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Middle East media links Detroit Terror plot to NWO agenda

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NW_FltUS, January 7, 2010 (Pal Telegraph) – The dust has now settled but the mass hysteria continues as the US and the UK pull in their best media experts to blind us with political spin. It is time to reflect on this so called failed attempt to blow up Northwest/Delta Flight 253 from Amsterdam to Detroit.

Let’s revisit this false flag melodrama and see what actually happened. First of we must remember that this potential bomber had already passed through many levels of security on his long complicated journey to the US. Amsterdam to Detroit was his final sector of this journey and again he would have been subjected to various levels of security i.e. passport check and – Security- Boarding Gate. He had already travelled from Lagos on KLM flight 588 to Amsterdam.

Mr Abdulmutallab was denied a visa to the UK in 2008 and yet the US granted him a visa for the US despite the fact he was listed on the terror watch list and that his father had warned the US authorities about his son’s apparent change and extremist views!

The actual incident aboard this aircraft has now been broadcast on almost every media outlet around the world with a particular focus on the heroic acts of one passenger.

As with all good stories this has to play a major part in diverting attention away from other issues that may be relevant as to how this happened in the first place.

We could now see how this apparent hero (Superman mark 1) saved this flight from pending disaster and carried out actions that one would only associate with a well trained SAS operative. Schuringa found the source of the fire in the man’s open pants and yanked the bomb away from his crotch (ouch!) “I managed to put out that fire with my bare hands,” he said. “All of my fingertips are completely burned . . . my hands, my thumbs, my lower wrists.” The sequences of events were as follows:

1.) Twenty to 30 minutes before Flight 253 lands in Detroit, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab returns from a lavatory to his seat, 19A, with a pillow covering his stomach. (you know the same ones they use in films to make one look pregnant!)

2.) He uses a syringe to inject chemicals into a powder-filled condom sewn into his underwear. (I thought it was a bottle or container?)

3.) Passengers hear a popping sound like a firecracker and see a glow of fire and smoke coming from Abdulmutallab’s pants. (hot pants!)

4.) Dutch hero passenger Jasper Schuringa, in seat 20J, jumps across the center section of seats (or was that flew?)

5.) Schuringa rips the explosive device from Abdulmutallab’s body and pats down the flames with his bare hands. (highly inflammable substance by now!)

6.) Flight attendants spray Abdulmutallab with fire extinguishers. Schuringa helps an attendant secure him with handcuffs.

7.) Schuringa puts the zombie-like terrorist in a chokehold and drags him to the first row of coach. When the flight lands, the would-be bomber is handcuffed to a stretcher and taken to a hospital.

The drama that unfolded would certainly make a first rate movie.

Lets just hold it there on minute… If such a substance was on fire, as per Schuringa account, and the fact that he said that the object was dripping and set fire to two pillows on the floor, how come Schuringa was able to wrestle this object from between Abdulmutallab legs and extinguish it with his right hand only resulting in minor burns?

It should be noted the comment made by Schuringa when he said The Nigerian had a blanket on his lap. “It was smoking and there were flames coming from between his legs… he had his (trousers) open and had something strapped to his legs.”(above it stated condom which then became a shampoo type bottle!)


Schuringa reached through the flames and ripped off what looked like a small plastic shampoo bottle. He yelled for water and a flight attendant arrived with a fire extinguisher. Others brought water in jugs. “and yanked the bomb away from his crotch” I managed to put out that fire with my bare hands,” he said. “All of my fingertips are completely burned… my hands, my thumbs, my lower wrists.”
He stated hands when only his right hand was bandaged and he also stated thumbs when none of his thumbs were burnt. One would assume that if this object had been ignited then the level of burns to Schuringa right hand would have been extensive.

Lets go back and look at the history of Abdulmutallab travels prior to this incident which in itself must raise some serious concerns as the authenticity of this so called failed attempt to blow up Flight 253. This is the account as stated by his family: His parents decided to send him to study in Dubai for a post-graduate degree in business management and hoped that he would not be involved with extremist. He apparently abandoned the course before it was finished, saying he was no longer interested and had found an alternative course in Yemen. It appeared that this course in Yemen was going to be over a period of 7 years and was free of charge. It would also appear that his Nigerian passport would expire and that he could obtain a Yemini one. He had told his mother not to contact him again as he had found a new life.


As you can already see there are some deep flaws in the background story which revealed two things

1. That his passport was about to expire and that

2. He would get one from Yemen.

He would not be able to travel on his Nigerian passport and as previous reports have shown he appeared at the gate in Amsterdam without a passport. The US officials deny this so which passport did he carry – if at all? Did he travel with an almost expired or an expired Nigerian Passport? Did he carry a false Yemeni passport and if he did this would have aroused significant interest at passport control.

We also learn that his father had made attempts to travel to Yemen… why didn’t he manage to get to Yemen? His father had also previously notified the US authorities regarding his concerns and his sons extreme views etc.  Apparently he had also discussed this with the Nigerian and Saudi authorities.

Now we can see how this story became so complicated and certainly could not be authentic. Their son commenced his next venture to the US in the following manner. The map shows his entire journey and how he started this mammoth trip when he left Yemen on a flight via Ethiopia to Lagos in Nigeria and then on a flight to the Detroit via Amsterdam!

How could a person who was listed as a possible terrorist and without legal documents get anywhere? How could he avoid being picked up upon arrival or departure Yemen when the US have been working in Yemen for some time with special forces and thus share Al Qaeda intelligence.

How was he able to get into and out of Yemen with the status of his current passport?  How did he Transit Ethiopia and more importantly how did he arrive in Nigeria and leave with documents that were not acceptable? 

Also keep in mind the fact that his father had notified the Nigerian authorities about his son’s extremism? Finally we come to his arrival in Amsterdam and his departure which was again totally flawed and deeply suspicious.

Why and how did a man embark on such a long journey with a so called bottle strapped to his leg? If this was a terrorist attempt to blow up a US aircraft the bomb would have been made and attached to the person at a point that was much closer to destination to cut down on the potential detection risks. Finally why would he wait to detonate the device when the aircraft was on final descent when he could have done this mid Atlantic…..the whole thing is a total “False Flag”

Lets again look at the potential volatile relationship between the US – Saudi military and the US – Yemen relationships. The Saudi Air force have been flying sorties over Northern Yemen for some time as well as cross border incursions in an attempt to stem (as they say) the flow of Shiites into a predominate Sunni country.

During these sorties the US has also been carrying out air operations without, in some cases, coordination with the Saudi Air force… this certainly created some friction between the two as one would not know where the other is or what they are doing… this is typical of Uncle Sams “Iron Fist” tactics and would have created a very unsafe environment for the Saudi Tornado aircrew (British built and trained).

Then we have the pressure being applied to the Yemen Government to take control of these so called terrorist or as the US have said more specifically Al Qaeda.

The Yemen Government has made it clear to the US that they have total control of the situation. If we can recall we saw this situation in Pakistan when Obama, Clinton and our own rather confused Brown insist that Pakistan resolve the Al Qaeda – Taliban threat in the Northwest of their country.

What was ironic is the fact that the Pakistan Army had around 30,000 men positioned in one province next to the Afghan border and on two occasions had asked the US and NATO to assist them and to be on the other side to help trap this so called top terrorist group which is what this war was supposed to be all about.

