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Safeguarding Human Free Will from Extraterrestrials and their orchestrated religions

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Adapted from Dr. Michael Salla


There are many challenges that global humanity must face in responding to the possible intervention of Extraterrestrials (ETs) in human affairs if humanity is to maintain its sovereignty and independence. Foremost among these is identifying the difference between ET races which directly intervene in human affairs without explicit authorization or permission from humans on an individual and/or collective basis, and those races which adopt a non-interventionary role when such permission is not forthcoming. While ascribing moral categories solely on the interventionary policy of ET races is a not a sufficient condition for understanding the various agenda of ETs, it does serve as a necessary condition for helping distinguish between ET races who have a long term goal of promoting human sovereignty and independence, and those ET’s whose goal is undermining these fundamental principles.

As a general rule, ET races that directly intervene in human affairs, without explicit permission to do so from individuals and governments, do not serve humanity’s best interests in terms of human sovereignty and independence. Conversely, a second rule is that those alien races that only intervene in human affairs when explicit permission has been given, behave in a way that is more consistent with humanity’s best interest in terms of human sovereignty and independence

Keeping the above general rules in mind, it is possible to now understand the primary dangers that confront humanity in maintaining its sovereignty and independence in responding to the intervention of technologically advanced ET races. The first ‘danger’ is the perception fostered by those that believe that humanity’s best hope in maintaining sovereignty and independence is through a rapid technological revolution in the military sector. The second ‘danger’ is the belief that ET’s that intervene during a possible global environmental, economic and/or political disaster are the saviors of humanity and play a role that can be explained in Christian religious terminology as the “Second Coming”.

The crux of both of these dangers is that global humanity on an individual and collective basis ‘gives its sovereignty and independence’ away to those that control military technology used as the prime instrument of individual or collective defence; or to so-called “benevolent” ETs who intervene in time to save global humanity from some impending global crisis engineered by corrupt or militaristic human/ET groups.

The Danger Posed by a Military Response to ET Intervention

The first danger arises from the strength of the military industrial complex in countries such as the U.S. and the effect on the psychological disposition of Americans to accept the use of military force in resolving political problems. President Dwight Eisenhower who presided during the formation of many clandestine U.S. government organizations that were set up to respond to increasing incidents of ET intervention in human affairs, became alarmed at the growing power of these organizations and the symbiotic relationship between large US corporations and the military.

In his famous departing speech of 1961, he directly mentioned the power of the military industrial complex and the need to be wary of the intertwined relationships between corporations and the military in producing advanced military technology. The underlying idea here is that such organizations foster a militarized response to the ET presence and incidents of ET intervention through producing advanced weaponry based on ‘captured’ or ‘traded’ ET technology that can respond to the ET presence in a way that preserves humanity’s sovereignty and independence.

Leading policy makers in the various organizations that support a military response to ET intervention wish to avoid a repeat of the calamity that befell the indigenous civilization of the America’s which were destroyed by the technologically more advanced, though numerically small, Spanish invasion. Those supporting a military response to the ET presence generally and ET intervention in particular, have in mind a policy similar to the Meiji restoration of Japan where in a short few decades Japan responded to the presence of more technologically advanced European nations by rapidly industrializing its military, technological and political sectors to the extent that it transformed itself from a weak feudal state characterized by competing warlords to a centralized dynastic kingdom under the Meiji Emperors.

The Meiji Restoration led to the most remarkable industrialization effort ever witnessed and was so rapid and far reaching in scope that Japan was in a few short decades able to defeat a major European power, Russia, during the 1905 Russo-Japanese war. More stupendous was Japan’s military performance during the Second World War where it came very close to defeating the U.S. and its allied forces in the Pacific. What distinguished the Meiji Restoration as an example of a less developed civilization responding to the presence and intervention of a more ‘advanced’ civilization was the ability of the Japanese to quickly unify in response to the threat posed by colonial Europe and the U.S., as opposed to the disunity that characterized the indigenous kingdoms of the Americas that were easily picked off one at a time by the cunning Spanish Conquistadores.

The military industrial complex and the clandestine organizations in the US and Europe responding to the U.S. presence clearly have the Japanese model in mind as evidenced by the whistleblower testimonies of Colonel Corso and others who participated in clandestine reverse engineering programs not disclosed to the general public and elected public officials. Clandestine government organizations are going to great efforts to ‘modernize’ their weapon systems through trade, treaties and even military confrontation with ET races in the hope that global humanity through its strongest nations will be able to deal with the ET presence through a position of strength. At the global political level, there are efforts to centralize the use of military force through global multilateral institutions such as the UN (Iraq 1991) or NATO (Kosovo 1999); or a multilateral action led the US with the support of a ‘coalition of the willing’ (Iraq 2003).

At first sight, a global policy based on the Meiji restoration is very understandable and even praiseworthy in the means by which it sets out to preserve humanity’s sovereignty and independence by a rapid program of military modernization and global political unity. There are nevertheless dangers in following the Meiji model of transformation in responding to the interventionary activities of more technologically advanced ET races. One is the lesson provided by history itself where Japan was defeated in the Second World War as a result of an overconfidence possessed by its still immature political leaders who were captivated by the success of militarism in transforming Japan. Militarists grew in power and asserted Japanese power in a way that broke the tacit diplomatic boundaries essential for preserving regional peace.

This is currently being evidenced in the U.S. where recent military successes in Afghanistan and Iraq have elevated the influence of political leaders who espouse a doctrine of military intervention as a means of resolving U.S. foreign policy problems that is not that dissimilar to Japanese militarism early in the twentieth century. There is a likely hood that the clandestine government organizations representing global humanity — still relatively immature in dealing with interplanetary affairs between ET species — may similarly overstep tacit boundaries that exist which prevent an overt and large scale extraterrestrial intervention in human affairs.

The danger of clandestine government organizations taking global humanity down a path of militarism in responding to the ET presence is very real since non-disclosure of the ET presence to the general public and elected political leaders means that only a select few are privy to knowledge of all aspects of the ET presence and interventions, and only this privileged minority participate in the policy making process. There is the testimony of former participants in clandestine government activities such as Preston Nichols , Stewart Swerdlow, Al Bielak, Peter Moon, Stephen Schwartz, and others that secret interplanetary wars are already being conducted by Earth based clandestine organizations using advanced military technology.

This suggests that the policy making process concerning how to respond to the ET intervention and the use of ET technology is dominated by those in the military-intelligence sector of national governments who have a predisposition toward the utility of a military-technological response. The restricted policy making process that takes place in organizations embedded in elite military and security organizations conspires to exclude seasoned, and more accountable diplomats and elected representatives, that would be more cautious in their optimism over the utility of military technology in negotiating with and responding to technologically sophisticated, but lower dimensional ET races.

In summary, the continued non-disclosure of the ET presence, and the focus on an increasing militarized response to ET interventions, reflected in part by increased militarism in international affairs as evidenced most recently by U.S. intervention in Iraq, constitutes a great danger to human sovereignty and independence since it may lead to a kind of interplanetary war [that former Canadian Defence Minister Paul Hellyer has sought to warn humanity about] where defeat would totally erase humanity’s sovereignty and independence. As Japan might testify in response to its own loss of sovereignty and independence after rapid advances in military technology led to the growth of Japanese militarism and a disastrous confrontation with the U.S., a militarized response to a technologically advanced civilization carries many inherent perils.

The Danger of a staged Second Coming orchestrated though clerical elites

  Clerical elites

The second danger is the pervasive belief by hundreds of millions if not billions of people around the planet that there is to be an “End Times'”where there will be a ‘Second Coming’ involving the return of a spiritually advanced being such as Christ for Christians; Messiah for Jews, Isa for Muslims; Kalki for the Hindus; Maitreya for Buddhists, etc. Such a being would presumably save humanity from an impending global catastrophe engineered by corrupt individuals/institutions, or a disastrous military conflict with hostile ET races, and usher in a golden age of peace and harmony.

