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Stephen Harper government shuts down parody websites criticizing environmental policies

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Climate policy remains deplorable

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Special to The Canadian

PHOTO: Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

The government of Canada has used strong-arm tactics to shut down two parody websites criticizing Canada’s poor environmental policy, taking down 4500 other websites in the process.

The two websites, “” and “”, are “directly connected to a hoax which misleads people into believing that the Government of Canada will take certain actions in relation to environmental matters,” wrote Mike Landreville from Environment Canada in an email to the German Internet Service Provider (ISP) Serverloft.  “We trust you appreciate the importance of avoiding confusion among the public concerning Canadian governmental affairs and that you will assist us in preventing this hoax from spreading further.”

In a remarkable overstepping of bounds, Landreville also asked the ISP to “make every effort to prevent any further attempts concerning other environment-related domains (enviro, ec-gc, etc.) originating from your servers.”

In response to Environment Canada’s request, Serverloft immediately turned off a whole block of IP addresses, knocking out more than 4500 websites that had nothing to do with the parody sites or the activists who created them. Serverloft was shown no warrant, and never called the web hosting company about the shutdown.

“We are sorry to see that the Canadian government will not ‘take certain actions’ that could help stave off catastrophic climate change,” said Mike Bonanno of The Yes Men, one of the groups that performed the “sophisticated hoax” two weeks ago that involved the fake sites. “And we are also sorry to see that they don’t care so much for free speech.”

“Surely the Canadian government has better things to do than shut down thousands of websites, beg the US for photo opps, and berate NGOs for things they haven’t done,” said Andy Bichlbaum of The Yes Men. “They could instead figure out reasonable ways of responding to their growing legion of critics.”

The websites that Canada shut down were part of an elaborate “identity correction” carried out by anonymous Canadian activists, the Climate Debt Agents of Action Aid, and The Yes Men. They used press releases and fake websites to announce that Canada would adopt science-based emission targets – reducing emissions by 40% over 1990 levels by 2020 and 80% by 2050 – and would pay the countries most impacted by climate change a proportional amount of the $600 billion total recommended by the United Nations to mitigate and adapt to climate change. They even used a replica of the UN conference center podium to show “Uganda” reacting with glee to the plan, before seeing their “tragic hopes” dashed.

Canada had prepared for just such an eventuality by creating a so-called “Climate Change War Room,” a special office tasked with delivering rapid-response messaging to any negative media coverage around Canada’s role at the Copenhagen climate change negotiations. Despite these efforts, last week’s flurry of parody announcements, which the prime minister’s office called a “childish prank,” received enormous media attention across Canada and caused at least two embarrassing media moments for Canadian high officials.

Canada has been heavily criticized for its increasingly deplorable climate policy, and this year in Copenhagen was awarded the “Colossal Fossil” prize for worst behaviour in the COP-15 negotiations. The group giving the award, the Climate Action Network, is a global coalition of more than 500 organizations working on climate change.


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December 29, 2009 at 8:07 am

Beyond Copenhagen: socially progressive alternatives to capitalism

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by Lauren Carroll Harris, Copenhagen

PHOTO: The TSX is Canada’s largest stock exchange.

“Can a finite Earth support an infinite project? The thesis of capitalism, infinite development, is a destructive pattern, let’s face it. How long are we going to tolerate the current international economic order and prevailing market mechanisms? How long are we going to allow huge epidemics like HIV/AIDS to ravage entire populations? How long are we going to allow the hungry to not eat or to be able to feed their own children? How long are we going to allow millions of children to die from curable diseases? How long will we allow armed conflicts to massacre millions of innocent human beings in order for the powerful to seize the resources of other peoples?”

— Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez, speaking at COP15, December 16, 2009

Climate change is beyond an environmental issue. In Copenhagen, tens of thousands of ordinary people came together at the alternative climate summt, Klimaforum09, to discuss what the UN, governments and corporations cannot — to agree on and enact real solutions to the environmental crisis and all its associated issues, including food, land and water security for the Third World; compassionate responses to climate refugees; bridging the gulf of inequality between the global North and South, and the preservation of the rights of workers in unsustainable industries.

All these issues have been forced onto the global political agenda — for some time at least. Before Copenhagen, it was the global financial meltdown that put the word “capitalism” back into the everyday vocabulary.

Now in Copenhagen, many are explicitly discussing the issue of how to remove the causes of climate change — the capitalist system and its structurally unequal ownership and distribution of natural resources and wealth — root and branch.