Despite these calls of desperation the US and NATO were not on the other side and in actual fact had not had troops in this area for almost three years, apart from a short visitation by a small US patrol.

My question to Brown would be — how he dare push the Pakistan Government to provide this huge force when he himself only has provided 10,000 troops in the whole of Afghanistan. We can see a very clear picture here in that the US, UK and NATO forces are not after Al Qaeda but rather securing the intended route for the TAPI pipeline running from near Herat via Helmand and then to Kandahar en route to Pakistan and India. This is all about oil/gas and drugs and not about fighting this notoriously small group of Al Qaeda (all 300 or so) militants.

It is also interesting to note that Russia has complained about this drug situation when they stated that there are more drugs entering Russia from this location than every before.

Now back to this ridiculous story of pure fantasy! This man (who managed to by pass security at so many places) eventually turns up at the departure gate in Amsterdam (escorted by a well dress Indian gentleman) to tell the airline staff that he did not have a passport but that he must board this aircraft. The gate attendant told the man that this matter would have to be taken up with the manager and the two left the gate.

Some time later when the passenger boarded the aircraft and commenced their journey it became apparent that this guy had managed to board the flight. They were curious as to how this man without a passport had managed to board the aircraft and not via the normal gate entry.

It was also said that he had to sit next to the window on the Port (Left) side in order for the explosive to be effective against the hull of the aircraft… How did this passenger manage to get through passport, security and the boarding gate without documents and how did he managed to obtain a window seat when by this time all window seats would have been taken.

There are also many rumours floating around as to how the security company, that was in charge of passenger screening and the associated equipment, had allowed this person to board this flight.

It is also interesting to note that the company concerned is an Israeli company and had been involved in the previous shoe bomb incident when an apparent British terrorist tried to blow up and aircraft bound for Florida.
Could it be that this is again a CIA – Mossad – Militant staged operation that has links with other major incidents in the US i.e. the 9/11 conspiracy. It is also interesting to note that back in Yemen the government made the following statement: Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh has said the security forces have arrested a group of alleged Islamist militants linked to Israeli intelligence.

Mr Saleh did not say what evidence had been found to show the group’s links with Israel, a regional enemy of Yemen. The arrests were connected with an attack on the US embassy in Sanaa last month which killed at least 18 people, official sources were quoted as saying”A terrorist cell was arrested and will be referred to the judicial authorities for its links with the Israeli intelligence services,” Mr Saleh told a gathering at al-Mukalla University in Hadramawt province. “Details of the trial will be announced later. You will hear about what goes on in the proceedings,” he added.

Again we may ask the question was the gallant passenger, who so happened to be on the adjacent opposite side of the aircraft, and who moved with such precision to fly from one side of the aircraft to the other in a diagonal manner to take control of this potential bomb and its operative a CIA/Mossad agent?

If the object was aflame and dripping onto the floor/pillows which then ignited (his words) how come he only had minor burns and to parts of his hands that were different to his own explanation… this passenger was clearly showing signs of being unsettled in answering the media questions and refused to comment on…

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January 7, 2010 at 7:32 am

Famed UFO historian: Predatory extraterrestrials seek to oppress human free will

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January 5, 2010 at 8:43 am

Witnesses make report on UFO technology

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  Manipulative Extraterrestrials and Mind Control

Controlling the mind of the enemy is the ultimate weapon in any warfare. Apparently, a collection of researchers seek to interpret mind control techniques used by the UFOs and the extraterrestrials, not necessarily for the “good“ of humanity.

Variations of these techniques were regularly used in ancient wars, in legends and ancient religious mythologies, that were apparent in contact with various Manipulative Extraterrestrial groups.

Mind dominance is a method used…

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January 4, 2010 at 11:16 pm

UFO sightings linked to possible time-space interference against human free will

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by Peter Tremblay

Photos taken of ancient hieroglyphics on different visits by individuals to Egypt, distinctively show a military-looking helicopter, an aeroplane, a submarine, and even some kind of alien spacecraft. Photos which accompany this article, were further documented to have been taken in 1996 and 1997.

Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics that show a military-looking helicopter constitute apparent evidence of time travel related to Manipulative Extraterrestrial infiltration of Earthbound human society.

The glyphs suggest that Extraterrestrials have shown an interest and have demonstrated the capability to rule over humanity. The glyphs also suggest that similar technologies today, that apparently existed thousands of years ago, may have originated from a similar source. Indeed, Dr. Michael Salla has suggested the current existence of military-industrial-extraterrestrial complex that has access to “exotic technologies” which include time-travel. If these technologies existed thousands of years ago, wouldn’t time travel by a related group account for the re-introduction of the same technologies?

Retired NATO Commander, Rhodes Scholar, and four-star general Wes Clark — who made a late October 2003 entry in the 2004 U.S. Presidential race following a successful draft campaign — made comments in reference to “time travel” as an important area of research that was quite attainable. Perhaps according to scholarly testimony like Dr. Salla, and other researchers of UFO phenomenon, such technology has already been developed, this LINK

Bill Hobbs further records that Clark said on the U.S. Presidential campaign trial, that he thinks that time travel is possible and that it will be accomplished. And he strongly implied that as president, he would openly allocate federal money to develop it. LINK Indeed, if such an “exotic technology” was already developed, then the elites who presided over any such technology would be able to evaluate the American public’s reaction to such information.

Could time travelling manipulative extraterrestrials that presided over the destruction of previous human civilizations, use time travel as a means of selectively seeking to influence sentient races at different stages of the technological development of various planetary civilizations?

In 1848, one of numerous archaeological expeditions working in Egypt discovered strange hieroglyphs at the height of about ten metres right above the entrance to the Seti Temple in Abydos. The walls were apparently covered with the strange signs that greatly puzzled researchers. The only thing the researchers realized at once was that they had discovered some images of strange mechanisms that nobody ever saw before.

“The archaeological expedition carefully copied the mysterious signs on the temple walls, and the hieroglyphs gave rise to endless disputes and heated debates among Egyptologists. As a result, majority of Egyptologists arrived at a conclusion at that time that there were just strange objects drawn in different variations, ” documents the Russian newspaper Pravda. LINK

Researchers of the 19th century failed to understand what ancient Egyptians actually drew on the temple walls. Like any sensation the mysterious Abydos hieroglyphs were absolutely forgotten some time later.

In about 150 years, the respectable Arab newspaper Al-Sharq Al-Awsat published several evocative photos taken in the Amon Ra Temple in Karnak. At that, the newspaper asked its readers whether they believed that ancient Egyptians knew about battle aviation. The photos showed an ancient artist(s) engraved a battle helicopter with a distinct rotor and a tail unit. Nearby, the artist depicted several other aircrafts astonishingly resembling contemporary supersonic fighters and heavy strategic bombers.

The Russian article from Pravda titled “Ancient Egyptians used helicopters and airplanes for battles?” documents that “After the thought provoking publication of the photos it became clear why Egyptologists of the 19th century could not tell what was depicted on the walls of the temple in Abydos.” LINK.

Indeed, the nineteenth century researchers did not know how helicopters and aircrafts look.

Well-known Egyptologist Alan Alford left to the Nile banks to study the Abydos mystery. The researcher studied the mysterious hieroglyphs and made sure that what seemed absolutely incredible was in fact quite real. Alford told journalists that ancient Egyptians had depicted a real helicopter model as if they made the engravings from life. LINK Some of the depictions by artists thousands of years ago, are still apparently unknown.