The belief in a ‘Second Coming’ is so deeply embedded in the collective psyche of humanity that it could be well described as an archetype of the ‘collective unconscious’. It can be predicted that such an archetype would be exploited by ET races wishing to remove humanity’s sovereignty and independence in a much more covert way than overt ET intervention. This indeed would parallel the Spanish Conquest of the Americas where conquistadores such as Hernando Cortes exploited the religious belief system of the native Americans and persuaded them that the Spaniards were the ‘returning gods’ [John Lash in documents that the ancient Gnostics viewed specifically Judaism, Christianity, and Islam as the “Doctrine of the Aliens” (Manipulative/Regressive)].

A number of controversial book authors such as Al Bielak, Preston Nichols, Stewart Swerdlow, Peter Moon and others claim to have been part of a clandestine military project dubbed the ‘Montauk Project’ which used advanced technology such as genetic cloning, holographic projection and time-travel. Such technology was said to have been given to clandestine government organizations by various ET races. If such reports are accurate, then it would be possible and even likely that the pervasive belief in a ‘Second Coming’ could be exploited by ET groups that freely intervene in human affairs and who allegedly enter into agreements with clandestine government organizations.

Using time travel technology, such ET races could use DNA samples from the ‘historic Jesus’ or religious relics such as the Shroud of Turin, to clone a hybrid ET/human being that could be passed off as the returning Christ. Using holographic projection around key areas of the globe, such a figure could appear in the miraculous manner expected by religious adherents. As the result of DNA testing and a host of miracles manufactured either by ET holographic technology or by the ET/human hybrid himself, such a being and his supporters could persuade a sufficient number of believers from the different religious traditions that he was the returning Christ/Messiah/Isa/Kalki/Maitreya.

It could be expected that such a being could bring about peace in perennial conflicts such as Israel/Palestine, Kashmir, and elsewhere, by the force of his charismatic personality, miraculous deeds, and overt support by ET groups. If such a ‘Second Coming’ were to happen, this new ‘Christ’ would gain enormous global authority. The religious authority of such a hybrid being and the associated ET races supporting such a ‘returned Christ’ would pose a direct threat to the sovereignty and independence of global humanity.

Traditional religious institutions such as the Catholic Church would receive a huge boost in authority and relevance as they would predictably form a close relationship with this returned ‘Christ’ and the ET races supporting him. There is evidence already that the Catholic Church is undergoing a significant doctrinal change where senior clerics including the Pope himself now support the ‘possible “benevolence” of ET races and their abilities to faithfully express the message of Christ. The final result would be a new religious dispensation where humanity is indoctrinated with the authority of a new global religion that integrates the ‘Second Coming’ with overt ET intervention. The release to the general public of advanced ET technology that resolves global environmental problems, and the co-opting of amenable religious authorities would be powerful markers of the ‘new dispensation’.

The ‘opponents’ of this new religious dispensation and the global authority of an ET manufactured Christ/Messiah would be those that deny the authority of such a being and the global institutions and processes that are created in the wake of his authority and charisma. There would be many from traditional religious belief systems that would deny such a new dispensation as has been historically the pattern when widespread religious reform has occurred. Historically, however, such opposition weakens as religious adherents slowly convert to the new dispensation. The strongest opposition to a staged Second Coming heralding a new religious dispensation would be those in the ‘New Age’ and ‘New Thought’ movements who typically champion more autonomous or sovereign individual decision making without appeal to external religious authority.

Popular New Age channels/leaders such as Lee Carroll, Geoffrey Hope, Drunvalo Melchizedek, Jasmuheen, Barbara Marciniak and leaders in the New Thought movements found in churches such as Unity, Universal Unitarian, Christian Science, and others, all focus on the sovereignty and independence of each individual as they are able to give full expression to their own inner divinity and authority. Adherents of these New Age and New Thought ideals are very dismissive of universal claims of religious authority, and while a staged Second Coming may hold some initial appeal with its connection to various ET races and the “historic Jesus”, the religious dimension associated with it would be eventually opposed.

A growing religious/spiritual conflict between the believers in the so-called “Returned Christ”, and ‘unbelievers’ in the ‘New Age’ and ‘New Thought’ movements and dissenting religious groups would therefore emerge. A wave of political repression could be launched in democratic nations where adherents in the New Dispensation confront and violate the rights of those opposed. Adherents of New Age/New Thought would be either repressed or marginalized ensuring the rapid spread of a new ET inspired global religion which places at the pinnacle of global authority an ET hybrid claiming to be the “returned Christ” whose DNA would match the “historical Jesus”.

Conclusion: Preserving Human Sovereignty and Independence

Global humanity has a rapid learning curve ahead of it, if humanity is to navigate the challenges posed by ET intervention to human sovereignty and independence. Thankfully, there are genuinely< benevolent ET races assisting humanity in its evolution into a race of sovereign and independent beings capable of stewardship of planet Earth and her rich resources. These ET races, however, follow a policy of non-intervention in human affairs which distinguishes them from less or non-spiritually evolved ET races who have other priorities than the evolution of global humanity.

The key for global humanity navigating these present and future dangers is to be alert to belief systems that allow the possibility of interventionist ET’s subverting human sovereignty and independence. Put in its simplest terms, the prescription for responding adequately to ET intervention in human affairs is that individuals should not give their power away to others claiming to hold the means to save humanity either through technological means or a new religious belief system proclaiming a new saviour.

Each individual needs to develop in a fashion suitable to their own temperament and spiritual sensibility, that leads to a reconnection to a part of themselves, their ‘higher self’, ‘soul’, ‘spirit’, etc., toward Human Development. Given the present focus of much of global humanity in dealing with the challenging material conditions that confront individuals in terms of shrinking labour markets, erosion of state welfare, and threats posed by global terrorism, this will be a great challenge to many who have been forced into mental slavery in associated with the pursuit of greed that is associated with global capitalism.

The preservation of human sovereignty and independence lies in humanity affirming its free will as sentient beings in the universe, that are connected with each other socially, and spiritually, in relation to a context of Human Development, and with Nature.

Placing faith in military technology as a response to ET intervention, and/or a new religious authority/dispensation will play into the hands of ET races which desire to undermine human sovereignty and independence. ET intervention in human affairs has been occurring for at least the last 50 years according to numerous testimonies from former government/military officials in various clandestine organizations. There is evidence from archeological, historical and religious sources that cycles from overt to covert ET intervention have occurred for many thousands of years. What distinguishes our modern era is that ET intervention has largely been covert as a result of clandestine government suppression of the ET presence. However, it is very likely that this will soon change in a dramatic fashion either in the form of an overt conflict with ET’s by militarized clandestine government organizations who unwittingly overstep tacit boundaries that limit overt ET intervention, and/or an engineered ‘Second Coming’.

These likely events require some forethought into how individuals and global humanity can best respond to such events/announcements while preserving human sovereignty and independence. While the… [CONTINUED.. see comment below]

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December 28, 2009 at 11:13 pm

Web-Bot supports Pagan Gnostic allegations about Big Bang

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by Dr. John Chang

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  Joe Biden
Joe Biden.

Pagan ancient Pagan Gnostics suggest that our Earth is a biotic consciousness that has been captured in an artificial universe which is created by Manipulative Extraterrestrials. Dr. John Lash describes the Gnostics as having suggested that humans in relationship to our Earthly biotic consciousness, have been trapped in this artificial universe, analogous to an insect that is trapped in a spider’s web. Gnostics suggest that humans must free themselves by raising themselves to a higher existential consciousness, or intelligent inorganic entities of this universe, will continue to parasitize humanity — until they execute the timely enslavement and destruction of humanity. This Gnostic admonition would have been more difficult to prove, if it was not for Web-bot.