In the words of one Klimaforum09 participant: “We need to think strategically about how to build a movement that can take power from a system that is completely unable to solve this crisis, a world that values its economic system over its ecosystem. We need to build a movement and a system that can give us all the things that they [the government leaders at COP15] can never give us.”

Denmark ‘worst possible host’

A session titled “Capitalism and the Climate Crisis: Left Alternatives” featured a range of left and socialist activists. Per Clausen of Denmark’s Red-Green Alliance criticised his government’s use of carbon offsets to falsely heighten its carbon emissions-reduction targets.

He said that emissions must be reduced in a real sense, “not drowned in a sea of quotas”, and that despite Denmark’s reputation as a “green” country, it “has proven itself to be the worst possible host of the climate summit. First, [Denmark] backtracks on the demand for a legally binding agreement. Second, [Denmark] has sold out on the demand that rich countries must reduce emissions by between 55 and 40% by 2020”.

Marisa Matias, a member of parliament for Portugal’s Left Bloc, criticised how the mainstream has adopted the language of the environment movement, but in a diluted manner, stripped of all meaning and divorced from a rigorous examination of the crisis’ real problems, and consequently, the real solutions.

“Environmental crises are viewed as technical, as externalities — ‘there’s a problem in the water, in the soil, in the air’ — and separated from their social origins”, Matias said. “Over the last two decades, [the words] ‘sustainable development’ have been integrated into the discourse of every party, every government, but they have an empty significance.

“We must see environmental problems in the realms of social and distribution problems, and that means ecological and social justice as the solution. It makes no sense to talk about nature without talking about society and who has control over natural resources.”

Vestas example

The “Left Alternatives” panel also included Ian Terry, a former Vestas employee and member of the British Socialist Workers’ Party. Vestas is a Danish wind-turbine manufacturer that recently sacked hundreds of staff at a turbine factory on Britain’s Isle of Wight.

Terry explained the signficance of the Vestas workers’ campaign to save their jobs, and how it offered unique opportunities to make links between the erosion of the environment and workers’ rights.

“We were told that our jobs were secure, the industry was booming and we wouldn’t be worrying about the recession. Three weeks later they told us we were all going to lose our jobs. At the same time [Britain’s Labour government] was claiming to be creating 400,000 green jobs. So we occupied our factory.

“What I experienced [during the factory occupation] was amazing, a coming together of environmentalists, socialists, trade unionists and the local community. And for me it solidifies the argument that capitalism is the same problem — for the working-class movement and for the environment movement.

“Although we didn’t actually save our jobs, the media reported quite kindly and widely. It wasn’t just the left media, everyone picked it up because it was an environmental issue … What we’re doing now is working on the million green jobs campaign. We’ve set out where we can create jobs in green energy, the insulation of houses and public transport.

“There are many people in the UK right now who are jobless. We’ve been able to build pressure, talk in workplaces, in factories that are closing with people about the links between capitalism and the climate. The workers movement must link up with the environment movement.

“After `The Wave’ [a 50 000-strong demonstration in London on December 5] and after Copenhagen, quite clearly there are a lot of people coming together [to demand action to stop climate change]”, he said.

“It’s not an abstract issue — we’ve had thousands of people on the streets. We’re arguing for a socially just future, not just a future where we survive. That’s where the organised left has got to play a part [in relating to the broader environmental movement]. The green jobs campaign does [make those links] by uniting trade unionists and environmentalists. We strengthen each other.”

Another campaigner involved in the British Workers’ Climate Action group pointed out that so-called “green companies” will, by their nature, be more interested in capitalising on a growing market opportunites and prioritising profit over the environment and their workers’ rights — for Vestas, “wind turbines are just another commodity”.

Market solutions rejected

Many conference participants labelled efforts to impose market solutions — such as offsetting carbon emissions in the first world with “carbon reducing” projects in the Third World that have been shown to trample on the rights of labourers — as a re-colonisation of the global South.

Another activist pointed out that in a recent study, two-thirds of the UN sponsored Clean Development Mechanism offset projects in Europe failed to reduce carbon emissions, and some even increased emissions.

However, carbon trading continues to be advocated as a solution to climate change by pro-business governments. The carbon market is worth US$1.2 trillion a year, according to British economist Nicholas Stern.

Instead of market-friendly solutions offered by the richest countries, which are refusing to equally redistribute wealth and resources, there was a consensus that genuine grassroots democracy could restore capitalism’s chronic ecological and social imbalance.