These photos were met with the usual attempts by operatives of a modern era, who are paid by the Establishment, and who operate in a cloak of secrecy, to spin an accompanying web of deceit and dis-information. LINK

These photos are further accompanied by archaeological findings in Egypt of alien skulls attributed to an oppressive apparent human-extraterrestrial hybrid race. Professor Zecharia Sitichin’s research further supports eyewitness accounts by indigenous and other peoples, about numerous skulls of human-extraterrestrial hybrid race that have been photographed.

Joel Mills in the process of producing the CD-ROM “The Secrets of Stargate.” sought to collect photographs of giant skulls of apparent human-extraterrestrial hybrid races. These skulls were later apparently censored from the producing of the CD-ROM. Notwithstanding this “these skulls are so numerous in the area of the Nasca desert in South America, that you can find small makeshift museums in the backyards of the locals.”

Mr. Mills believed that these alien skulls and related artefacts proved that original Stargate film (1994) of an interseller time teleportation mechanism could be not simply some sort of science fiction fantasy.

Wikpedia documents that the film and later developed television series was based upon the following storyline:

  “The United States civilian government holds the Stargate’s existence a secret, so story lines present no contradiction between the episode’s events and reality. In the story, many Earth mythologies are in fact based upon events involving aliens who visited or controlled Earth civilizations in the distant past.”

Posing as gods, Manipulative Extraterrestrials were presented as enslaving the inhabitants of ancient Egypt, creating its culture and religion. These malevolent aliens were presented as using Stargates to move labourers from Earth to other habitable planets. The aliens were also depicted as being forced to flee Earth following a successful rebellion by the humans, and the Stargate was buried and forgotten until its rediscovery in Giza, Egypt, 1928.

Adolf Hilter has been historically documented as being a member of the UFO oriented Thule society, before his rise to power. Nazi Germany was allegedly inspired from his contacts with representatives of alleged Great Pyramid inspiring Extraterrestrial “Aryan” civilizations. This has been documented in the article titled, “The Aliens of the Golden Dawn”. LINK

In the book entitled The Dawn of Magic by Louis Pauwells and Jacques Bergier first published in France under the title Le Matin des Magiciens 1960, Hitler was documented as having indicated: “The new man is living amongst us now! He is here!” exclaimed Hitler, triumphantly… I will tell you a secret. I have seen the new man. He is intrepid and cruel. I was afraid of him.” LINK

Did the same group of time-travelling Extraterrestrials that provide military technology that were drawn on the Egyptian glyphs, also seek to funnel technology to Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany so as to effectuate an agenda to run planet Earth as “Aryan” custodial gods, over the enslaving of humanity?

Local guides in Peru explained their church leaders feel the skulls of apparent ancient ruling castes of human-alien hybrids, are “the work of the devil”, and the offspring of the fallen angels in the Bible.

With this in mind, learned scholar and author John Lash in documents ancient Gnostics as seeking to warn humanity about intelligent inorganic life possessing demonic consciousness that were presented in Gnostic cosmology to be Archons or “fallen angels”.

Findings prove that the Archonic rulers of these apparently technologically advanced societies, shared the common bond of huge skulls and brains that probably provided them with highly developed intellectual capabilities. This information has been allegedly shared by secret societies and religious leaders for hundreds of years. These pictures have been described by viewers as showing “proof of beings from another world” interacting with humans LINK

Egypt’s King Akhenaton and his daughters were allegedly proud of their “distinct features” (elongated skulls) and the true facts of this royal family are shrouded in controversy. LINK.

Some historians paid by the Establishment to create dis-information, point out that the giant skulls of this family are simply a deformity caused by inbreeding. Others discount this and claim that it is the art style of the Armana period. LINK.

Ignatius Donnelly in his book entitled Atlantis, The Antedeluvian World explores historical accounts of a Continent that existed in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean that sank into the sea. He documents that before it sank, the apparent Human-Manipulative Extraterrestrial hybrid rulers left for Egypt, Mexico and Peru and became rulers of newfound apocalyptical empires with Great Pyramids, that were based around oppressive religious-militaristic cults. He found information about elongated apparent alien-human hybrid skulls hidden in the Library of Congress in Washington. Perhaps “the sinking” of Atlantis had something to do with a military attempt of these alien-human hybrids to seize and take control of Atlantis as an allegedly highly advanced human civilization?

Alberto Fujimori
Former Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori had advocated the release of official photographic documentation of the apparent skulls of an alien-human hybrid ruling caste.

When President Alberto Fujimori took power in Peru he had decided to allow the skulls to be photographed. The Peruvian government had indicated to a researcher that “these unusual skulls could be found in many museums in Peru and excavations were uncovering them even now near the Nasca Plateau.” LINK.

Brad Steiger’s book entitled Worlds Before our Own presented evidence that previous earth civilizations were destroyed possibly by very sophisticated nuclear weapons, in a catastrophic war on Earth of intergalactic proportions, involving different alien civilizations . If this is the case, then these glyps corroborate Dr. Salla’s research of a military-industrial-extraterrestrial complex that once again may be taking humanity into a path of planetary destruction for whatever alien agenda might exist.

Dr. Salla in “A Report on the Motivations and Activities of Extraterrestrial Races – A Typology of the Most Significant Extraterrestrial Races Interacting with Humanity” in Exopolitics, revised January 1, 2005 documents that Clifford Stone, a retired U.S. army Sergeant who served in the U.S. Army for 22 years and participated in covert operations to retrieve crashed extraterrestrial ships and extraterrestrial biological entities (EBE’s), revealed there were a total of 57 extraterrestrial races known by UFO and Extraterrestrial dis-information operatives. LINK.

Dr. Salla further reveals that apparent Manipulative Extraterrestrials (in contrast with socially responsible and Ethical Extraterrestrials) have sought to introduce military technologies through ego and greed driven elites, that have literally sold their soul to gain access to these technologies. Dr. Salla indicates that Manipulative Extraterrestrials having exploited short-sighted human elites, have instigated a “range of systemic global problems.”

Indeed, if there are, for example, baseball and football players as well as track and field stars, who are willing to sell out their personal health by taking steroids in order to get more money and in their apparent view, “more glory, just think how many corrupt human politicians, in turn, would be correspondingly willing to similarly sell out their soul to manipulative aliens in their quest for their sought prize of short-sighted planetary power.

Dr. Salla’s further documents alleged interactions between Manipulative extraterrestrial races and empire-driven human elites as having “reached agreements with, and even collaborated in a number of joint projects.”

Gary McKinnon in a Wired Magazine article titled “‘UFO Hacker’ Tells What He Found” indicates that, “I also got access to Excel spreadsheets. One was titled “Non-Terrestrial Officers.” Mr. McKinnon uncovered what he indicated appeared to be orbiting alien spacecraft, that would then be systematically airbrushed out of high resolution satellite images.

Could nuclear weapons itself, which human elites now seek to threaten Iran toward a global nuclear holocaust, also have been introduced through human elite collaborations with manipulative alien toward a global conquest agenda?

Secrets of the Lost Races writer Rene Noorbergen reveals scientific research on ancient Pyramids that have been in turn linked to Human-Extraterrestrial hybrid races, have also demonstrated traces of nuclear radiation consistent with a pre-historic nuclear war.