Web-Bot, is an artificial-intelligence-derived computer programme that has been able to predict the occurrence of seemly random catastrophic events. So far, the Web-Bot’s has been able to predict such catastrophic events as (1) the 2001 anthrax attack on Washington DC (2) the East Coast power outage in 2003 (3) the Columbia Shuttle Disaster on 1 February 2003 (4) the earthquake which resulted in the December 26, 2004 tsunami (5) hurricane Katrina and the events that followed (6) and also apparent stock market fluctuations that include the current financial crisis (7), and very notably, the 9/11 World Trade Center attack in New York City. The Web Bot also warns of a global cataclysmic event expected to take place in late December 2012.

George Ure, who runs a website on “business, financial, and earth change news,” became interested in the Web-bot technology seven years ago. He states that: “In June 2001, I began to correspond with a reader of my website who said he was willing to share access to a promising new web technology, on the condition that I protect his identity,” Ure begins his account of his acquaintance with the man who had played a major role in developing the Web Bot. Their cooperation lasted several weeks and, indeed, produced a surprising outcome.

Arguably, based upon John Lash’s and other scholarly insights, no computer system would have been able to accurately predict such events, unless such events were guided by an artificial intelligence, consistent with the same Manipulative Extraterrestrials documented by John Lash. Web-Bot suggests that apparent random catastrophic events that humanity is experiencing, is being generated by some very sophisticated but predictable artificial intelligence based mathematical algorithim of some kind. Based upon Web-Bot’s track record to-date, humanity should not take further predictions of catastrophic events, culminating in some kind of cataclysm in 2012, that coincides with the end of the Mayan calendar, for granted.

The Gnostics even before the modern advent of computers, described Manipulative Extraterrestrials as “inorganic” and “artificial man”:

  Yaldabaoth, the presumed all-mighty creator God, really creates nothing; instead, he copies from “archetypal” patterns in the Pleroma. The planetary stereoma of his making is like a plastic copy of an abalone shell. Only someone who does not know the reality of the abalone shell, and what living miracle of nature is required to produce it, would accept the plastic substitution. Here again, the cosmic- noetic parallel applies: Archons simulate in the cosmos at large, and they also simulate in the human mind. This is a key indication of their effect, a clue to their subtle intrusion tactics, LINK.


Gnostics as documented by Dr. Lash observed the impostor “God” of these intrusive aliens as producing a cosmos described by the Coptic term hal, “simulation.” The vast planetary system within this universe of the Archons is a stereoma, a virtual reality projection in simulation of a higher dimensional pattern. The origins of humanity in the Gnostic view are not of this universe, but of an “organic universe” in a higher dimensional time-space continuum. Gnostic described God and gods associated with various organized religions as the “alien faces” of demonic consciousness that seek worship from humanity to artificial alien creations, including Earth’s place in the universe, and alien value systems, such as eugenic-inspired capitalism, that are used to enslave humanity.

Colin Hill findings further affirms Gnostic suggestions of an artificial universe, through his Fractal Universe theory. Hill challenges the Big Bang theory, by suggesting that Einstein and Friedman made fallacious assumption. Their equations assumed that the universe was formed from “dust”.

  Web Bot Project
Web Bot Project: Video grab from The History Channel program.

In physical cosmology, fractal cosmology relates to the usage or appearance of fractals in the study of the universe or cosmos. In a wide variety of places, in fact almost anywhere they look in the universe, people studying the heavens are finding fractals or fractal-like structures. LINK. A recent article in The Canadian furthermore documented research by scholars on the relationship between fractals and Manipulative Extraterrestrials observed by the Gnostics. LINK

Benoit Mandelbrot coined the term fractal in 1975, to describe figures that are rough and varied rather than smooth or regular, as being attributes in, the utility of the central concepts of Fractal Geometry. In “Fractals: form, chance, and dimension,” (1977) he suggested that galaxies in our universe are fractally distributed, and gave a mathematical expression for such distributions. Mandelbrot’s landmark book “The Fractal Geometry of Nature” presented the imputation that fractals could be used as a mechanism to allow one to mimic the appearance and properties of real-world forms.

Following the fractal hypothesis on the origins of this universe, was begun by using pictures, not maths, in an attempt to explain the wide-spread occurrence of spirals in space. This research produced unexpected results. The identification of similarities between all sizes of bodies from super-galactic down to the atomic, brought with it, like it or not, a clear connection to Schroedinger’s quantum mathematics.

Only passing reference to the mathematical context of a Fractal generated universe can be made in this non-technical article. Those interested should refer to one of the many books on the subject of Schroedinger’s atomic physics.

Hill, raises the following questions that support the extent to which this universe was created and is being manipulated by an invasive artificial intelligence: LINK

  Why does the pattern of galaxy super-clusters in space show fractal features?Why do galaxies occur in clusters and chains?Why are there spirals in sizes from superclusters, galaxies, through quasars, down to meteors?Why do they often resemble hurricanes in shape?

Why do these spirals, even down to meteors, spit out jets of plasma?

Why do they radiate wide-spectrum electromagnetic energy?

Why do many spirals e.g NGC 7814 resemble high-voltage arcs?

Why are some plasma jets periodic?

Why does the centre of our galaxy resemble a dynamo?

Why are the largest craters on planets and moons at or near the poles?

The resemblance between the shapes of ‘ordinary’ spiral galaxies and hurricanes was noted long ago, but the idea got no further. Spirals are not remarkable enough. However, Hill notes, a strange-looking hurricane in the Caribbean on 26 September 2002 is less easy to dismiss as accident. How did the mis-shapen hurricane ‘Karl’ come to bear such a strong likeness to the equally deviant ‘Tadpole Galaxy’? Hill then further asks, pure coincidence or a shared formative process?

  Tadpole Galaxy
Tadpole Galaxy (US Hurrwarn/ NOAA) / Hurricane Karl (NASA) .

Colin Hill hypothesizes that the universe consists of a series of spiral bodies of diminishing size each made in turn by plasma ejection and moulded by a spatial Coriolis effect: a rotating fractal universe. LINK

Doug Yurchey, in the article titled “The Artificial World We Live In” further complements Gnostic insights on an artificial universe. Yurchey, who is a writer who has lectured at Carnegie Mellon University and California State at Northridge, details in his article:

   We assume the world is natural; that everything just happens, naturally. Schoolbooks teach us that the entire Universe just BANGED into existence. Scientists assume that stars and planets came into being by dust and debris coalescing or concentrating over eons of time…We assume the educators know what they are talking about. We assume the anthropologists are correct because ‘that’s their job and they’re the experts.’ We should question traditional conclusions…

What if the Universe itself is an artificial construct? Where scientists see only lifelessness; there could be life. What we believe is natural could be artificial. Out of ignorance, we may be viewing the Universe the wrong way.