Roberto Perez, a Cuban biologist and activist, spoke to Green Left Weekly about some of the ways in which Cuba has begun to mend the ecological rift while developing the living standards of its citizens. Having a collective rather than a private, market-based approach to agriculture has built a sense of community among people, and gone a long way to ensure the country’s secure access to food.

“Our urban agriculture receives a lot of support from the local and central government. In 1990, when there was no food, it took us a while to realise that the most reliable way to get food was to grow it ourselves”, Perez explained.

“Not many people reacted like that, they were thinking that something might come, that the market will come up with something magical. The market hasn’t come up with any solutions in Africa. So the government said, ‘let’s organise this’.

“Government support came in the form of giving unused and underused land for agriculture, training more than 12,000 technicians and farmers, funding and the creation of 3000 agricultural clubs for children. Because education in Cuba is free, studying permaculture is free.

“Some of the lessons learned include the importance of equal distribution and access to land. In Cuba, most [industrial] property ownership is collective. We prefer to give access to the land and to production to the people everywhere — small scale, large scale. There was the political will and support, the Cuban government didn’t have much money, but it organised a lot.

“Now we have small farms on workplaces that provide lunch for their workforce. We have 300,000 home plots of land. And we have the urban collective gardens.

“Many people think that as consumers, they have the power to choose. But what do consumers choose? What is in the supermarket. You can choose between brands A, B and C. But out of that, what can you choose? If you grow your own food as a society, that’s power. There are many people who don’t want people to recover that power”, Perez pointed out.

Socialist example

Perez said he believes this model of sustainable growth can be replicated in other poor countries. “Cuba shows the scale you can do this on. [Our socialist, sustainable agricultural and social system] is not marginal, it’s not an eccentricity. All the countries that are facing these crises can do this. We found a way. It’s not perfect. We are growing, planting the future. The past is fossil fuels, the past is inequality.”

The official Copenhagen process has backfired — rather than being a show of global leaders’ political resolve, the talks ceaselessly teetered on collapse. A leaked UN report shows that the deal on offer [in the finals day of the talks] would lead to a disastrous temperature increase of three degrees Celsius.

On this final day of negotiations, the absence of an agreement that legally binds developed countries to warming of two degrees Celsius or less has rendered hollow the hardline rhetoric of leaders like US President Barack Obama, British Labour Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Australian ALP Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.

These leaders’ assertion that their actions and emissions pale in significance to those of large developing nations like China and India appears more withered, pathetic and inexcusable than ever before.

Copenhagen has revealed that the power of the rich — the power of the few — is shakier than it seems, that the planet and its people will not accept further inaction, and that the climate justice movement is increasingly prepared to step in where global leaders have failed.

From: International News, Green Left Weekly issue #821 9 December 2009.

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December 27, 2009 at 11:05 pm

Kyoto to Copenhagen: Aboriginal elders suggest EBE deception over Climate Change

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by Dr. Bill Lafontaine

  Planet X Orbit graphic
“Planet X” Orbit graphic. Reference:

The elders of Canada’s Aboriginal and indigenous peoples internationally have sought to pass on ancient knowledge to current and future generations toward custodianship of our planet Earth. Part of this knowledge includes an awareness of Manipulative and of apparent Ethical Extraterrestrials. The very elite cliques who have sought to deny Extraterrestrial contacts with humanity, have also sought to perpetrate oppression against the spreading of this vital knowledge by aboriginal peoples, to humanity as a whole. Dr. John Lash accounts of the Gnostics suggest that genocide against indigenous peoples internationally, was in fact, inspired by regressive aliens through organized religions like Biblical Christianity. The alleged objective was to destroy when possible, knowledge that would empower humanity to resist regressive alien processes to assimilate and destroy our Earth.

This awareness includes apparent mass deception over Global Warming. The alleged spreaders of this mass deception are specifically referred in ancient Gnostic documents to be the agents of Biblical Christianity. These Gnostic documents are associated with the Nag Hammadi codices that escaped destruction by Christian operatives.

Elders of indigenous communities suggest that the idea “human activity” is the axiomatic cause of Global Warming, has been spread by the same regressive alien “Link’, that has sought to inflict genocide against humanity, and perpetuate downward spiralling planetary chaos in general. The uncovered ancient Nag Hammadi codices, with particular reference to The First Apocalypse of James, specifically refer to the ‘Link’ as the ‘Archons’. LINK Gnostics described the ‘Archons’ as intelligent inorganic life, or “artificial man”, that has sought to use its highly disciplined and self-serving ego, to parasitize biological life and its connected organic consciousness on Earth.

