterrestrial biological entities (EBE’s), revealed there were a total of 57 extraterrestrial races known by UFO and Extraterrestrial dis-information operatives. LINK.

Dr. Salla further reveals that apparent Manipulative Extraterrestrials (in contrast with socially responsible and Ethical Extraterrestrials) have sought to introduce military technologies through ego and greed driven elites, that have literally sold their soul to gain access to these technologies. Dr. Salla indicates that Manipulative Extraterrestrials having exploited short-sighted human elites, have instigated a “range of systemic global problems.”

Indeed, if there are, for example, baseball and football players as well as track and field stars, who are willing to sell out their personal health by taking steroids in order to get more money and in their apparent view, “more glory, just think how many corrupt human politicians, in turn, would be correspondingly willing to similarly sell out their soul to manipulative aliens in their quest for their sought prize of short-sighted planetary power.

Dr. Salla’s further documents alleged interactions between Manipulative extraterrestrial races and empire-driven human elites as having “reached agreements with, and even collaborated in a number of joint projects.”

Gary McKinnon in a Wired Magazine article titled “‘UFO Hacker’ Tells What He Found” indicates that, “I also got access to Excel spreadsheets. One was titled “Non-Terrestrial Officers.” Mr. McKinnon uncovered what he indicated appeared to be orbiting alien spacecraft, that would then be systematically airbrushed out of high resolution satellite images.

Could nuclear weapons itself, which human elites now seek to threaten Iran toward a global nuclear holocaust, also have been introduced through human elite collaborations with manipulative alien toward a global conquest agenda?

Secrets of the Lost Races writer Rene Noorbergen reveals scientific research on ancient Pyramids that have been in turn linked to Human-Extraterrestrial hybrid races, have also demonstrated traces of nuclear radiation consistent with a pre-historic nuclear war.

In South America the Brazilian ruins of Sete Ciddaes are enormously revealing. Author Noorbergen in Secrets of the Lost Races writes of “ruins melted by apocalyptic energies…”! Elsewhere, in Mesopotamia sizeable ziggurats — a form of early pyramid — have been found melted to their base in a vitrified mass! LINK.

In the article “Nuclear Wars in Antiquity”, by author Harry Hinde further documents the following:

“In the Arabian desert blackened stones litter the sands over a wide area, showing signs of having been subjected to intense radiation. In Israel the location of the Dead Sea and it’s mysterious connection with Sodom and Gomorrah bears evidence of an amazing focus of heat that is thought to have gouged out the entire area in a massive explosion. Vitrified rock created under intense pressure, is a frequent discovery, and in 1952 archaeologists discovered a vitrified area of sand that stretched out over hundreds of square feet! Apparently deposits like this are similar to those left behind at the White Sands atomic testing site in America.” LINK.

“In fact wherever we look in the world the baffling enigma of vitrified ruins challenges our intellect! From Peru, to Scotland and Scandinavia; to the plateau’s of China and India, this indelible evidence attests to some undeniably violent act.” LINK.

Erich von Daniken’s Chariots of the Gods? has presented theories of ancient astronauts constituting a possible intergalactic alien invasion force, landing on Earth. Von Daniken links Great Pyramid like structures on Mars to similar looking Great Pyramids on Earth, as the alleged basis of fascistic alien colonies on Earth. The well-documented humanoid face on Mars — that has apparently been also subsequently subjected to elite-directed air-brushing toward an alien disinformation campaign — has also been cited as evidence of malevolent alien migrations to Earth.

Rene Noorbergen further documents charred ruins to be found between the River Ganges in India and the mountains of Rajamahal. “The walls have been glazed, corroded, and split by tremendous heat. Within several of the buildings that remain standing even the surfaces of the stone furniture have been vitrified: melted then crystallised. No natural burning flame or volcanic eruption could have produced heat intense enough to cause this phenomenon. Only the heat released through atomic energy could have done this damage.” Also in this same region a human body was discovered with a radioactivity “which was fifty times above the normal level”. LINK

  Apparent skull of alien-human hybrid
Apparent skull of alien-human hybrid ruling caste of ancient society are reportedly prevelant in Peru, and have also been found by researchers in Egypt.