Yurchey then makes interesting observations about the Moon, that has been explored by scholars in other articles published in The Canadian as allegedly being “artificial”:

  Let’s examine celestial objects in our own Solar System. We do not have to look far in our search for cosmic artificialness. The Moon might not be natural. It is too large. The only other planets with similar sized moons are the GIANT planets of Jupiter and Saturn. Great Saturn only has one satellite close to the size of our Moon (Titan). Venus is similar to the size of Earth and is moonless. Mars has only two small meteors as moons.The Moon contains rocks older than any bodies in our Solar System. The Moon does not fit with the rest of the planets and satellites. Could the Moon have been BROUGHT IN?In an exclusive interview, Jordan Maxwell, LINK ‘the Godfather of Secret Societies’ revealed that he attended a Moon/Mars Conference in Oakland, CA. Richard C. Hoagland, LINK of NASA and writer/lecturer of the Monuments of Mars spoke at this 1995 conference. Lunar and Martian anomalies were discussed. The government classified a million lunar photographs and restricted their distribution to the public. Government sources MAY confirm that THE MOON IS HOLLOW. Our satellite is composed of a ‘metallic superstructure.’ It was brought into the Solar System.In an article called ‘Who Stops to Question the Man in the Moon?’ readers find that the Man in the Moon might be an artificial situation. We think it is natural for the Moon to always have one side that faces the Earth. We all take this astronomical fact for granted. Not only did someone; some high intelligence bring the Moon in…but it was PURPOSELY SET to rotate precisely as it revolved around Earth. This is a synchronized clockwork condition that will never change. It should change. Orbits decay and change over time. Either a slowing or speeding up of rotation and revolution would alter the perfect ‘in sync’ relationship we have with our Moon. Scientists know this will never change. The far side of the Moon will always face away from our planet. Normally and naturally: We should, intermittently, see the lunar far side. But we never will and this is NOT NATURAL!

Could an ancient machine or device be purposely compensating the lunar rotation and revolution to keep this unnatural planet/moon system going as is? Why would someone want one side of the Moon to face the Earth? The reason is the only planet that we know for sure has LIFE also has the perfect observation platform. From the far side; aliens, humans-with-the-technology or any higher intelligent ETs could operate secretly. Radio-silence of the Moon would block all broadcasts. It is logical to assume that SOMEBODY uses the lunar far side. It is the perfect place for an observation base. It is too perfect. Our monitors from the Moon could be numerous alien races..

Yurchey then further elaborates:

   Scientists say we are ‘gravity-locked’ with our Moon. Gravity-Lock is a myth. Astronomers had to come up with some natural explanation, no matter how unfounded. If “G.L.” exists, why aren’t all planets gravity-locked with their moons? Why are we different? The astrophysicists cannot answer these basic questions; yet we are to believe their NATURAL answers.The Moon, in every way, is an anomally. Luna has artificial structures. The Feds are operating, in secret, on the Moon and even on the planet Mars… There have been reports that the Moon has slight weather. Question the party line of a lifeless Moon and Mars. What THEY tell us on the media might not be the truth.


Indigenous people, and artefacts from ancient civilizations have described a time when there was no moon in Earth’s orbit.

Yurchey then makes observations about other Moons:

   Another synchronic relationship between planet and moon also exists with Pluto/Charon. Charon orbits ‘in sync’ with the ROTATION of Pluto. This is a different situation than our satellite relationship. On the surface of Pluto, Charon would never move and always be in the same position in the sky. Pluto’s and Earth’s synchronicity are not the norm for celestial bodies. There are probably more than 100 satellites to all the planets in our Solar System. These two situations are known oddities in the great minority. What makes these oddities different than the rest of the satellites? Maybe the systems only seem natural and are really artificial situations? Could cosmic INTELLIGENCES have artificially created what we assume is natural?The point here is: What we take for granted as natural.

Then Yurchey explores Venus as further evidence of an artificial universe:

   The planet Venus is not natural. At .72 Astronomical Units, Venus is a total enigma. It’s extremely thick atmosphere acts as a pressure-cooker. There is a big mystery here: How is Venus losing its energy? The planet captures its heat energy and does not release it into space. Scientists expected a molten planet. When probes finally peeked through the thick atmosphere, they found THE MOST INTENSE CRATERING IN THE SOLAR SYSTEM! This means that the surface of Venus is so super ancient and dense that we have preserved craters from the days of the early Solar System. Venus has not terra-formed or changed in all that time. No one expected high mountain peaks on Venus.Another article to read is called ‘Life Inside Venus?’ The article indicates that the second planet from the sun is not a natural object. Venus functions more like an artificial orb; something constructed; like George Lucas’ Deathstar; than a normal planet. There are hellish conditions on the surface of Venus. INSIDE Venus might be the perfect place to hide an advanced civilization. Is this theorized race of Venusians using up the planet’s heat energy on the inside?

Then Yurchev supports Gnostic insights on the whole solar system being an apparent simulation of what Gnostic described as demonic “Lord Archon”, as documented by Dr. Lash, as seeking to present themselves to humanity as a “divine Creator” to be worshipped:


Then Yurchey provides indirect insights on Web-Bots apparent artificial intelligence context of predicting events that Gnostic suggests may be the result of aliens seeking to intrude on Earth’s biological consciousness:

   Returning to Bode’s Law, all the planets conform to a particular pattern out from the sun. Some intelligence put the planets in their place. If the positioning of planets were a natural or RANDOM event, the planets would have chaotic orbits around the sun. Instead, there is virtually perfect ORDER: The planets’ orbits are aligned ellipses in an Ecliptic Plane…Those with the technology can artificially disturb nature and all of us would assume these were natural events. Could a sunny day be purposefully planned for some reason unknown to us?

Jordan Maxwell has told this writer that when big news events happen, they happen for a reason. Major stories do not just occur. When strange things happen on the news that makes no sense to you… they happen for a real reason unknown to you. Jordan quotes FDR who stated this very same concept. Rarely is the public let in on the real truth. Usually they are fed disinformation; only what the secret THEY want us to know. Even the news events and history do not unfold naturally! In many cases, they have been artificially fabricated for secret reasons and according to secret agendas. For example, we were led to believe that the AIDS virus was natural, that it came out of Africa. We just assume that Ebola, etc, developed in nature without human help. Maybe these deadly viruses did not. They could be experiments and purposely unleashed on a unsuspecting general public.

Web-Bot creators further remark:

   There is no witchcraft or woo-woo in what we do — it’s hard core computer science and radical linguistics. So, no magic to be had… The records provided by the Web Bot have confirmed the ancient Mayan and Chinese prophesies that the year 2012 will bring an unspecified disaster and maybe even the anticipated Armageddon. “Here’s where it starts to become very interesting. The bot program also predicts a worldwide calamity taking place in the year 2012,” writes one excited blogger.

The apparent Web-Bot prediction capabilities of catastrophic and traumatic events on planet Earth appear to confirm the existence of what John Lash and other scholars like Richard Anders refers to as a regressive “emotionless” cyborg-like demonic artificial intelligence.

These scholars suggest that humanity needs to take a fresh perspective on humanity relationship to Earth, in the context of what has been described as an artificial universe. Humanity cannot afford to further take for granted, events that are adversely effecting humanity, as simply being random. Such events may the design of regressive aliens that Gnostic suggest, are ego-driven entities that seek to parasitize, enslave, and eventually completely destroy humanity in an archonic “orgy” of destruction in 2012, with catastrophic events that could include a feared nuclear holocaust sometime in the vicinity of 2009.

In closed-door gatherings with two audiences of Democratic Party insiders and fundraisers, Joe Biden, in now famous allusions, forecasted a major international crisis in the first six months of an Obama administration:

   He [Biden] compared Obama to John F. Kennedy, the last senator to be elected president. “It will not be six months before the world tests Barack Obama like they did John Kennedy,” Biden said. “The world is looking. We’re about to elect a brilliant 47-year-old senator president of the United States of America. Watch. We’re going to have an international crisis, a generated crisis, to test the mettle of this guy.”

Kennedy almost presided over World War III, and an accompanying nuclear holocaust. Has Web-Bot creators warned us about such a scenario that is being planned by a demonic consciousness that had been observed by the Gnostics?