Zulu Elder Credo Mutwa further documents the Archons as being “shapeshifters” that could transform themselves into human and other forms, for the purposes of infiltrating and manipulating human institutions. Mutwa cites in an interview with Spectrum Magazine writer Dick Martin over 500 African tribes have critical awareness of “shapeshifters”, through tribal contacts with these entities. Ancient Gnostics referred to these entities as “demons from the sky”, that constitutes a critical challenge and threat to human sovereignty and freedom on Earth.

‘The Link’ is therefore regarded from ancient and indigenous knowledge as being a regressive alien ego, that operates on planet Earth through “shapehifting” entities, and willing human minions who have literally sold their soul to ‘The Link’. “Shapeshifters” and essentially willing “human drones” who are motivated by promises of achieving “unlimited power”, as further supported by the research of David Icke, and the testimony of learned scholars of Exopolitics like Michael Salla, are the eyes and ears of ‘The Link’, that misdirect the course of humanity on Earth.

In the planetary issue of Global Warming, indigenous people illuminate the layers of mass-deception further attributed by ancient Gnostics and contemporary researchers to ‘The Link’. Indigenous knowledge and insight reveals that the axiomatic cause of Global Warming is the result of the gravitational effects of an approaching ‘Planet X’ that is returning into Earth’s orbit after a 3,600 year absence.

The observation of an approaching Planet X was reported in the June 19, 1982 edition of the New York Times, that has been published in “Nibiru Exposed”: LINK

  “Something out there beyond the furthest reaches of the known solar system is tugging at Uranus and Neptune. A gravitational force keeps perturbing the two giant planets, causing irregularities in their orbits. The force suggests a presence far away and unseen, a large object, the long-sought Planet X. Astronomers are so certain of this planet’s existence that they have already named it “Planet X – the 10th Planet.”

The anomalous body was first spotted in 1983 by IRAS (Infrared Astronomical Satellite), according to news stories. The Washington Post reported:

  “A heavenly body possibly as large as the giant planet Jupiter and possibly so close to Earth that it would be part of this solar system has been found in the direction of the constellation Orion by an orbiting telescope aboard the U.S. infrared astronomical satellite. So mysterious is the object that astronomers do not know if it is a planet, a giant comet, a nearby ‘protostar’ that never got hot enough to become a star, a distant galaxy so young that it is still in the process of forming its first stars or a galaxy so shrouded in dust that none of the light cast by its stars ever gets through.”


In an article titled, “Another Candidate For ‘Planet X’ Spotted.” posted by MSNBC on October 7, 1999 Alan Boyle stated:

  “Two teams of researchers have proposed the existence of an unseen planet or a failed star circling the sun at a distance of more than 2 trillion miles, far beyond the orbits of the nine known planets… Planetary scientist at Britain’s Open University, speculates that the object could be a planet larger than Jupiter.”


It is apparent that agents of “The Link” observed by indigenous peoples, the ancient Gnostics, and contemporary investigative researchers on Exopolitics, has created two principal camps of mass-deception associated with Global Warming. One camp seeks to inspire a movement that links Global Warming entirely to human activity. The other camp seeks to punch holes through the mantra of lies that the Link itself has generated over its propaganda that the preponderance of Global Warming is human made, by denying it altogether. The result is that ‘The Link’ is able to incite among humans, divisiveness in the style of Archons, that is aimed at misdirecting human energies.

First Nations elders in Saskatchewan
First Nations elders in Saskatchewan.

In contrast indigenous knowledge from Hopi elders seems to suggest that humanity can avoid the destruction that the Mayans prophesised in their calendar that ends in 2012. In order to accomplish this, Hopi seem to suggest a need for humanity to turn away from the lower-dimensional ego -driven consciousness of the Archons, toward the defence of Mother Earth. Hopi elders suggest humanity along with Earth can avoid destruction, by reaching a higher consciousness through appreciating ancient indigenous knowledge and insights on spirituality, i.e. human empathy and ecological custodianship (which does not refer to the ‘simulated spirituality’ of organized religions inspired by the archons). However, indigenous elders cry out that their wisdoms that they were spiritually entrusted to protect for generations, are being drowned about by the preference for the ‘Link’ to pursue an agenda of enslavement, through deception over Global Warming.