Mr Lash is documents, that Gnostic research uncovered intrusion by intelligent inorganic Manipulative Extraterrestrials that are native to other planets in Earth’s solar system that sought to instigate violence among humans in a “divide, conquest and rule” agenda. Manipulative aliens through opportunistic time periods of terrestrial conflicts on Earth, would likely find many zealot human elites willing to do anything in order to acquire military technology to destroy each other for their own conquest agenda with “hybrid” confederates. Mr. Lash documents the extent to which alien-inspired organized religion has provided a context for sowing bigotries, and an ensuing culture of violence, that can “ripen” into the kind of militarism which now shapes American foreign policy.

The so-called “War on Terror” could be in fact an Manipulative Extraterrestrial ruse for an evolving alien agenda, against human rights, spiritual free will, and sovereignty. Appreciating Manipulative Extraterrestrial intrusion on the development of human civilization could very well illuminate such catastrophes from the Holocaust against the Jews, the genocide in Rwanda where human elites turned their back on, and on-goings acts of oppression and barbarity on our planet.

Mr. Lash cites Gnostics as having illuminated that individuals who seek to appreciate Manipulative Extraterrestrial infiltration of Earthbound human society must introspectively come to grips with what it means to be human. After doing that through a process of critical inner spiritual reflection (free of externally imposed alien inspired organized religious dogma) individuals can readily be able to also detect Manipulative Extraterrestrial infiltration.

Adult human beings can observe the human spirit in its rawest form as being manifested in the newborn infant that smiles and that seeks to reach out to other human beings in a spirit of empathy, free of bigotry and the violence, that has been conditioned through alien-inspired organized religions.

Extraterrestrial infiltration of humanity is evident among subsequent development of certain constituencies of human beings who are driven by exploitation, greed, and violence, and who then seek to oppressively lash out at other human beings to perpetuate their alien-induced exploitation agenda.

Brad Steiger suggests that humans must learn the mistakes committed in the past in an apparent previous cycle(s) on nuclear and general apocalyptical destruction, in order to avoid humanity being once again manipulated into an elite-inspired agenda of exploitation, oppression, and destruction.



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Numerous evidence of Pre-Historic Nuclear War exists: Columns of Smoke Rose as if from a Mighty Furnace

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by Brad Steiger

  Ancient Indian Epics
Ancient Indian Epics, especially the Mahabharata, document apparent pre-historic nuclear devastation and destruction, that is being verified by diverse scholars.

“Then the Lord rained down fire and tar from heaven upon Sodom and Gomorrah, and utterly destroyed them….” Genesis 19:24.

My previous article in The Canadian , in which I reflected upon my book Worlds Before Our Own, provoked dozens of inquiries from readers. LINK Some stated that one of the cable channels — some thought it was the History Channel; others, Discovery; still others, National Geographic — had presented “proof” that the “fused green glass” to be found in various areas had been created by meteoric air blasts rather than prehistoric nuclear wars.

I remain open to many theories of Earth‘s prehistory. One of those individuals prompted to write to me, who had the advantage of having actually read Worlds Before Our Own, stated that I present “in a clear and lucid style, information concerning anomalous archeological finds without the hyperbole usually associated with this type of material.”

While patches of “fused green glass” may in certain instances have been caused by air blasts from meteors, I wonder if such a natural phenomenon could have created all twenty-eight fields of blackened and shattered stones that cover as many as 7000 miles each in western Arabia. The stones are densely grouped, as if they might be the remains of cities, sharp-edged, and burned black. Experts have decreed that they are not volcanic in origin, but appear to date from the period when Arabia was thought to be a lush and fruitful land that suddenly became scorched into an instant desert.