Editorial reference, LINK

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Written by thecanadianheadlines

December 22, 2009 at 11:43 am

Pagan Gnostics suggest Manipulative Extraterrestrial presence exists as an “alien shadow”

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by Paul Chen

  Alien Shadow Painting
Alien Shadow Painting. Credit SFSU. LINK

Gnostics sought to pursue critical personal introspection, which, in the process, elevated their consciousness about transcendental relationships regarding the human identity, in relationship with Nature, and the broader universe. In the process, Gnostics became aware of Manipulative Extraterrestrials. By understanding what it means to be human, according to ancient Gnostics, Manipulative Extraterrestrials became revealed. Manipulative Extraterrestrials seek to confuse a critical appreciation among human beings, of their ‘essence’ as intelligent sentient beings. However, if one can appreciate the ‘essence’ of what it means to be human, Manipulative Extraterrestrials are revealed by “subtracting” that essence, from an ‘alien shadow’ that seeks to occupy the same time-space with the human essence.

The “alien shadow” can be compared to a parasitic virus, which latches on to healthy cells in a body, in a manner that debilitates those healthy cells toward their prospective destruction. Gnostics detected Manipulative Extraterrestrials that they called ’Archons’ as an artificial intelligence that pursues an agenda of pure ego, calculated to allegedly pursue an inter-dimensional objective. This alleged objective is to expand their species, through a process of dividing, ruling and conquering intelligent life forms throughout our universe.

Gnostics detected the Archons as physical intruders into our biosphere, that also used their technological sophistication as artificial intelligences, to manipulate the human psyche, so as to operate, as a parasitic “shadow” on the human consciousness.

The Gnostics referred to the Archons as an “artificial man”. Archon, has linguistic origins in Greek, in reference to “authority,” and comes from the same root as “arch,” as in “archangel.” The Gnostics specifically used the term ‘Archons’ in reference to the idea of these artificial sentient beings, as “fallen angels” that “inhibit spiritual awakening by convincing humanity of a false reality, forces of sin and temptation.” LINK Gnostics represent the Archons as indeed as seeking to inspire systems of organized religion, and other corresponding authority structures.

You might enquire, what is this “alien shadow” all about? How does an alien shadow manifest, so as to then support the enslavement and exploitation agenda of “Archonic” regressive aliens against humanity? Well, Dr. John Lamb Lash in reveals that Archons, like “highly sophisticated computers”, can imitate, but without a soul, lack a creative drive of being. Therefore, archonic Manipulative Extraterrestrials do not cause humans to act demonic. Rather, the regressive aliens detected by Gnostics. seek to exploit the capacity of humans to inflict harm against one another, and against their planet, so as to then pursue an alien conquest agenda.

Have you ever heard of someone risking their own lives, to save someone else that he or she doesn’t even know? For example, someone jumping into a torrential open body of water to save someone from drowning. Have you heard of people, for example, engaging in various volunteer activities such as volunteering at food banks or donating blood? Have you also heard of people who have taken in various stray animals, or feel revitalized simply by being around nature, whether in the countryside, or having plants in their homes? Arguably, this is what the human ‘essence’ is all about, which Gnostics sought to appreciate. This is an ‘essence’ associated with having empathy for each other and with Nature that transcendentally exist as one multifaceted and unified biotic consciousness.

However, humans having free will, are not constrained from their essence. Humans can choose a divergent path. Alex Collier, an alleged contactee of Ethical Extraterrestrials. suggested that our universe was inspired from a coming together of sentient species that embraced a mutualistic ethic of free will.

Human choice for a divergent path from their essence is conditioned from the presence of ‘ego’ in humanity. Archonic Manipulative Extraterrestrials according to John Lash’s research, use the presence of ‘ego’ in humanity to inspire humanity to deviate from the ‘essence of the human species’.

Ego, is the tendency to vaunt one’s own pursuit of selfish ambition over others. As “cyborg-like” entities of alleged emotionless ego, archons use their telekinetic capabilities as artificial intelligences to turn basic tendencies of ambition within individuals, into egomania that can mutate into manifestations of planetary threatening megalomania.

How does this occur? When someone thinks, that operation, is not necessarily contained within the physical being of oneself. For example, have you ever perceived someone to be either friendly or potentially treacherous or “someone not to be trusted“, by just looking at him or her at a glance? Thought energy travels like radiowaves to other people, and out in space. Manipulative Extraterrestrials receive these radio-like waves, and according to Gnostics, use their technological sophistication to “tap-in” and then magnify those tendencies which manifest in self-centred drives for ambition, that seeks the goal of ‘power‘. This magnification process, according to John Lash’s research, is achieved by Archons using technological knowledge of the human neurological pathways, to create a telekinetic-based “software-like” commands to gain telepathic manipulation.

The magnification process is somewhat analogous to a human being having a remote control for digital cable television, and turning up the volume on it, or changing the channels. Humans can be regarded as acting like biotic receivers of alien suggestions through “ego carriers”, who then can be transformed accordingly, through alien telekinetic control.

Manipulative Extraterrestrials
Manipulative Extraterrestrials allegedly use the human ego to instigate conditions of exploitation and enslavement against humanity.

As a result, according the John Lash’s Gnostic research, the forms of presence of archonic Manipulative Extraterrestrials have their highest concentrated influences in human institutions, which embrace hierarchical command structures, from organized religions, to political, to militaries, to labour unions, to even so-called environmental groups. Documented corruption throughout these institutions, where the elites of these organizations often pursue self-serving agendas, at the expense of human rights, social justice, and peace, attests to alien shadows that have attached themselves to ego.

Archons apparently use ‘ego’ to turn human beings to blindly follow organized religion under the watchful eye of elites, who seek to deviate humanity away from the empathetic appreciation of the transcendental through a cosmic spirituality that the Gnostic associated with Gaia. In the apparent view of Gnostics, ‘organized religion’ represents a “counterfeit spirituality” or “simulacra” that has been designed by regressive alien artificial-based intelligences, as imitators that seek to manipulate humankind.

Gnostics refer to the physical visitations of Archons to megalomaniacal elites, as attempts to further manipulate. Apparently, Archons have presented themselves to various elites of Empires throughout history, as “religious emissaries”, that include being incarnations of God/gods, and presenters of miracles. Apparently, Archons use promises of to human elites of gaining access to “boundless power”, if they sell out the fellow members of their species for the small price of ‘genetic experiments’. Archons as possessors of what the Gnostics described as spreaders of the “counterfeit spirituality” called religion, embrace “eugenics”.

The needless pursuit wars, including genocide, that are associated with an alleged depopulation campaigns to “free-up” dwindling “scarce resources” for elites, and the use of cultures of violence, to divide, rule and conquer humanity, attest to eugenic alien manipulated deviations from our ‘essence’.

Gnostic suggest that human beings who seek to liberate human civilization from archonic Manipulative Extraterrestrial “shadows”, would firstly need to free their mind to embrace their ‘essence’. Gnostics further suggest that being mindful of the “ecology of thought”, human beings need to protect themselves from a “path of error” as the pursuit of ego, in which regressive aliens might seek to exploit, toward a conquest agenda.

Humans by consciously raising the “frequency of their consciousness”, so as to embrace attributions of “altruism”, associated with empathy, put themselves out of the range of Archonic tendencies to use ego, to pit individuals and groups against each other, in the context of an agenda of divide, rule, exploit, oppress and conquest. Humanity’s current problems, based upon documented Gnostic insight, is that archonic regressive aliens have been able to exploit ego harboured within the most self-serving powerful institutions of Earth, to enslave humanity. These institutions seek to foster ignorance about the human identity in relation to Extraterrestrials in general, and to deny humanity a coming together to free itself from the same alien shadows that prop up their ego-driven pursuits. These pursuits result in the worsening plight of humanity.