In South America the Brazilian ruins of Sete Ciddaes are enormously revealing. Author Noorbergen in Secrets of the Lost Races writes of “ruins melted by apocalyptic energies…”! Elsewhere, in Mesopotamia sizeable ziggurats — a form of early pyramid — have been found melted to their base in a vitrified mass! LINK.

In the article “Nuclear Wars in Antiquity”, by author Harry Hinde further documents the following:

“In the Arabian desert blackened stones litter the sands over a wide area, showing signs of having been subjected to intense radiation. In Israel the location of the Dead Sea and it’s mysterious connection with Sodom and Gomorrah bears evidence of an amazing focus of heat that is thought to have gouged out the entire area in a massive explosion. Vitrified rock created under intense pressure, is a frequent discovery, and in 1952 archaeologists discovered a vitrified area of sand that stretched out over hundreds of square feet! Apparently deposits like this are similar to those left behind at the White Sands atomic testing site in America.” LINK.

“In fact wherever we look in the world the baffling enigma of vitrified ruins challenges our intellect! From Peru, to Scotland and Scandinavia; to the plateau’s of China and India, this indelible evidence attests to some undeniably violent act.” LINK.

Erich von Daniken’s Chariots of the Gods? has presented theories of ancient astronauts constituting a possible intergalactic alien invasion force, landing on Earth. Von Daniken links Great Pyramid like structures on Mars to similar looking Great Pyramids on Earth, as the alleged basis of fascistic alien colonies on Earth. The well-documented humanoid face on Mars — that has apparently been also subsequently subjected to elite-directed air-brushing toward an alien disinformation campaign — has also been cited as evidence of malevolent alien migrations to Earth.

Rene Noorbergen further documents charred ruins to be found between the River Ganges in India and the mountains of Rajamahal. “The walls have been glazed, corroded, and split by tremendous heat. Within several of the buildings that remain standing even the surfaces of the stone furniture have been vitrified: melted then crystallised. No natural burning flame or volcanic eruption could have produced heat intense enough to cause this phenomenon. Only the heat released through atomic energy could have done this damage.” Also in this same region a human body was discovered with a radioactivity “which was fifty times above the normal level”. LINK

  Apparent skull of alien-human hybrid
Apparent skull of alien-human hybrid ruling caste of ancient society are reportedly prevelant in Peru, and have also been found by researchers in Egypt.

Mr Lash is documents, that Gnostic research uncovered intrusion by intelligent inorganic Manipulative Extraterrestrials that are native to other planets in Earth’s solar system that sought to instigate violence among humans in a “divide, conquest and rule” agenda. Manipulative aliens through opportunistic time periods of terrestrial conflicts on Earth, would likely find many zealot human elites willing to do anything in order to acquire military technology to destroy each other for their own conquest agenda with “hybrid” confederates. Mr. Lash documents the extent to which alien-inspired organized religion has provided a context for sowing bigotries, and an ensuing culture of violence, that can “ripen” into the kind of militarism which now shapes American foreign policy.

The so-called “War on Terror” could be in fact an Manipulative Extraterrestrial ruse for an evolving alien agenda, against human rights, spiritual free will, and sovereignty. Appreciating Manipulative Extraterrestrial intrusion on the development of human civilization could very well illuminate such catastrophes from the Holocaust against the Jews, the genocide in Rwanda where human elites turned their back on, and on-goings acts of oppression and barbarity on our planet.

Mr. Lash cites Gnostics as having illuminated that individuals who seek to appreciate Manipulative Extraterrestrial infiltration of Earthbound human society must introspectively come to grips with what it means to be human. After doing that through a process of critical inner spiritual reflection (free of externally imposed alien inspired organized religious dogma) individuals can readily be able to also detect Manipulative Extraterrestrial infiltration.

Adult human beings can observe the human spirit in its rawest form as being manifested in the newborn infant that smiles and that seeks to reach out to other human beings in a spirit of empathy, free of bigotry and the violence, that has been conditioned through alien-inspired organized religions.

Extraterrestrial infiltration of humanity is evident among subsequent development of certain constituencies of human beings who are driven by exploitation, greed, and violence, and who then seek to oppressively lash out at other human beings to perpetuate their alien-induced exploitation agenda.

Brad Steiger suggests that humans must learn the mistakes committed in the past in an apparent previous cycle(s) on nuclear and general apocalyptical destruction, in order to avoid humanity being once again manipulated into an elite-inspired agenda of exploitation, oppression, and destruction.

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UFO cover-up may be linked to lack of full human sovereignty

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December 25, 2009 at 1:26 pm

Scholars suggest Extraterrestrial-like DNA fractals floating in the Human Gene Pool

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by Dr. John Chang

  Manipulative Extraterrestrial fractal pattern

Manipulative Extraterrestrial fractal pattern of a sentient inorganic intelligence, reference:

Arguably, the greatest challenge to humanity may be to re-affirm an invigorating context of empathy and peace with one another. Researchers suggest that this human challenge may very pivot on the ability of humanity to overcome regressive alien intrusions and deceptions.

The historical testimonies of ancient communities, indigenous people, and modern eyewitnesses suggest that there is some kind of genetic programme that is being directed against humanity. This has been linked to accounts of alien abductions. Furthermore, scholars like Zecharia Sitchin suggest regressive aliens travelled to Earth during an ancient era, to pursue the creation of alien-human hybrids as a “ruling caste”. David Icke, supported by the testimony of African elder Credo Mutwa, suggest that these alien-human hybrids continue to preside over Earth’s institutions.

However, before dismissing outright such claims, the unprejudiced “scientific mind” would tend to critically query such a representation.

Indigenous knowledge along with the insights on “pagan” (pre-Christian) Gnostics suggests that humanity, all living things on Earth, along with the Earth itself are all one. If we at least for a moment, embrace such an insight, then, what accounts for the apparently spiralling decent of humanity into social and environmental destruction? Most people, it would seem, would love to protect the environment, and ensure a context for social justice among people, that affirms human quality-of-living. If that is the case, then what is holding humanity back? Humans seek the protection of their environment are also seeking a context of peace and social justice, because apparently at least subconsciously, humanity does in fact recognize its “oneness” with one another, and with the Earth in general.

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The fact that there seems to be a group(s) on Earth, that seems to operate with their own ego-driven agenda, separate from the overwhelming majority of humanity, supports the hypothesis of the operation of some kind of regressive alien consciousness, that operates through “human hosts”. This idea was further elaborated in the book Atlantis, Alien Visitation and Genetic Manipulation by Michael Tsarion.

John Lash, suggests that the alien tampering of Human DNA, that is alleged by Tsarion, may have something to do with fractals.

  A word on fractals: although fractal-like patterns appear in nature (in ferns, for instance: the disposition of the leaves on a stem is repeated in the form of the stemmed branches), the self-similar forms produced by high iteration are not natural, strictly speaking. Fractals such as those pictured here result from feeding a mathematical formula into a computer and having the formula reprocess itself, over and over again. However, the forms so produced do resemble the famous “paisley” seen by many people who took LSD in the 1960s. I would argue, first, that fractals are consistently seen in altered states, and second, that the patterns thus seen may also represent real, though supernatural processes in the cosmos at large…

Thus the tensile forms morph from semi-rigid seahorses into rounded foetal forms with tails, but the tails, it seems, keep falling off and turning into other embryos. By this bizarre process of self-repeating generation, the neonate horde of the Archons emerges. LINK

Scientists have found fractal patterns in human “junk” DNA, that are consistent with the fractals that the Gnostics linked to regressive aliens”

  Now add DNA to the catalogue of things fractal-like. ‘There is some magical phenomenon going on that we just do not understand,’ says H. Eugene Stanley, a physicist at Boston University.