What we know today as the Sahara Desert was once a tropical region of heavy vegetation, abundant rainfall, and several large rivers. Scientists have discovered areas of the desert in which soils which once knew the cultivated influence of plow and farmer are now covered by a thin layer of sand. Researchers have also found an enormous reservoir of water below the parched desert area. The source of such a large deposit of water could only have been the heavy rains from the period of time before a fiery devastation consumed the lush vegetation of the area.

On December 25, 2007, it was confirmed by a French scientist that excavations at the area of Khamis Bani Sa’ad in Tehema district of Hodeidah province have yielded over a thousand rare archaeological pieces dating back to 300,000 B.C.E. Before a dramatic climate change, the inhabitants at that time had been fishermen and had domesticated a number of animals no longer to be found in the region, including a species of horse currently found only in Middle Asia.

The Red Chinese have conducted atomic tests near Lob Nor Lake in the Gobi Desert, which have left large patches of the area covered with vitreous sand. But the Gobi has a number of other areas of glassy sand which have been known for thousands of years.

Albion W. Hart, one of the first engineers to graduate from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, was assigned a project in the interior of Africa. While he and his men were traveling to an almost inaccessible region, they had first to cross a great expanse of desert. At the time, he was puzzled and quite unable to explain a large area of greenish glass which covered the sands as far as he could see.

“Later on during his life,” wrote Margarethe Casson in Rocks and Minerals (No. 396, 1972), “he passed by the White Sands area after the first atomic explosion there, and he recognized the same type of silica fusion which he had seen fifty years earlier in the African desert.”

In 1947, in the Euphrates valley of southern Iraq, where certain traditions place the Garden of Eden and where the ancient inhabitants of Sumer encountered the man-god Ea, exploratory digging unearthed a layer of fused, green glass. Archaeologists could not restrain themselves from noting the resemblance that the several-thousand-year-old fused glass bore to the desert floor at White Sands, New Mexico, after the first nuclear blasts in modem times had melted sand and rock.

In the United States, the Mohave Desert has large circular or polygonal areas that are coated with a hard substance very much like opaque glass.

While exploring Death Valley in 1850, William Walker claimed to have come upon the ruins of an ancient city. An end of the large building within the rubble had had its stones melted and vitrified.

Walker went on to state that the entire region between the Gila and St. John rivers was spotted with ruins. In each of the ancient settlements he had found evidence that they had been burned out by fire intense enough to have liquefied rock. Paving blocks and stone houses had been split with huge cracks, as if seared by some gigantic cleaver of fire.

Perhaps even more than the large areas of fused green glass, I am intrigued by the evidence of vitrified cities and forts, such as those discovered by Walker.

There are ancient hill forts and towers in Scotland, Ireland, and England in which the stoneworks have become calcined because of the great heat that had been applied. There is no way that lightning could have caused such effects.

Other hill forts from the Lofoten Islands off northern Norway to the Canary Islands off northwest Africa have become “fused forts.” Erich A. von Fange comments that the “piled boulders of their circular walls have been turned to glass… by some intense heat.”

Catal Huyukin in north-central Turkey, thought to be one of the oldest cities in the world, appears, according to archaeological evidence, to have been fully civilized and then, suddenly, to have died out. Archaeologists were astonished to find thick layers of burned brick at one of the levels, called VIa. The blocks had been fused together by such intense heat that the effects had penetrated to a depth more than a meter below the level of the floors, where it carbonized the earth, the skeletal remains of the dead, and the burial gifts that had been interred with them. All bacterial decay had been halted by the tremendous heat.

When a large ziggurat in Babylonia was excavated, it presented the appearance of having been struck by a terrible fire that had split it down to its foundation. In other parts of the ruins, large sections of brickwork had been scorched into a vitrified state. Several masses of brickwork had been rendered into a completely molten state. Even large boulders found near the ruins had been vitrified.