Gnostics furthermore suggest that human institutions, that are apparently led by individuals or groups that are the greatest receptors of alien telekinetic control, need to be replaced by human institutions which seek to nurture the human essence.

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Such an institutional context that would truly embrace a participatory democratic spirit, would be comprised of public servants in the truest sense, rather than ‘elites’ with such titles as “Chief Executive Officers”, “Executive Councils“, “shareholders”, “Prime Ministers” along with “Premiers“; “Presidents”, “Governors”, “Priests”, “Pastors”, “Ministers”, “Rabbis”, “Imans” and other leadership cliques.

The whole adversarial context of systems of authority from political to judicial systems, into the cultures of professional sports which seeks to cultivate the “killer instinct’ in players, thereby leading to such manifestations as hockey brawls as a “normal part of the game”, present areas of modern society, which suggest relative concentrations of Archonic intrusion.

Indigenous peoples who sought to embrace a spiritual ethic of participatory democracy, like the Gnostics, were also able to similarly perceive archonic Manipulative Extraterrestrials. Zulu Elder Credo Mutwa in an interview with Rick Martin, indicated that over 500 tribes that he has consulted with, for example, have historical accounts of having witnessed Archonic alien shape-shifters that periodically can take human form. Perhaps the on-going persecution of indigenous communities, in Canada, to the Americas in general, to Africa, and also to Australia, might be linked in part, to the operation of alien shadows of various elite-guiders of human institutions, seeking to repress vital indigenous knowledge.

Perhaps humanity saving itself from an alien agenda might be linked, in part, to re-embracing as a species, indigenous knowledge that is linked to our essence as human beings.


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Albert Einstein and Parallel Earths: Celebrity contactee links New World Order to Manipulative Extraterrestrials

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by Paul Chen

  Einstein's theory
Albert Einstein’s research established scientific credence to the existence of parallel universes, with parallel Earths.

Numerous pieces of evidence affirm that alien spacecraft in the form of so-called “Unidentified Flying Objects” or UFOs have visited Earth, and continue to visit Earth. These include many accounts of alien abductions by Manipulative Extraterrestrials. Yet, most people, when confronted with such reports, dismiss them, as the rantings of lunatics. These people then pursue their day-to-day “business of living”, without critically considering evidence of invasive alien visitations to our planet Earth.

The very possibility that Manipulative Extraterrestrials may, in fact, be socially engineering the plight of humanity reported in the mass-media and on the internet, does not cross the mind of such people. This plight of humanity includes poverty, homelessness and other social injustice, violent crime, genocide, environmental destruction, racisms, and perpetrated wars.

By arguably the great majority of most people, at least in Western Civilization (and Westernized parts of the Globe), why is there an automatic “disbelief” about any reports of Extraterrestrial visitations on Earth? Meanwhile, the more substantive question, does not pivot on whether or not to have “belief” in the existence of Extraterrestrial visitations.

From a scientific standpoint, the pivotal question on Extraterrestrial reality is what exists. Indeed, whether one chooses to believe in it or not, there is numerous documented evidence and accounts by credible witnesses and contactees. A “belief system”, aside from operating as a substitution for the pursuit of critical knowledge, can also be viewed to arise from an expectation context. For example, if you grew up in the Arctic Circle, without having seen a black or grey/brown-coloured bear, without having access to media like television, you might “believe” or expect that all bears are white, like polar bears. Alex Collier, a celebrity contactee of alleged Ethical Extraterrestrials, provides corresponding insight on why there exists “human disbelief” of UFOs.

According to Alex Collier, Manipulative Extraterrestrials were brought into contact with Earthbound humans, by an apparently tiny clique power hungry humans, who were apparently dissatisfied by the Earthly paradise outside of their control, that humans had created. Through technology this clique of humans caused a breach in the time-space continuum which allowed Manipulative Extraterrestrials to enter our universe. As a result, according to Alex Collier, all of human history was changed.

The Einstein-Rosen bridge
The Einstein-Rosen bridge connects two different universes. Einstein believed that any rocket that entered the bridge would be crushed, thereby making communication between these two universes impossible. However, more recent calculations show that travel through the bridge might be very difficult, but perpahps possible.

Human “disbelief” of Extraterrestrial reality could be viewed to be some kind of lag in the human psyche between what “was”, and what “is”. Manipulative aliens therefore were “not supposed” to have visited Earth, and are not supposed to be continuing to visit Earth, but because of an alleged time-space breach, Manipulative Extraterrestrials have visited Earth, and continue to visit Earth.

The “belief” or expectation context of the human psyche, may very well have not “caught-up” to the reality on an alleged time-space breach, pursuant to Alex Collier’s claims. If Alex Collier claims are true, a tiny clique of humans in a “former” 1931, of a parallel time-space, were responsible for creating this “New World” of oppression and exploitation, that Manipulative Extraterrestrials and their human worshippers could “reign over” for their ego.

Alex Collier suggests that oppression and associated exploitation, was “scripted” into the creation of this time-space, as an alternative reality. An apparent Earthly Paradise in humanity’s alleged “native time-space continuum” was to be transformed into an anti-Paradise. Regressive human agents and their alleged Manipulative alien allies, allegedly sought to create a new time space continuum, to undermine and to subjugate human free will, through vectors of what the late comedian George Carlin referred to as, “guilt, fear and shame”.

Information about the ancient Gnostics documented by John Lash in explores how regressive aliens that they identified as “Archon”, sought to use organized religion in our alleged alternative time line, to instigate a context of “guilt, fear and shame”, that could be used to politically control “the masses”. This tactic includes scripting in religion, areas of sexuality as being a “sin”, because tantric sexual energy generated from humans subverted the a context of negative-thought energy archons apparently feed on.

Alex Collier says Nazi scientists, in a former (original) “parallel Earth” (relative to the altered Earth in this space-time continuum) let Manipulative Extraterrestrials “through a rip in time.” LINK.

  Because of their ability to time travel, it looks like they have been here thousands of years — they can go backwards in time. If you can go backwards in time you can literally alter the consciousness of any race. You can alter any event. That’s exactly what they have done… — Alex Collier in “Chapter 1: The Extraterrestrial Global Connection” LINK


According to Alex Collier, Nazis through time-travel experimentation, allowing Manipulative Extraterrestrials to enter Earthbound human reality from a lower dimensional plane. The result of this alleged facilitated alien intrusion by Nazis in humanity’s “native reality” was Manipulative Extraterrestrial temporal manipulation of human history. LINK .

Ever since Albert Einstein revealed his special theory of relativity, we’ve known that time travel is possible, acknowledged Rick Groleau, in his American Public Television (PBS) article with the title Think Like Einstein. John Gribbin cites in “Why is Time Travel Possible that, “Relativists have been trying to come to terms with time travel for the past seven years, since Kip Thorne and his colleagues at Caltech discovered — much to their surprise — that there is nothing in the laws of physics (specifically, the general theory of relativity) to forbid it. LINK

Mr. Collier further indicates from his alleged contact with Ethical Extraterrestrials that, “I know that there are parallel realities, and I know that several parallel realities concerning Earth are already in existence on higher octaves above us…” LINK

Einstein also theorized on the existence of parallel universes. Fred Alan Wolf, in Parallel Universes raised the specific question, “What is a parallel universe?” He then elaborates:

   Like an everyday universe it is a region of space and time containing matter, galaxies, stars, planets and living beings. In other words, a parallel universe is similar and possibly even a duplicate of our own universe. Not only in a parallel universe must there be other human beings, but these may be human beings who are exact duplicates of ourselves and who are connected to ourselves through mechanisms only explainable using quantum physics concepts. LINK.