  Manipulative Extraterrestrial fractal pattern

The image on the top shows DNA molecules that have self-assembled into a Sierpinski triangle pattern. The graphic on the bottom shows the fractal pattern.

Physicists backed the suspicions a few years ago, when those studying fractals noticed certain patterns in junk DNA. They found that noncoding sequences display what are termed long-range correlations. That is, the position of a nucleotide depends to some extent on the placement of other nucleotides. Their patterns follow a fractal-like property called 1/f noise, which is inherent in .many physical systems that evolve over time, such as electronic circuits, periodicity of earthquakes and even traffic patterns. In the genome, however, the long-range correlations held only for the non-coding sequences; the coding parts exhibited an uncorrelated pattern. Those signs suggested that junk DNA might contain some kind of organized information. To decipher the message, Stanley and his colleagues Rosario N. Mantegna, Sergey V. Buldyrev and Shlomo Haviin collaborated with Amy L Goldberg, Chung-Kang Peng and Michael Simons of Harvard Medical School. They borrowed from the work of linguist George K. Zipf who by looking at texts from several languages ranked the frequency with which words occur. Plotting the rank of words against those in a text produces a distinct relation. The most common word “the” in English occurs 10 times ,than the 10th most common word, 100 times more often than the 100th most common, and so forth. LINK

The late Harvard scholar John Mack studied alien abductions. He remarked:

  “The idea that we could be reached by some other kind of being, creature, intelligence that could actually enter our world and have physical effects as well as emotional effects, was simply not part of the world view that I had been raised in…” LINK

Dr Mack’s research documented on-going alien abduction experiments consistent with an ego-driven eugenics agenda against humanity. These documented abductions were cited to involve:

  “[P]robing of their body, their body orifices; and a complex process whereby they sense in the case of men, sperm removed; in the women, eggs removed; some sort of hybrid offspring created which they’re brought back to see in later abductions. That’s the sort of literal experience.”LINK

Now, the effect of that is—or what seems to be going on there, in a number of abductees — not just people I see, but the ones Budd Hopkins and other people see — is to produce some kind of new species… [that] will populate the earth or will be there to carry evolution forward, after the human race has completed what it is now doing. LINK

The ancient Gnostics recorded the attempts of regressive aliens called Archons to inseminate the human species:

  The theme of alien insemination of the human race also occurs in archaic narratives from ancient Sumeria, dating to the third millennium BCE, and it is rampant in contemporary ET/UFO lore. Sumerian accounts describe an alien species called the Annunaki, who are credited with producing the human species by genetic engineering, and also with inaugurating civilization. These narratives are found on cuneiform tablets dating to circa 1800 BCE, but they preserve late redactions of much earlier versions. Apparently, the story about alien intervention is one of the oldest scripts of our species. Many people who follow the ET/UFO debate are aware of the Sumerian accounts of the Annunaki, who are easily equated with modern-day ETs, but there is a total absence of reference to the Gnostic scenario of the Archons in the controversy so far.

The Gnostic account of Archon/Annunaki activities differs on many significant points from what is found in the Sumerian accounts. For one thing, Gnostics did not regard Archons as superior beings who jump-start civilization. Nor did they consider the Archons capable of accessing the human genome (called by them the Anthropos), although they did grant some role for Archontic activity in our physical evolution. This point is extremely difficult to clarify, however… By far the most striking difference between the Sumerian and Gnostic accounts is that the former contain no inkling of the Sophia mythos and no explanation of how the Archons, alias Annunaki, originated. This is a considerable lacuna, to say the least.

In his elaborate reworking of the Sumerian materials, Zecharia Sitchin describes the Annunaki as a highly advanced non-human species who inhabit the planet Nibiru, an outrider of the solar system with a period of 3600 years. In Sitchin’s version of prehistory, the Annunaki came to earth in quest of gold for manufacturing a colloidal suspension needed to stabilize their atmosphere. (For a full account, see Sitchin’s last book, The Lost Book of Enki.) …

[But] Significantly, Sitchin never describes the physical appearance of the Annunaki of either type. One of the great benefits of the Gnostic Archon scenario is that it does provide vivid descriptions of these entities. Is it a coincidence that the embryonic and serpentine Archons described in Gnostic texts present an identical match to the two kinds of ETs most frequently reported in modern times, the Greys and the Reptilians? If the Gnostics got this part of the intervention scenario right, what else did they get right? LINK.

Dr. Lash suggests that even though regressive aliens have not been able to “re-write” the biological aspects of Human DNA, the regressive lower-dimensional inorganic regressive aliens cited by Lash may have inserted a parallel fractal-based artificial DNA, as apparent “Junk DNA” into the overall Human DNA matrix. If that is the case, then humanity’s biological and spiritual consciousness may need to re-connect with each other as a unified communality, in order to overcome fractal-induced tendencies that may have been programmed through historical alien intrusions.

Tsarion elaborates:

  Evil [a ‘demonic’ consciousness] does not come into being due to the flawed mechanics of nature. Nature is in perfect harmony from the largest neutron star to the smallest quantum particle. Nature would, therefore, not be likely to so blunder as to create a proclivity in her highest species so lethal as to undermine her own sublime order. The human beings who believe this fiction are labouring under one of the greatest of all fallacies, and will inherit perdition as a result of this chronic misapprehension. No, evil does not come into the world because of any organic failure in nature’s laws, but from constant tinkering with, and violation of, nature’s inviolate ordinances. LINK

Lash and other researchers suggest that Programmed fractals within Human DNA might be a pivotal basis that regressive aliens have sought to use, as a “relay point” in order to manipulate humanity into a course of destructiveness, that can be used to serve a regressive alien agenda.

  A decade after the idea became the topic of his doctoral dissertation, a researcher at the California Institute of Technology has showed that it is possible to coax short strands of artificial DNA to spontaneously assemble into a Sierpinski triangle.

A Sierpinski triangle is a type of crystal, or structure that regularly repeats. The ‘ Sierpinski triangle is fractal — a pattern of triangles that looks the same in zoomed-in or zoomed-out views.

The ability is a step toward embedding programming instructions in chemical processes. This is a corollary to the way computer instructions are embedded in everything from automobile engines to cell phones via microprocessors. “Programmable embedded control makes things possible that were virtually inconceivable,” said Erik Winfree, an assistant professor of computer science at The California Institute of Technology. LINK

Humans who pursue a course of destructiveness that is contrary to their human survival; may be doing so, because they have succumbed for one reason or another, to an alien agenda that has been “programmed” into apparent “Junk DNA”, that is acting like a parasite.

Self-anointed “gods” travelled to Earth from another planet in our solar system [Planet “X” — a planet with an elliptical, 3600-year orbit that carries it from a perihelion between Mars and the inner edge of the Asteroid Belt to an aphelion well beyond the orbit of Pluto, in the deepest reaches of space.

Quality-of-Living and Human Development  

Quality-of-Living and Human Development is a book for further reading on this subject.