The apparent aim of ‘The Link’ is to spread a scientifically plausible explanation for Global Warming. The ‘Link’ is a mass deception engineered context of “divide and rule” also seeks to spread a competing argument system which aims to deny Global Warming altogether. This apparent disinformation context that both seek to deny documented human contacts with Extraterrestrials, also apparently seek to conceal the axiomatic cause of the Global Warming phenomenon, that is linked to the documented approach into Earth’s time-space, of a huge “Planet X”. In The Coming Planet X Panic former CNN science correspondent Marshall Masters documents that noticeable Global Warming is already taking place on a planet as far away as Pluto, in spite of the fact it is moving away from the Sun, as a result of the approaching Planet X: LINK.

  Planet Earth

But, indigenous insight also reveals that ‘The Link’ also is further using mis-direction as to the axiomatic cause of Global Warming, to derail the human consciousness from focusing from focusing much more on the environmental devastation that “The Link” is perpetrating from polluting and denuding Earth’s natural heritage, that includes biodiversity. John Lash indeed mentions that an archon technique is to implant error into the human consciousness, that morphs through the replication of that original error. Thus saving our planet Earth relies upon critically understanding and focusing in our infusing our interconnected spiritual and biotic consciousness/energies, on the challenge of Planet X, and on rescuing our planet from capitalist destruction that is apparently being executed by ‘The Link’ in an ego-driven agenda toward the enslavement of humanity.

Indigenous insight suggests the operatives and drones of ‘The Link’ are further seeking to use the tax and other resources that they can claim supposedly for fighting “Global Warming” primarily for further misdirection into the bloating budgets of what Dr. Salla specifically refers to as the military-industrial-extraterrestrial complex (MIEC).

‘The Link’ has apparently created an elaborate charade over Global Warming, that is being used to create fear in the style of the archons, that can so consume human attention; that the scientists who seek to sound alarm bells on vital environmental issues, can be effectively drowned out.

Lash specifically cites the following Gnostic text:

  The Second Treatise of the Great Seth says that the agenda of the Archons is “fear and slavery.” The Archons wish to keep humankind under “the constraint of fear and worry.” (NHLE 1990, p. 367) Other passages also warn against the Archons’ use of fear as a psychological weapon LINK:

‘The Link’ seeks to implant layers upon layers of misdirection through disinformation, to create fear and mass confusion, that results in artificially generated societal balkanizations, that furthermore prevent “the masses”, or more precisely, retard the human biotic consciousness from unifying.

Apparently, according to the Hopi elders, collective spiritual awakening to a higher consciousness, is a necessary precursor for those who seek to avoid Planet X, in relation to a psychic epicentre of Manipulative Extraterrestrial archons. It is apparent that… [CONTINUED.. see comment below]

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Ethical Extraterrestrials, the Global Oxygen Supply and Big Oil

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by Dr. John Singh

  Alleged humanoid ethical extraterrestrial
Alleged humanoid ethical extraterrestrial from the ‘Ummo’ planet.
Editorial reference, LINK .

What happens when humans continue to pursue a capitalist economic system, that destroys vital oxygen-producing organisms from phytoplankton, to trees in fragile rainforest ecosystems? That is an easy one, yeh. The result would be a decreasing supply of oxygen in Earth’s atmosphere, in relationship to other toxic gases. The greed-driven Petroleum-based economies of the Western World has put humanity and other life much closer to the brink, than what “mainstream” environmental groups would care to admit.

The Petroleum-based economies carry the cost of starving the Earth of vital oxygen, eventually making our planet’s inhospitable to humans, and other biological organisms. How do you like the thought of a future of dead oceans, and humans having to rely on oxygen machines that are supplied by the same group of corporations which are responsible for destroying Earth’s oxygen supply in the first place? But, after all, isn’t that what our capitalist system is all about? That is, they create layers of exploitation on top of exploitation in pursuit of avarice, and insatiable commercial profit, and ego-driven power?

The National Geographic documents the following on the production of vitally need oxygen on our planet.

  In the process of photosynthesis, phytoplankton release oxygen into the water. Half of the world’s oxygen is produced via phytoplankton photosynthesis. The other half is produced via photosynthesis on land by trees, shrubs, grasses, and other plants. LINK

The New Scientist magazine further observes that:

  As the Earth’s oceans warm, the masses of tiny plants growing at their surface is declining, say U.S. researchers. Their results show that the productivity of global oceans is tightly linked to climate change and has steadily decreased between 1999 and 2004.

  Global Oxygen Supply
Humanity’s Petroleum-based economies are depleting vital oxygen producing ecosystems on our planet Earth. The continued destruction of oxygen producing phytoplankton in Earth’s oceans, and rainforest areas threatens to render the surface of planet Earth inhospitable without the use of astronaut-like space suits or alternatively “biodome” structures with artificially produced oxygen.