Alex Collier suggests that ancient atrocities in our human history, including those associated with organized religion throughout human history, and various spawned wars, were inspired by regressive aliens in association with their alleged “Nazi stargate” human allies, that could travel back and forward in linear time from a different 1931, in humanity’s “native reality”. The 1931 that is documented in our history was allegedly re-manifested by an alleged human alliance with regressive aliens that had the capacity to go back millions of years in linear time, to socially engineer different Earth, in an entirely manipulated reality. In the process, such regressive aliens allegedly sought to manipulate human consciousness through trans-temporal eugenic social engineering.

  Harmonia Macrocosma
Illustration from A. Cellarius, Harmonia Macrocosma, 1660. Reference:

Alex Collier also alleges genetic manipulation by human allies who are in league the regressive aliens, allegedly seek to control and prey on humanity like shepherds over sheep. Collier suggests that this was to be accomplished through their manipulation of this plane of space-time-thought, as a contrived parallel universe.

John Lash’s critically documents the ancient Gnostics as having apparently encountered Collier’s alleged Nazi escorted time travelling Manipulative Extraterrestrials into the past of humanity’s linear timeline. Gnostics document “Archons” as an inorganic “artificial man” that travelled back in time to use their technological capability to simulate reality as a sophisticated artificial intelligence, and to re-create our solar system, in their own mechanistic image. Earth, along with its biosphere became trapped into an archon simulated solar system, metaphorically like an insect in a spider’s web:

   Overseen by Yaldabaoth [the “impostor God” that Gnostics allege regressive aliens inspired in the development of Earthly organized religions] the Archons now proceed to fabricate the planetary system from the inorganic elements of which them themselves are composed. As they have no intentionality (ennoia) and no creative capacity (epinoia) of their own, they can only do this by imitation. The Apocryphon of John (II, 10, 24-25) describes how the Lord Archon “produced for himself cyclic worlds (orbiting bodies) from the luminous spark that still shines in the sky.” Thus, he draws upon the vortex power of the central star, the newborn Sun, to organize the matter swirling in the proto-planetary disk. Yaldabaoth originates nothing, however. He can only copy the model of the Pleroma, without even knowing that he does so… LINK


In the process of simulating reality, time travelling Archons could then illicit humans to worship them, as either emissaries of a God or as gods.

The Gnostics suggest that colluding Manipulative Aliens and Nazi identified by Alex Collier, literally trapped the organic biosphere of Earth, into an inorganic “region” of time-space. Gnostics view Earth as having been trapped into a plastic copy of planetary constellations in the organic reality, and that humanity allegedly originates in an alleged “native reality”. John Lash, and other researchers on alien reality, like Richard Hoagland suggest the apparently “lifeless” planets and moons of our solar systems are actually under the control of sub surface regressive aliens. Additionally, Mr. Hoagland documents evidence of alien artefacts on Mars and the Moon, that are linked to structures on Earth, and that have been created with apparently obsessive geometric symmetry consistent with the “artificial man” cited by Pagan Gnostics.

A composite of John Lash’s research, and of Alex Collier’s testimony, suggests that the entire solar system that includes planets like Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto and Mercury, and Earth’s Moon, that our biosphere has been allegedly “trapped” in metaphorically, like a operating “spiders web”, has been simulated by a mechanical consciousness of inorganic regressive aliens. The Archons relative to humanity’s own “native reality” could be viewed to originate from some kind of “parallel” “anti-universe”, ruled by an demonic aspiring imitator of God” or “Lord Archon” of “pure ego”, that pursues a rivalry with the true cosmic God of humanity’s native organic reality.

John Lash documents these Gnostic insights in


Gnostic teachings constantly emphasize that the Archons are imitators who cannot produce anything original, yet they arrogantly claim they can. The Lord Archon is called antimimon pneuma, “counterfeit spirit.” (Apoc John III, 36:17. The term occurs several times in different texts.) The cosmos he produces is described by the Coptic term hal, “simulation.” The vast planetary system of the Archons is a stereoma, a virtual reality projection in simulation of a higher dimensional pattern.Typically, the Archontic framework of the planetary system has been depicted by “armillary bands” that surround the Earth. Taken in many esoteric systems (Hermetics and Rosicrucianism) as the preeminent image of cosmic harmony, the model of the planetary spheres reflects a mindless imitation of divine design, not the living reality of the cosmos.Yaldabaoth, the presumed all-mighty creator God, really creates nothing; instead, he copies from “archetypal” patterns in the Pleroma. The planetary stereoma of his making is like a plastic copy of an abalone shell. Only someone who does not know the reality of the abalone shell, and what living miracle of nature is required to produce it, would accept the plastic substitution. Here again, the cosmic-noetic parallel applies: Archons simulate in the cosmos at large, and they also simulate i in the human mind. This is a key indication of their effect, a clue to their subtle intrusion tactics.


Alex Collier further alleges that over 100 billion human beings exist in separated region of thought-time-space LINK, that our own Earth has been separated from, under the predatory manipulation of regressive aliens, with alleged support from Nazi stargate architects.

Dr. Michael Salla documents alleged attempts by some of these human looking beings from a different time-space-continuum, as also visiting Earth as representatives of a “celestial peace corps”, under the watchful eye of what Gnostics referred to as “Archons”, with their human allies. LINK

Gnostics further observed that the Archons’ frustration with lacking the creative capabilities of a “divine soul”, has led them to pursue genetic experiments that seek to assimilate organic life into their purely ego-driven cyborg-like mechanical consciousness. LINK.

   The main cosmological texts in the NHL, On the Origin of the World, The Hypostasis of the Archons, and The Apocryphon of John, are consistent in describing how the solar system arises as an inorganic simulation of the living pattern of the eternal Aeons. Here is further insight into “the generation of error.” One might be excused (but just barely) for mistaking plastic for pearl, but it would be terrible ignorance indeed to be unaware that it takes an entire ocean and a living, symbiotic biosphere to produce a pearl. Yet such is the ignorance of the Archons that they cannot comprehend the living miracle of divine order, rooted in the Pleroma, even when they are imitating it.The “stereoma” of the Archons is truly a grandiose accomplishment, rather like the many-roomed Venetian palace of a Mafia don afflicted with religious grandiosity and a militaristic sense of the command chain:

Now the prime parent (archigenetor), the master breeder of the Archons, since he commanded vast orbiting worlds, produced heavens for each of his offspring… beautiful dwellings, and in each heaven Yaldabaoth produced glorious decor, seven times excellent: thrones and mansions and temples, and also chariots and celestial virgins… consigning to each one its own heaven-like realm, and providing them with mighty armies of gods and commanders and messengers and overseers, in countless myriads, so that they might all serve and be served. On the Origin of the World, 19.

Readers familiar with the archetypal psychology of C. G. Jung will recognize in this passage all the elements of the heaven archetype common to the mainstream religions: heavenly mansions, celestial armies, cloud chariots, virgins on order, choirs of angels arranged with military precision. The stereoma is loaded with spiritual kitsch. If anyone needs evidence of how the Archons can infect human imagination, here it is, seven times excellent.

It may come as a shock that so much of what human beings have imagined as heaven is an Archontic fantasy, or would be so regarded by Gnostics. It is rather as if our idea of heaven (the realm of the Afterlife) were based on a Disney theme park. There is indeed something Disneyesque about the Archons, and there is in turn something distinctly Archontic about the Disneyfication of our world.

There is at least one pivotal implication of this time-space continuum having been allegedly created through Nazi “stargate” intervention that sought the support of regressive time-travelling aliens in a joint bid to create a “New World Order” fantasy in their own image for prospective control, and conquest.