The royal buildings at the north Syrian site known as Alalakh or Atchana had been so completely burned that the very core of the thick walls were filled with bright red, crumbling mud-bricks. The mud and lime wall plaster had been vitrified, and basalt wall slabs had, in some areas, actually melted.

Between India’s Ganges River and the Rajmahal Hills are scorched ruins which contain large masses of stone that have been fused and hollowed. Certain travelers who have ventured to the heart of the Indian forests have reported ruins of cities in which the walls have become huge slabs of crystal, due to some intense heat.

The ruins of the Seven Cities, located near the equator in the Province of Piaui, Brazil, appear to be the scene of a monstrous chaos. Since no geological explanation has yet been construed to fit the evidence before the archaeologists, certain of those who have investigated the site have said that the manner in which the stones have been dried out, destroyed, and melted provokes images of Sodom and Gomorrah.

French researchers discovered the evidence of prehistoric spontaneous nuclear reaction at the Oklo mine, Pierrelatte, in Gabon, Africa. Scientists found that the ore of this mine contained abnormally low proportions of U235 such as found only in depleted uranium fuel taken from atomic reactors. According to those who examined the mine, the ore also contained four rare elements in forms similar to those found in depleted uranium.

Although the modern world did not experience atomic power until the 1940s, there is an astonishing amount of evidence that nuclear effects may have occurred in prehistoric times leaving behind sand melted into glass in certain desert areas, hill forts with vitrified portions of stone walls, of the remains of ancient cities that had been destroyed by what appeared to have been extreme heat-far beyond that which could have been scorched by the torches of primitive armies. In each instance, the trained and experienced archaeologists who encountered such anomalous finds have stressed the point that none of these catastrophes had been caused by volcanoes, by lightning, by crashing comets, or by conflagrations set by humankind.

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November 28, 2009 at 9:57 am

Archaeological Establishment covers-up Dinosaur-like humanoids with sophisticated technological capabilities

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by Brad Steiger

  Dinosaur-like humanoids

An enigma with which I dealt extensively in Worlds Before Our Own has to do with what appear to be humanoid footprints which are found widely scattered in the geologic strata suggestive of a quarter of a billion years ago. This “What’s-it That Walked Like a Human” left shoe prints, sandal prints, and barefoot prints on sands of time that have long since hardened into rock. An early ancestor of our own species is supposed to have evolved only in the late Tertiary period and is therefore only about one million years old, but fossilized humanlike footprints have been found in rocks from the Carboniferous period to the Cambrian period, thus offering mute, but dramatic, testimony that some bipedal creatures were walking about from 250 million to 500 million years ago.

The fossil tracks of both bare and shod feet (of a decidedly humanoid impression) have been found in sites ranging from Virginia and Pennsylvania, through Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, Utah, Oklahoma, and Texas. The prints give every evidence of having been made by human feet at a time when the rocks were soft mud or pliant sand.

Although the discovery of these footprints in the stones of time are hardly rare or recent occurrences, geologists, archaeologists, and anthropologists, by and large refuse to accept such fossil evidence at face value, because to do so would be to acknowledge that humans or some other bipedal humanoid or hominid creature lived in the earliest years of hypothetical evolutionary history.

This bipedal creature with humanlike stride, presents a riddle which has scientists scratching their heads. By any stretch of the evolutionary timeline, the footprints simply could not have been made by humans.

These footprints, shoeprints, and sandal prints were made more than 250 million years ago. That is a great deal of time for evolutionary trial and error. If our own species has evolved in a little over a million years, there has certainly been more than enough time to have had more than Creation Story on this planet.

If an intelligent species of amphibian had evolved, they would, indeed, have been remarkably effective creatures. They could have the best of two worlds, land and sea. They could hibernate for long periods of time, whenever necessary; and, of course, they would be naturally long-lived and might well have survived into the Age of Reptiles, thereby becoming responsible for those mysterious footprints in the same strata as the dinosaur tracks.