The team was led by Michael Behrenfeld, at Oregon State University, U.S., and used a sensor on NASA’s SeaWiFS satellite to measure different shades of green in the ocean allowed them to watch how chlorophyll in the oceans ebbed and flowed over the past 10 years. They looked at how these changes fitted changes in ocean temperatures and the predictions of computer models.

Their research, published in Nature, revealed two phases. Between 1997 and 1998, the amount of phytoplankton in the seas rose. At this time, the oceans were cooling after the strongest ever El Niño, which had warmed ocean temperatures.

From 1999 to 2004, there was a general warming of the oceans and, the images from space revealed, a persistent decrease in phytoplankton. In some regions, the drops in ocean productivity were often over 30%. Globally, the reductions meant that, between 1999 and 2004, about 190 million tonnes of carbon per year were not absorbed by the tiny plants and converted into organic matter. After 2004, there was a small upturn in productivity. LINK

Alex Collier, an alleged contactee of alleged Ethical Extraterrestrials suggests that our planet Earth is at a near critical Oxygen level.

  The oxygen level in the atmosphere of the planet is less than 18%. It is approximately between 16.5 and 17.7% at any time, anywhere on the planet. This is significant. I want you to know that 3,500 years ago, the oxygen level was 35%. In order to survive, the human body needs to breathe an atmosphere that has at least 15% oxygen content. That is basic biology. The Andromedans say that unless we change our ways of behaving, with all of the industrialization and what we are doing to the planet, we have less than 40 years of oxygen left.

Big Oil companies

Yes, free energy has been withheld from us. We have been lied to, cheated and manipulated. If you go back to the 1960’s and look at the peace marches about nuclear energy, etc., and look at the environment now, you will see that it got worse. The governments are going to try and use this against us — they are going to try and blame us for the result of their greed that has propagated this problem. What did we do?

We made fun of the hippies and people who participated in peace movements. We treated them as a bunch of crackpots. Now, if you look back, you can see that they were right. We have over 150,000 nuclear weapons on this planet, with plutonium that is deadly for 12,000 years. Where are you going to put that stuff.? We all know this, but we do nothing and walk the path of convenience. We’ve all been trained like good little sheep to walk the path of convenience.

Money is a useful tool to create freedom, but it is not God and it is not master. You are about to find out.

Do you think that maintaining the capitalist system is worth the price of a prospective future of suffocation on our planet Earth’s surface? The depletion of the oxygen supply [CONTINUED… see comment below]

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December 27, 2009 at 12:07 am

Gnostics provide Extraterrestrial insights into Global Warming

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by Dr. Bill Lafontaine

  Planet X Orbit graphic
“Planet X” Orbit graphic. Reference:

Vital societally overlooked aboriginal sensibilities are emulated by the extensive writings of Thahoketoteh of Kanekota. Thahoketoteh, formerly known as Doug Fisher, was an accomplished Mohawk rocker, who has sought to be connected with people, and the environment. Inspired by elders, he now uses his life’s talents to spread peace through writing, music, and work, toward the affirmation of human quality of living in relation to ecological custodianship of our mother Earth. LINK Thahoketoteh provides the following critical insights concerning the Liberal Party of Canada’s then leader Stephane Dion and his apparent participation in mass deception over Global Warming:

Mr. Dion had presented the party’s Green Shift Plan, which is what he hopes will win the next election. The plan is not unique, but more of a Canadian version of the Rothschild backed “climate change” strategy. Placing a price on CO2 as if it is a solution to the unsustainable economy we have inherited. Mr Dion and the Liberal party showed their commitment to the Globalist plan for one world government through the climate change agenda. The younger Canadians do want to make a difference for their progeny. They want real solutions for the age old problems the toxic economy has presented us, the poison waters, the growing landfills, the fascist takeover of the economy. It is apparent that Mr. Dion and Stephen Harper, on the side of U.S. President George W. Bush, are two facets of one broad campaign of mass-deception. Ancient Gnostics observed how inorganic entities use a mechanistic intelligence to create these layers of mis-direction and mass-deception directed against a dumbed-down population. PLEASE SEE PART I. Thahoketoteh expresses wisdoms and insights that aboriginal elders sought to spread, and that is which ‘The Link’ apparently sought to retard.