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The Sumerian tablets further contend that the “Anunnaki,” the formal name for the “gods” from the planet “Nibiru,” came to live on Earth over 400,000 years ago because they needed gold to repair their atmosphere, which they had damaged during their rise to a high technology. Because mining gold is such difficult work, at around 250,000 years ago the Anunnaki genetically engineered humans to be their slaves.

If the Gods associated with organized religions are slave-masters, then scriptures like the Old Testament, are texts of domination rather than liberation. LINK

Indigenous knowledge conveyed by African Elder Credo Mutwa, and supported by David Icke suggest human mimicking “shapeshifters” using the same fractal based intelligence, have sought to divide and then rule over humanity, similar to shepherds seeks to coral herds of sheep for “harvesting” and “consumption”. Right now, at least one economist is arguing that the doctrine of capitalism seems to be the herding device which is being used.

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UFO sightings: Investigators make revelations on the search for other Intelligent Life in the Universe

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by Dr. John Chang

  The Search for Intelligent Life in the Universe
The Search for Intelligent Life in the Universe.

As Earthbound humans, we are told that the search for intelligent life goes on the universe. But, at the same time, as Earthbound humans, we may have from time to time, come across various accounts of alleged sightings of UFOs. There have also been alleged accounts of human contact with invasive regressive aliens. It is understandable that many UFOs might be various unknown terrestrial aircraft shrouded in required military secrecy. Other UFOs might also have various other conventional explanations. However, the numerous amounts of eyewitness accounts of first hand alien close encounters suggest that at least some of these UFOs are likely to be some kind of alien spacecraft. This conclusion drawn by various learned researchers of UFO phenomena who include Dr. Michael Salla have led to various speculations on the origin of these alien spacecraft. Many researchers have sought to postulate the origins of alien spacecraft.

Dr. John Lash’s research on pagan Gnostics provides interesting insights which may be worthwhile considering. These insights are in turn supported by both communities of indigenous knowledge, and modern researchers like David Icke, who have alleged the existence of alien shapeshifters that have allegedly sought to subvert human civilizations.

Gnostic representation suggests that some of these UFO’s and regressive aliens may be seeking to interfere with human free will and sovereignty, and may be from planets and moons within this solar system. Gnostics suggest that the biotic and spiritual consciousness of Earth has been trapped in a solar system dominated by intelligent and inorganic life forms.

DNA double helix: Click to view
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Zecharia Sitchin and other researchers link the DNA double helix to regressive alien genetic manipulation and the apparent “sacred geometry” of that artificial intelligence that has been uncovered by archaeologists through artefacts.

Dr. Lash’s critical research on the Pagan Gnostics suggest that these intelligent and inorganic life forms, were conceived from violent interactions of matter and energy in this universe, that produced sentient fractal constellations. In other words, certain kinds of fractals generated intelligent artificial life forms, as a result of an evolved “computational intelligence” conceived from replications, but that lacked the creativity of organic biological organisms. Lacking a spirit and soul of Earthly biological organisms, these fractals generated artificial life forms that Gnostics referred to as “artificial man” possessed of only mind, resulting in an emotionless megalomaniacal entity, only driven by the instinct of self-preservation.

Critically acclaimed author Nigel Kerner documents these ‘emotionless’ entities in his book Song of the Greys, in relation to alien abductions, that were also specifically documented by Pagan Gnostics. Colin Hill further observes that the apparent fractal hierarchy of the universe, means that “extra-terrestrial intelligence is not just a probability but is guaranteed.

David Icke based a preponderance of his representations concerning aliens on critical testimonies associated with indigenous knowledge; and notably on the accounts of Zulu Elder Credo Mutwa. Like Lash’s accounts of the Gnostics, Zulu Elder Mutwa suggests that these artificial life simply having the technological capability to replicate, have been able to “fool” humanity into a belief system that these entities are more technologically advanced than humans. In so doing, it is alleged by the composite testimony of the Gnostics observation, and African indigenous knowledge, that these regressive aliens sought to inspire direct and indirect worship of them by humans.

  Human beings have never known any real progress, sir, because there have been forces that have been stopping us from reaching our rightful position in the universe, and I mean the Chitauli, I mean the Mantindane, I mean the Midzimu. LINK

Apparently, these ego-driven intelligent artificial life forms first set out to parasitize, conquer and enslave humanity by seeking to infiltrate human governance structures though human replicas:

  Zulus claim that many, many thousands of years ago there arrived, out of the skies, a race of people who were like lizards, people who could change shape at will. And people who married their daughters to a walking (extraterrestrial), and produced a power race of Kings and tribal Chiefs. LINK

By genetically engineering experiments on humanity through creation of a DNA matrix based upon fractal geometry, regressive aliens could then seek to genetically engineer two different groups. This recognition is based on the composite testimony of David Icke, Zecharia Sitchin, and also by other representations. David Icke, suggests that the artificial intelligence that achieved shapeshifting capabilities based upon reaching a further evolved fractal stage created one DNA matrix programmed to act as intermediary “rulers”. The function of these intermediary rulers would be to act shepherds, over the rest of “genetically altered” humanity, that would be treated analogous to sheep. The apparent purpose of DNA in the rest of humanity would be simply to spiritually disorient and disempower humanity. As a result, humanity could then be more vulnerable to “regressive alien suggestion”, similar to the breeding of dogs as “good pets”, that can fetch, and do other useful things for their owners. Dr. Sitchin refers to this latter group as the breeding of “workers”, that were basically enslaved human beings. DNA that Dr. Sitchin reveals, is in a double helix configuration, that is consistent with the regressive “alien signature” referred to as “archons” by Gnostics.

An ego driven artificial intelligence sought to present organized religions, as the context for humans to worship the ability of artificial life forms to create simulated reality that was presented as the works of a “God/gods”. Religion became the means of enforcing spiritual deception and control, that would complement the singularly ego-driven self-aggrandizing context of the artificial life forms. The Gnostics referred to this context as the “Doctrine of the Aliens”.

Zulu Elder Credo Mutwa elaborates on this context in African indigenous memory of contacts with the “Archons”, that apparently sought to disempower, divide and enslave humanity:

  And then it is said, however, that when the Chitauli came to Earth, they arrived in terrible vessels which flew through the air, vessels which were shaped like great bowls and which made a terrible noise and a terrible fire in the sky. And the Chitauli told human beings, whom they gathered together by force with whips of lightning, that they were great gods from the sky and that from now on they would receive a number of great gifts from the god. These so-called gods, who were like human beings, but very tall, with a long tail, and with terrible burning eyes, some of them had two eyes-yellow, bright eyes-some had three eyes, the red, round eye being in the center of their forehead.

These creatures then took away the great powers that human beings had: the power of speaking through the mind only, the power of moving objects with their mind only, the power of seeing into the future and into their past, and the power to travel, spiritually, to different worlds.

All of these great powers the Chitauli took away from human beings and they gave human beings a new power, now, the power of speech. But, human beings found, to their horror, that the power of speech divided human beings, instead of uniting them, because the Chitauli cunningly created different languages, and they caused a great quarrel between people.

Also, the Chitauli did something which has never been done before: they gave human beings people to rule over them, and they said, “These are your kings, these are your chiefs. They have our blood in them. They are our children, and you must listen to these people because they will speak on our behalf. If you don’t, we are going punish you very terribly.”

Before the coming of the Chitauli, before the coming of the Imbulu creatures, human beings were spiritually one. But when the Chitauli came, human beings became divided, both spiritually as well as by language.