In the early 1980s, Dale Russell and Ron Seguin of Canada’s National Museum of Natural Sciences at Ottawa, created an imaginative model of a humanoid dinosaur. The February 1982 issue of Discover told how Russell’s and Seguin’s project had begun as a life-sized reconstruction of Stenonychosaurus inequalis, a small, meat-eating dinosaur that had lived near the close of the Age of Reptiles. Russell and Seguin decided to take the exercise a few steps farther. Using Stenonychosaurus as the model, they fashioned a creature that might have evolved, rather than dying out with the rest of the dinosaurs, sixty-five million years ago.

The result was a strikingly manlike four-and-a-half-foot creature that Russell called a “dinosauroid.” It has a large brain, green skin, and yellow, reptilian eyes, and is said by its creators to be based on scientific speculation, not pure fantasy.

Nature has a way of filling unoccupied ecological niches with whatever evolutionary lines are available, and Russell reasons that if the mammals had not been around to evolve into intelligent beings through the primate line, the reptiles might have done it instead.

“There is a trend in evolution toward increasing brain size,” Russell said, and the trend includes dinosaurs as well as mammals. Stenonychosaurus had a good start, Russell believes, because it had a relatively large brain and eyes with overlapping visual fields. It also walked on two legs, and it may have had a partially opposable “thumb” on its three-clawed hand.

If we entertain my thesis that there has been more than enough time on this planet for intelligent amphibians or reptiles to evolve then it was those entities who were responsible for all those footprints and shoe prints in strata indicative of 250 million years old and older. And perhaps it was also they who evolved into the highly advanced prehistoric cultures and civilizations that created a science capable of turning desert sand into patches of fused green glass or of vitrifying hill forts and stone walls. They may have developed nuclear power or some other deadly abuse of natural energy that could destroy ancient cities by what appeared to have been extreme heat–far beyond that which could have been scorched by the torches of primitive armies or caused by volcanoes, by lightning, or by crashing comets.

The old traditions of nearly every culture speak of a war between the forces of light and darkness which raged in humankind’s prehistory. Whether such a conflict occurred in the destruction of that world before our own that we remember in our species’ collective unconscious as some ideal civilization such as Atlantis or whether the struggle took place between rival forces, there exists awesome evidence throughout our planet that someone was exercising power of formidable energy.

It has seemed to me for years now that many of the UFO occupants that have been reported by contactees or abductees are reptilian or amphibian humanoids. Beginning in the 1960s, I participated in the hypnotic regression of a number of men and women who claimed to have been abducted for brief periods of time by crew members from UFOs. These contactees claimed to have been given some kind of medical examination; and in some instances, we were able to observe peculiar punctures and markings in their flesh.

From 1966 to the present day, I have interviewed large numbers of witnesses who claimed to have seen UFO occupants in the vicinity of mysterious craft that had been set down in pastures, meadows, and forest lands. These men and women said that they had been able to get a good look at the entities, who were often engaged in such tasks as digging in the soil, clipping leaves from bushes, or taking samples of water.

In the greatest number of these encounters, the entities being observed were described as standing about five feet tall and dressed in one-piece, tight-fitting jumpsuits.

Their skin was gray or grayish green, and hairless.

Their faces were dominated by large eyes, very often with snakelike, slit pupils.

They had no discernable lips, just straight lines for mouths. They seldom were described as having noses, just little snubs if at all; but usually the witness saw only nostrils nearly flush against the smooth face.

Sometimes a percipient mentioned pointed ears, but on many occasions commented on the absence of noticeable ears on the large, round head. And, repeatedly, the witnesses described an insignia of a flying serpent on a shoulder patch, a badge, a medallion, or a helmet.

Almost without exception, those men and women who have encountered entities associated with UFOs have said that the sounds the entities made were suggestive of whistles, humming, chirps, musical notes — all uttered in a birdlike, singsong manner.