Thahoketoteh remarks that “The banking families have created and financed both sides of every war for hundreds of years now”. He further elaborates on the apparent return of Planet X:

  Scientists have known about orbital perturbations on the outer planets for some time now. They are starting to assume an unknown stellar size mass is near enough to this solar system to cause a directional orbital tug. This is what is heating our sun and all the other planets in this system. It is the root cause of climate change for sure. The politicians [many] and media have been trying to convince us that we are solely to blame for this heating period.Now they are starting to push for a global tax on carbon emission. Could this actually be to finance the one world government the ruling elite have sought for centuries? When the politicians state their position on carbon policy we can see where their true loyalties lie. I suggest to the people that this is the biggest scam being played on us. Look at the scientific and historical facts on this phenomenon and make up your own mind. LINK

…This second sun [Planet X] is now on its way back to our solar system… LINK

…Be prepared to grow your own food as this will be the greatest problem, food.

Marshall Masters’ provides very detailed evidence about Planet X, in relation to Global Warming, and accompanying ecological destabilization. This includes photographic evidence and accompanying data from polar telescopes.

Thahoketoteh elaborates in relation to Planet X:

  Your world is changing fast and the media will not talk about any of this until everyone sees the second sun coming in mid 2009. There will be a new spin put out then, but we all will know how they have been playing us as fools, all along. LINKSo when we are talking about man-made causes let us concentrate on actual man- made problems, like polluting our mother earth and killing 30% of the species.

Our job as humans is to ensure the survival of all of our earth family. Let us start to tackle the real problem with as much zeal as the hoax, these same money-men are selling the people.

Thahoketoteh further elaborates on the context that ‘The Link’ operates to create a destructive agenda against humanity and Earth as a spiritual and biotic consciousness relative to ego-centredness of ‘The Link’:

Economy, as it exists now, is unsustainable and toxic. Let us start right there when talking about solutions. The banking cartels created the market system, the corporate system, the government systems and the pollution problem. They have 98% of the money and want 100% of the control. They are all inter-related through breeding and because they have been interbreeding for 1000s of years, their minds are not working properly. The bankers are the royals, whom people in America and Canada believe they achieved independence from. Look again Americans. They control most every aspect of your life through their corporatism, which is a modern form of feudalism or slavery.

You might be wondering, what did the Gnostic mean by “artificial man” and intelligent inorganic life? If you are a fan of science fiction, you might wish to consider checking out Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek, with particular reference to the movie Star Trek: First Contact. It is plausible when its directors created the character “The Borg” they might have been inspired by the aliens identified by the Gnostics as cyborgs. Even the chosen colour of “The Borg”, coincides with Lash described ‘cyborgs’ .

In an interview, John Lash elaborates:

  So, I would say yes, the Archons really are an alien, extraterrestrial species, a type of inorganic cyborg. But they are not only that. They are also, simultaneously, programs operating in the human psyche. They are both independent of us, and embedded in our minds. This may sound strange, but think of an advertising jingle or pop song. Think of “Yesterday” by the Beatles. The song is independent of us, yet it is embedded in our minds and emotions.Not everything that happens in our minds originates there. It takes a deep look into the dual nature of reality to understand the Archons. LINK

John Lash further elaborates:

A close reading reveals a crucial detail: after the initial formation of the embryonic Archon types, a second variant of “shadow body” arises, with distinct characteristics of its own. The Hypostasis of the Archons describes it as “an arrogant beast resembling a lion,” but this creature is also described (in another cosmological text, the Apocryphon of John 10: 5) as “a serpentine body (drakon) with a lion-like face.” Thus there are two distinct types of Archons: a foetal or embryonic type, and a drakonic or reptilian type. LINK.

Indigenous knowledge associated with the Mayans, and testimony from diverse indigenous people internationally confirm the existence of Planet X, and previous cyclical environmental cataclysms it created, that included Global Warming. Indigenous knowledge along with John Lash’s accounts of the ancient Gnostics also suggest that humanity can take steps to avoid that destruction, by critically embracing indigenous insights. However, indigenous elders also seem to suggest that with the apparent approach of Planet X, that this process cannot begin too soon. Humanity needs to spiritually awaken from an archonic induced path of destruction and enslavement. The apparent alternative according to researchers like Dr. Michael Salla and David Icke, is a human future in which most of the human population is destroyed by Planet X, and the remainder of the human population is assimilated into enslavement by inorganic entities driven by a mechanical consciousness, to once again, enslave and reign over humanity.

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December 15, 2009 at 11:43 am

Aboriginal-Canadian elders offer Extraterrestrial perspective on Climate Change

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by Thahoketoteh of Kanekota

  Planet X Orbit graphic
“Planet X” Orbit graphic. Reference:

The truth about the weather phenomena here on the 3rd stone from the sun has been obfuscated by the controllers of the mind. The biggest story on earth in 3600 years has been intentionally withheld from the people. AOL has recently released photos and a story about “Planet X” because soon everyone on earth will see the second sun and her planets coming in the sky, so they will no longer to be able to spin it for their advantage.