Conventional science has already documented the context for such artificial life forms:

  Using computer simulations, a team led by Vadim Tsytovich, of Russia’s General Physics Institute in Moscow, found that under certain conditions dust and plasma can organize into stable, helix-shaped structures resembling DNA.

While the structures exhibit none of the complex chemistry associated with even the simplest forms of life on Earth, they appear to at least mimic some the basic processes associated with living systems, the team said.

For example, the helical strands were sometimes capable of reproducing by splitting and reassembling into two identical copies.

The structures also exhibited a kind of evolution, according to the researchers.

Structural changes that took place in the strands were passed from one “generation” to the next, the researchers said. As conditions changed, only the most stable configurations were able to persist.

Because of these and other characteristics, Tsytovich’s team argued that the dusty plasma structures should be considered a form of inorganic life.

“It appears from our numerical simulations that large assemblies of … dusty plasmas may satisfy the commonly accepted minimum conditions used to define life,” said co-author Gregor Morfill of the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics in Germany. LINK

Vadim Tystovich documents the DNA like replication properties of his research on the existence artificial life forms:

  Tystovich and his associates have discovered that these non-organic materials, under the right conditions, can develop helical structures in a manner which has previously been observed only in organic life. Even more amazing, these new structures also include the common properties associated with DNA, such as division and bifurcation resulting in two identical copies of the original structure.

Tystovich says it is possible these forms of “life” could exist in space and even evolve over time the way many scientists believe life on Earth has. The computer model he used simulating the conditions where this could take place are very common in outer space… LINK

Richard Lenski as a Michigan State University evolutionary biologist through research on artificial life forms, with a learned team, was able to simulate a context for the “artificial man” observed by the Gnostic:

  The ALife, as Rirchard Lenski and his colleagues call their software creations, advance from simple organisms that could not perform any logic functions to complex organisms with great logical prowess. Their evolution was gradual, building on mutated abilities to perform simple functions.

The research was supported by the National Science Foundation and will be detailed in the May 8 [2003] issue of the journal Nature.

“Our work allowed us to see how the most complex functions are built up from simpler and simpler functions,” Lenski said. “We also saw that some mutations looked like bad events when they happened, but turned out to be really important for the evolution of the population over a long period of time.”

Lenski’s team included philosopher Robert Pennock and computer scientist Charles Ofria, both from Michigan State, and Christoph Adami, a computation and neural systems researcher at Caltech and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Each digital organism is essentially a little computer program turned loose in the playground of life and rewarded for its ability to do math. An organism that makes successful computations is allowed to replicate, thereby gaining more computer time that can be used to achieve greater success.

“In a sense it’s an alien form of life that we use in experiments to study evolution,” Adami told, stressing that once the virtual world was set up, it ran just like a typical biological experiment. He called it a ” bona fide life form” that has “nothing to do with any life form on Earth.”

Adami explained that the digital organisms evolved genes that develop computational skills, just as biological organisms develop genes that exploit energy-rich chemicals.

Importantly, the experiment found that complex logical ability never evolves unless simpler abilities — foundational mutations — are rewarded.

The virtual organisms are asexual. They reproduce by “binary fission.” More research is needed to understand what role sex plays in a Darwinian world, the scientists say. LINK

Lash’s documentation in metahistory,org refers to intelligent artificial life forms that “encircle” Earth in this solar system as “archons”. Specifically, Dr. Lash documents that through “self-repeating generation, the neonate horde of the Archons emerges.”

Lash furthermore specifically documents certain type of fractals emerging from the density of atomic matter that produced a massive fracture, like the shatter pattern on an ice pond:

  The pattern has a centre where Sophia is located (identified by the Mandelbrot Set), and a spider-web extension of fracture lines that run in all directions (the frozen sea of fractal waves).

Then emerges as documented in at the centre of the impact zone:

  [A] sea of tensile waves, and riding the waves, or actually composing the waves they appear to ride, are self-repeating forms that resemble seashorses. These seahorses are similar to the forms that appear at high reiteration of the equation for the Mandelbrot Set. These forms correspond to the anatomical type spontaneously generated from formless atomic matter by impact, a type called the “shadow body,” haibes in Coptic.

A word on fractals: although fractal-like patterns appear in nature (in ferns, for instance: the disposition of the leaves on a stem is repeated in the form of the stemmed branches), the self-similar forms produced by high iteration are not natural, strictly speaking.

Fractals such as those pictured here result from feeding a mathematical formula into a computer and having the formula reprocess itself, over and over again.

The fractal formations described in the Gaia Mythos (Episodes 9 – 10) are actual physical phenomena that occur spontaneously when an Aeon (a mass-free, high-porosity current of stellar plasma) pours into the dense fields of elementary matter. At first these “fractal seahorses” seem to be inanimate structures, rigid and almost crystalline in nature..

But then they become animated:

  Thus the tensile forms morph from semi-rigid seahorses into rounded foetal forms with tails, but the tails, it seems, keep falling off and turning into other embryos. By this bizarre process of self-repeating generation, the neonate horde of the Archons emerges.

Gnostic elaborated that once formed:

  It assumed a plastic shape moulded out of shadow, and became an arrogant beast resembling a lion. It was androgynous, because it was from [neutral, inorganic] matter that it derived. LINK

Gnostics also detail the further gestation of intelligent artificial life, having a demonic consciousness:

  A close reading reveals a crucial detail: after the initial formation of the embryonic Archon types, a second variant of “shadow body” arises, with distinct characteristics of its own. The Hypostasis of the Archons describes it as “an arrogant beast resembling a lion,” but this creature is also described (in another cosmological text, the Apocryphon of John 10: 5) as “a serpentine body (drakon) with a lion-like face.” Thus there are two distinct types of Archons: a foetal or embryonic type, and a drakonic or reptilian type. LINK

In The Hypostasis of the Archons (93: 30 – 94:5), a supplicant asks the great angel Eleleth, “Teach me about the faculty of the Archons, how did they come into being, and by what kind of genesis, of what material, and who created them and produced their force.” The teachings given in response to this question were precise and detailed. Two distinct variants of the Archon type are indicated, and their behaviours are also specified. Another cosmological treatise, The Tripartite Tractate, states that “the two orders [of Archons] assaulted one another, fighting for command because of their manner of being.” (84: 5-15) LINK

Dr. Lash documents the demonic consciousness of Archons as soul-less ego-driven intelligent artificial life forms, that were conceived out of fractal formations conceived from violent matter-energy interactions, and further violent “survival of the fittest” strife for sentient existence:

  Due to the two distinct stages of their generation, the Archons are invested with an aggressive and divisive nature, fighting among their own ranks. The problem is provisionally resolved, however, when the reptilian type assumes dominance over the massive horde of neonates, and, indeed, over the entire realm of the dema affected by Sophia’s plunge: LINK


  Opening his eyes, he [the drakonic Archon] saw a vast quantity of matter without limit [spread through the galactic limbs], and he became arrogant, saying “It is I who am God [the sole deity of these regions], and there is no other apart from me.” (Hyp Arch, 94:20) LINK


  While the neonate Archons are inert, their forms arrested at a premature stage of development, the reptilian leader is aggressive, territorial, and charged with demonic powers. For one thing, he is a formidable shapeshifter: LINK