Interestingly, regarding the question of language, paleontologist Dale Russell in the May 1982 edition of Omni Magazine theorized that the sounds that the “dinosaur man” would make would be “avian rather than mammalian… Their voices would be more birdlike than grunting.”

While many researchers have agreed with me that the entities associated with the UFO mystery seem reptilian or amphibian in nature, the majority of them attribute these traits to visitors from an extraterrestrial world. While this must be considered a viable hypothesis, as an alternative scenario is that we need not travel beyond our own planet to discover such intelligent sentient beings.





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November 28, 2009 at 9:52 am

Ancient Nuclear Weapons? Another Aspect of the Ancient Indian Astronaut Connection

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by Colin Mulligan

  Ancient Nuclear Weapons?

Is it really possible that the ancient Indians had the capacity to deploy devastating nuclear weapons against their enemies? Moreover, is it really possibly, as may UFO researchers claim, that awesomely powerful nuclear weapons were actually given to ancient Indian warriors by Extraterrestrials: highly technologically advanced sentient beings from other planets? Well, passages from ancient Indian national epics certainly appear to provide evidence of such astonishing claims.

It is in ancient Indian epic poems such as such The Mahabarata and The Ramayana that we can read what appear to be references to an otherwise relatively primitive people having the capacity to wield highly destructive nuclear weapons. Not surprisingly it is as a direct consequence of such compelling passages that many UFOlogists like Erich Von Daniken and W. R. Drake (According to The Evidence – Souvenir, 1977 and Gods & Spacemen In The Ancient East – Sphere, 1976 ), have argued that the highly advanced capacity to use (and misuse) nuclear weaponry must have being handed down to these ancient people by the “gods” or, in other words, highly-advanced extra-terrestrial spacemen.

How else, these proponents of ancient astronauts say, could such an ancient people manage to develop the extremely advanced technological status necessary to make such complex and destructive weaponry that could ‘scorch the universe’ and make ‘inauspicious winds’ blow? Surely even the crude but ultimately terribly destructive nuclear device dropped on Hiroshima demanded an highly advanced science to develop and deliver it, they say.

Reading through the various passages of The Ramayana and The Mahabarata with an eye to references of destructive nuclear type weapons certainly does lend itself to believing such claims, too. The evidence does appear to be highly compelling. For instance on p.383 of the Drona Parva we come across the following lines which certainly could be construed as evidence of the loathsome effects of detonating a nuclear weapon of some sorts:

“Encompassed by them (bowmen)… Bhisma smiting the while and uttering a leonine roar, took up and hurled at them with great force a fierce mace of destruction of hostile ranks. The mace of adamantine strength, hurled like Indra’s thunder by Indra himself, crushed, O King, thy soldiers in battle. And it seemed to fill… the whole earth with a loud noise. And blazing forth in splendour, that fierce mace inspired thy sons with fear. Beholding that mace of impetuous course and endowed with lightening flashes coursing towards them, thy warriors fled away uttering frightful cries. And at the unbelievable sound …of that fiery mace, many men fell down where they stood and many car (vimana or flying vehicle) warriors also fell down from their cars.”

As Drake says on p.49 of Gods And Spacemen In The Ancient East (Sphere, 1976), we are startled here by these lines which bear an “Uncanny resemblance to future wars, when our earth’s capitals may be blasted with bombs of anti-matter launched from space-satellites” .

According to Indian tradition The Mahabarata, a fabulously rich verse epic, was first collected together by Vyasa, probably an incarnation of the God Vishnu. It was first recited by one Vaicampayana and, at least in its present form, is reckoned to date from around the 4th century BC to around the 4th century AD. Like The Ramayana, which is reckoned to have emerged at around the time when The Mahabarata was taking its final shape, The Mahabarata is made up of fables, parables, essays, poetry and prose from the earliest of times. Interestingly, too, as some proof of its importance and relevance to many people today still, in July 1985 it was produced by the renowned Peter Brook in Avignon (See: p.113, Sacred Writings Of World Religions, Chambers, 1992).