It is our binary twin and is where we come from.

The earth is now in a daily wobble, aligning her north pole first to “Planet X” and then to the sun, this is what is causing most of the weather abnormalities. Al Gore and his elite brethren have been feeding everyone a line of bull with the global warming scam. They show themselves as the serpents that they are. Soon everyone on earth will see the twin coming fast. A few years ago the privately owned NASA reportedly installed a multi million dollar telescope at the south pole (SPT), as it is the only place that this can be seen until the twin comes above the ecliptic plane. There have been a few champions for humanity who have gotten actual photos from the SPT and published them on the web.

The planets in our solar system will all change their orbits and alignments in the next few years, as they always do on this “natural cycle”. There will be a pole shift here on earth and many will not survive the cataclysm. This elite-driven “war on terror” was designed to continue their myth for the next 3600 years after the shift. They really do want to start a nuclear war or “Armageddon”, so that when the dust settles and the waters recede, they can blame the cataclysm on man, propagate a new myth and rule for the next 3600 years.

They have allegedly been building underground cities all across the globe for awhile now. They will try to secure all the guns and will come out and try to take control again.

The significance of this shift, is beyond their control as the minds of the people are also going through an evolution or “shift” to higher consciousness. We are evolving as a species on this shift. The Mayans call this the fifth sun and say it is the ethereal sun.

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We are grateful to people who have tried to get this information out to the people in the last few years. I like this video as it’s creators are obviously schooled in astronomy and have done the math, VIDEO LINK

If you would like more information you can find it on the web. I have saved much information in my YouTube file, LINK under favourites, and I suggest you check out as much as you can.

Unity, Strength, Peace.


First Nations Perspective: Climate change

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by Thahoketoteh of Kanekota

  Polluted waters

The global climate change argument, that the ‘Globalists’ are trying to promote through their propaganda dept., suggest that the current increase in temp. and weather severity is man-made. I suggest the more important issue of man-made pollutants of this Earth mother, is the most important topic to discuss. The species depletion is definitely man-made. The diseases like cancer and all the other three-letter “disorders” that have been popping up are all pollution related.

The entire solar system is going through regular cyclical changes right now. So when we are talking about man-made causes let us concentrate on actual man-made problems, like polluting our mother earth and killing 30% of the species.

The CBC did a documentary on the poisoning of the waters last year and they showed clearly what causes cancer. They investigated the last known Beluga whales to live in the St. Lawrence river region and found them to be riddled with the same cancerous tumours that humans are suffering from. They concluded it was the poisons that have been allowed to be dumped into the Great Lakes watershed. That this was driven by the madness of “the owista disease” that everyone suffers from now, was not mentioned in their documentary.

Since many of you reading this subscribe to the man-made idea of economy, let us follow the money trail. To tackle the real man-made changes, one must first root out the cause of the problem. The men who have profited from the crime of poisoning the ecosystem are the ones who have financed it. Their secret parliament is not that populated however their money resources are endless. They have made themselves unbelievably rich, at the expense of 30% of the species. With the Athabasca tar-sands project, Canada now takes the top spot on the list of “polluting countries“ worldwide.

Our job as humans is to ensure the survival of all of our earth family. Let us start to tackle the real problem with as much zeal as the hoax, these same money-men are selling the people. These people have created the mess and they must now pay the money back, to clean it up. Instead of continuing at an accelerated rate of poisoning the earth family , they should be made to pay all that money back that they have reaped from the destruction of the ecosystem. Then they will owe more than they have and will finally know what the final outcome of the “owista” disease is.

Then, their “not-so secret” meetings, will be about the famine and death of them, instead of us. War is their favourite tactic of mind control. The word Government is from the Greek “gobernado” (to control) and “mente” (the mind). That is why they cannot deal properly with us, as our people understand the power of the mind. Nobody can tell you what to think. Not only do you have the right, it is your responsibility to listen to everyone and then make up your own mind.

The fairy tale of the “pied piper of Hamelin” comes to mind. The ruling elite in that story, had to finally deal with the fact that they lost their children because they did not want to pay the piper. The same is true of the current ruling elite with their own children. They will lose their children along with all of the other children, if they continue on this bad path. The moral of that fairy tale is “you have to pay the piper”.

With unity of mind through the natural law, comes great strength.

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