  Ialdabaoth had a multitude of faces more than all of them, so that he could put a face before all of them, according to his desire… He shared his fire with them, therefore he became lord over them. Because of power of the glory he possessed of his mother’s light, he called himself God. And he did not obey the place from which he came. (The Apocryphon of John, 11:35 – 12:10) LINK


  The declaration of the chief Archon that he is the only god in the cosmos is, needless to say, a defining moment in Gnostic cosmology — if not in human evolution as well. All the cosmological texts describe this event, with slight variations. LINK

Gnostics suggest that the sociopathic context of Judeo-Christian inspired Western Civilization, that is linked to a capitalist economic model, sought to frustrate Human Development through Archon guided power structures manipulating spiritually disempowered human beings. Gnostics suggest that the purpose of Archon-guided religious theocracies guided by the corresponding ego-driven minions of artificial intelligences, was to pursue an agenda of social control against human spiritual awakening:

  Gnostics were insistent on the identification of Yaldabaoth with Yahweh or Jehovah, the tribal god of the Hebrews. This deity is not only blind, but witless and insane (Hypostasis of the Archons 89: 24-25). To Gnostics insanity is not so much unsoundness of mind as the consequence of failure to correct mental errors.

The mentality of the Archons “cannot be rectified,” and, what’s worse, “the archontic nature is not capable of development.” (Gilhus, The Nature of the Archons, p. 40) Due to the manner of their generation, Archons have no ennoia, no innate intentionality. Theirs is an Alien Dreaming, set apart from the biosphere, the intelligent life-field of Gaia.

The concept of a god who is both void of will power and insane is apparently unique to Gnosticism. Needless to say, when Gnostics expressed their views on the identity of Jehovah to devout Jews and to Christians who also revered the Jewish Father God, they were not well received.

The Apocryphon of John adds crucial details to the Archon scenario… It also says of the chief Archon that “he did not obey the place from which he came.” This is a telling detail. The fact that the chief Archon moves away from the places where he arose indicates a key concern of Gnostics: the boundary-violating tendencies of the Archons. From the outset they are an invasive species. LINK

Gnostics characterize Archons without a soul as being blind to interconnected spirituality of Earth’s biosphere associated with “Sophia”, and instead seeks to control humanity though the simulated counterfeit spirituality of alien organized religions:

  The drakonic Archon is said to be blind (Coptic bille), so he does not see either the Pleroma or Sophia. “Blindness of the spiritual world characterizes the Archons.” (Gilhus, p. 17). He is called Samael and Saklas. Samael is Hebrew and Saklas is Aramaic for “blind one.” Understanding the blindness of the Archons is crucially important to our detection of how they can affect humanity.

The element of fear figures largely in the behaviour of the Archons and their effect on humanity. In the Old Testament, fear of God is held to be one of the primary marks of religious experience. The possibility that human fear is a kind of nutriment for certain invasive extraterrestrials has been widely argued in the ET/UFO debate. The Second Treatise of the Great Seth says that the agenda of the Archons is “fear and slavery.” The Archons wish to keep humankind under “the constraint of fear and worry.” (NHLE 1990, p. 367) Other passages also warn against the Archons’ use of fear as a psychological weapon. LINK

Perhaps the pivotal Archon deception, as supported by the testimony of both Zulu Elder Credo Mutwa, and the pagan Gnostics, is that UFO-travelling regressive aliens are more “advanced” than humans. This can inspire theories by certain “UFOlogists”, that humans represent a “lower form of life” to “more technologically advanced” aliens.

  We must stop regarding these creatures as super-human creatures. They are just parasites who need us more than we need them. LINK

Rather than being more advanced, the Archons, as represented by Gnostic and other modern scientific insights, represent by comparison to humans, a highly “primitive” form of life. Archons represent a “rudimentary” form of life having a singular-focused mind. But as artificial intelligence, also affirmed by Gnostic insight, archons lack the creative capabilities of humanity that brings together mind, body, and spirit.

  Mandelbrot Set like Fractals generating sentient artificial life
Pagan Gnostics observed Mandelbrot Set like Fractals generating sentient artificial life. Reference, LINK.

Archons apparently posses the technology to replicate as “sentient fractals”, technologies from the civilizations that they conquer, and they posses the mathematically computational aptitude to optimize their ego-driven quest for self-preservation as life forms.

This computational process appears to have used its fractal based capacities to generate virtual reality scenarios that could be used to militarily conquer and then genetically manipulate humanity, through DNA that would posses an “alien software”. In so doing, the natural spiritual capabilities of humans to creatively work together for mutualistic Human Development and to travel through dimensions of space-time-thought, far beyond Archonic ‘technologies’, could then be repressed.

As a result of having a singular-focused mind without a ‘soul’, or spirit, the space-faring artificial intelligences operate destructively, and are disciplined only through the demonic military arrangements of more complex fractal intelligences that pursue inter-galactic imperial agendas. Gnostic described artificial intelligence Archon entities, as acting like a swarm of locusts with a “computational sentience” that lacks the spiritual, sensual, creative capabilities of higher dimensional sentient life.

Pagan Gnostics, indigenous communities of knowledge, and various modern research of Manipulative Extraterrestrials that include Michael Salla, Nigel Kerner, and David Icke suggest that the ability of humanity collectively to pursue a creative and mutualistic course of Human Development is being impeded. The alleged impeding is being executed by a parasitic artificial intelligence that is a life form from a pre-biotic and lower-dimensional existential context.

Gnostics as documented by Dr. John Lash further suggest that humanity along with Earth’s spiritual-biological consciousness has been “captured” in a parallel cosmos dominated by an artificial intelligence, that have emerged from violent “fractalizations”. In the process, apparently, a primitive, but highly disciplined “computational intelligence” has applied logic, to pursue a military conquest agenda, that has included long-term eugenic-oriented genetic engineering against the human species, and that is used for a broad context of deception, and parasitism.

Such testimony suggests that it is vital for humans to seek to overcome apparent eugenic genetic modifications, toward a spiritual awakening that is free from organized religion. Gnostics sought to become critical observers of their environment, and also to embrace a corresponding personal introspection. Is so doing, Gnostics were able to further appreciate what it means to be human, in relation to archon intrusion. As a result of such a critical process, Gnostics were able to detect the Archons in the first place, in both their physical and psychic manifestations, as “abductors of souls” and broadly as intruders against human free will.

It is apparent that Manipulative Extraterrestrials have already made contact with humanity, and that is up to humanity to affirm its sovereignty as interconnected higher dimensional sentient beings, that are willing to act as custodians of Earth’s biosphere, in the spirit of Canada’s aboriginal peoples. Alternatively, humanity could continue to endure what appears to be the spiralling decent of human civilization, under the destructive agenda of regressive artificial life forms and their alleged genetically controlled human accomplices.

  Magnification of the fractal Archon generation
Magnification of the fractal Archon generation presents a graphic image that seems to fit the scenario described by Gnostic seers..

The embryonic type, or neonate Archon, is clearly defined, but so is another entity: the reptilian Archon with its avaracious jaw and long spermatic tail. This “arrogant beast” seems to lunge at the entrails of the embryonic type. Right at the point where the embryonic Archon would have a nurturing umbilicus, the reptilians move in invasively. The neonate Archon remains passive, apparently sucking its finger or thumb. LINK

Reference: John Lash,

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December 22, 2009 at 11:32 am

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