Though eclectic in style, throughout The Mahabarata runs the story of the long war between the Kauravas and the Pandavas. Interestingly, too, for our purposes here, during the epic we are told of a terrible battle during which Asvatthaman, cornered by Pandavas in a forest, launches a terrible weapon which is said to be capable of destroying an entire world. Astonishingly, even though the all powerful Krishna deflects the missile from reaching its goal, Asvatthaman still manages to direct it instead at the Pandava women, the children they are carrying, and will carry in later years. On p.677 of the Drona Parvawe we can read more about the devastating effects of Asvatthaman wielding his awesome ‘Agneya’ weapon:

“The sun seemed to turn around. The universe scorched with heats seemed to be in a ever. The elephants and other creatures of the land scorched by the energy of weapon, ran in fright, breathing heavily and desirous of protection against that terrible force…”

Also in the very same passage: “A thick gloom suddenly shrouded the… host. All points of the compass also were enveloped by that darkness. Rakshashas and Vicocha crowding together uttered fierce cries. Inauspicious winds began to blow.”

All in all such descriptive passages amount to compelling and frightening stuff. As Drake says on p.49 of Gods And Spacemen In The Ancient East (Sphere, 1976): “Arjuna and his companions (our warrior heroes in The Mahabarata) appear(ed) to possess an arsenal of diverse, sophisticated nuclear weapons, equal to, perhaps surpassing, the missiles of the Americans and Russians today”. Von Daniken also seems to agree. It is difficult not to think of Hiroshima, he says, when reading passages like the following from The Mahabarata and cited on P. 164 of his book According To The Evidence (Souvenir, 1977):

“The heavens cried out, the earth bellowed an answer, lightening flashed forth, fire flamed upwards, it rained down death. The brightness vanished, the fire was extinguished. Everyone who was struck by the lightening was turned to ashes”. And again from the same source: “It was a ghastly sight to see. The corpses of the fallen were so mutilated they no longer looked like human beings. Never before have we seen such an awful weapon, and never before have we heard of such a weapon”.

Although, of course, these days we have seen and heard about such awful weapons and, moreover, the terrifying effects that such awful weapons cause when detonated. For didn’t the media relay the horror of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to awesomely horrific effect?

Reading through the above passages it would obviously be foolhardy to simply dismiss outright the idea that the ancient Indian warriors did possess some terrible weapons, possibly even of a nuclear type. But perhaps it could be considered an equal oversimplification to admit that the ancient Indian warriors did undoubtedly possess such weapons also. The argument still stubbornly remains as to whether such ancient writings are actually based in fact or simply meant to be interpreted symbolically. All of which means, of course, that the highly contestable question of whether the ancient Indians were really given such awesome nuclear weapons by spacemen, ancient astronauts from other planets, must remain so. It seems, at this point, that we either do or do not believe. It appears to all boil down to a simple matter of faith.

Perhaps though, this said, there is actually something else, a little more substantial even, that we are able to take away from our brief sojourn through the ancient Indian epics . Namely a (reinforced?) belief that peace must always be humankind’s ultimate goal. For certainly, whether rooted in truth or merely symbolic, the explicitly shocking descriptions of death and destruction to be found in, say, The Mahabarata are undeniably terrifying and, as such, give grave forewarning to all nations of the world of the importance of steering a path of non-violence.

To this particular end, when we hear today about India’s newly (newly?) acquired nuclear capabilities or, say, American President George Bush’s proposed ‘Son Of Star Wars’ Nuclear Missile Defence Programme, we should certainly be very much on the alert. Should we admit that the ancient Indian epics can be interpreted as poetic lessons, we can consider ourselves duly warned against expanding rather than depleting the world’s nuclear stockpiles. Clearly, if nothing else, it can be interpreted that as Bhisma sought a general reconciliation at the end of The Mahabarata, so must we be resolved on reconciliation in all our global relations today, too.

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November 28, 2009 at 9:34 am