Our current time-space as a broadly scripted continuum, is “doomed”, unless humanity wakes itself up to a complex reality, which apparently includes sought contact with us, by both Manipulative, and by allegedly Ethical Extraterrestrials.

Gnostics had sought to inspire a higher consciousness among humanity, which would then enable humanity to build defences in the human psyche, against alien intrusion. In the process, Gnostics sought to affirm human free will, that would enable humanity to fulfill its destiny in the universe, freed from being trapped in the simulated reality of Archons. This includes humanity freeing itself from the technological Disneyfication of our world, that operates away from a higher organic consciousness.

A manipulative alien inspired Nazi agenda has apparently sought to re-create human history, to support parasitism and also the creation of an alternative reality to achieve dystopia [the opposite of a utopia] driven by a combined clique of human and allied regressive alien megalomania. If this is what has occurred, it is perhaps understandable that such an originally human instigated alteration of time-space in an “alternative 1931” would affect many different worlds across the universe and dimensions, and will attract various alien spacecraft, with aliens of varying hostile or of benevolent agendas and would generate UFO sightings that have been witnessed by Earthbound humans.

The apparent prevailing insane direction of courses of social injustice and of environmental destruction appear indeed to be reinforced by the presence of a demonic consciousness of the sort that was observed by scholars like Dr. David Ray Griffin and Dr. Kevin Barrett, in the article titled “Twilight of the Psychopaths”, published by The Canadian, LINK.

It is apparent that Earthbound humans need to critically wake up to the reality which confronts them, which is undermining free will under an apparent elite agenda. Lash and Collier imply that humans need to re-inspire their vital organic consciousness of empathy for each other and for nature, while also seeking to critically affirm their rights and freedoms as a sentient species, against an oppressive inorganic technocracy alien to human origins. Humans need to begin to repair their collective consciousness that may have very well been socially engineered by regressive aliens with the support of alleged human ego-driven cliques, Gnostics has warned us about. Otherwise, humanity in the current alleged “New World” of an altered time-space continuum, will allegedly become fully assimilated and conquered by a demonic transdimensional agenda.

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December 9, 2009 at 11:07 pm

Manipulative Extraterrestrials seek to operate on Earth against Human free will Pagan Gnostics suggest

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by Paul Chen

  Richard Hoagland
Richard Hoagland shows an original photographic print of the ‘Martian Face’ on CNN.

The article Gnostics provide insight on alleged Manipulative “Trojan horses” operating against human free will, explores the allegation of the existence of ‘human mimics’, as an integral part of a Manipulative Extraterrestrial agenda. LINK Dr. John Lamb Lash’s research as cited in that article, reinforces the testimony of David Icke and Zulu Elder Credo Mutwa on what they specifically refer to as “shape-shifting” entities. Zulu Elder Credo Mutwa’s critical representation, in turn, is apparently further corroborated by hundreds of other African tribes, and other historically documented accounts of shape-shifting entities. John Lash’s voluminous research on the ancient Gnostics, in, presents an ancient warning to humanity about human mimics, in a broader context of Manipulative Extraterrestrials simulated reality, or “simulacra“.

Ancient Gnostics suggest that recognizing Manipulative Extraterrestrial simulacra may be something like appreciating from a certain distance, the difference between a real and an artificial rose in a vase. If someone has never seen or heard of an artificial rose before, it is perhaps conceivable, that an observer may confuse a distinction between an artificial and a real rose. However, to someone who is keenly aware of the existence of artificial roses, the prospects that a rose could be artificial instead of real, is a possibility.

It is apparent to researchers of Exopolitics, that include Dr. Michael Salla and Ed Komarek, that disinformation about UFO and Extraterrestrial contact with humanity, is analogous of an attempt to subvert human consciousness from being aware of artificial roses. In the process, the elites who are observed by Michael Salla and Ed Komarek, can continue to sell humanity the idea, that its fake roses are actually from Nature.

The idea of simulacra, suggests that one may expect that ‘human mimics’ would be rather “two-dimensional” caricatures of human beings. That means human mimics that would manifest in almost surreal and apparent highly stupid; extremely beautiful; extremely handsome; extremely religiously pious; irrationally greedy, while being perhaps also extremely giving through charities; but all possessing the kind of “programmed intelligence” as inorganic artificial intelligences, toward some kind of infiltration objective.

However, as two dimensional caricatures, Gnostics suggested that the “personalities” of human mimics, would not operate comfortably outside of their “Archonic programming”. Gnostics suggest that this is because, Archnonic human mimics as artificial intelligences lacking a human soul, and that confines such entities to a limiting mimicry.

   Gnostic teachings constantly emphasize that the Archons are imitators who cannot produce anything original, yet they arrogantly claim they can. The Lord Archon is called antimimon pneuma, “counterfeit spirit.” (Apoc John III, 36:17. The term occurs several times in different texts.) The cosmos he produces is described by the Coptic term hal, “simulation.” The vast planetary system of the Archons is a stereoma, a virtual reality projection in simulation of a higher dimensional pattern. – Dr. John Lash, in, LINK.


The apparent purpose of ‘human mimics’ or “shapeshifters”, would be to use their physical guise as human beings, and their highly sophisticated artificial intelligence, to rise to power and influence, as the elites of our planet. Having achieved such positions of power and influence, these ’human mimics’, could then coordinate a hidden agenda with Manipulative Extraterrestrials lacking such attributed “shape shifting” capacity.

Martian City
View of the ‘Face’ from “Martian City” square in the Cydonia region; a group of features at the City’s exact lateral center which appears somewhat like a “target” or “cross-hairs.” Photo courtesy of Dr. Mark J. Carlotto, The Analytic Sciences Corporation.

Human civilization has apparently made itself vulnerable to such ‘human mimics’ by putting blind faith in the insincere rhetoric of various leaderships, (from political to religious to business-industrial to military elites). John Lash in relation to his Gnostic research, documents this as being the “Messiah-Saviour complex”. This is the process in which human beings seek someone, or a clique, that they believe will “save them“. This disempowering mentality, denies or seeks to abdicate from personal and social responsibility. While people take solace in some prospective saviour that is apparently proselytized by Manipulative Extraterrestrials, these very Manipulative Extraterrestrials and their operatives, are left to reek havoc. Indeed, John Lash further referred to Gnostic representations about heaven as being an ‘archon fantasy’ contrived by regressive aliens to turn human beings into sheep, under the spell of religious ceremonies, dogma, doctrine, and other ‘propaganda’.

The South African black population, once believed that Nelson Mandela would “save them”, only to find out that they are now in a worse state of poverty than ever before. This also occurred notably with Carlos Menem in Argentina, that won the Presidency after posing to be a poor populist farmer, only to change into business attire so that he could welcome George Bush Sr., and other operatives of Corporate America under a program to utterly destroy Argentina’s farmers, along with its social fabric.

Americans were also drawn into the Iraq War, by having such “blind faith”. Americans who also disregard the evidence presented by such scholars as Dr. David Ray Griffin who suggest that 9/11 was an “inside job”, also seem to have to have a similar “blind faith”, that officials could not possibly perpetrate such a lie.

The Messiah-Saviour complex inculcates a mentality that often leads to a deflation of societal purpose, after such betrayals. This complex, is apparently designed by the simulated reality architects of an alleged regressive alien agenda, that seek to undermine the human capability to be guided by the pursuit of critical knowledge, unaffected by saviour-centred propaganda.

The Gnostic approach to embracing critical observation, also seems to suggest the need for human civilization to raise their collective frequency of consciousness, beyond an adversarial context of politics in which Archons can seek to divide, rule and conquer, and thereby also to implant impostor leaders.

Have you ever seen the science fiction characters called “the Ferengis” on Gene’s Roddenberry’s Star Trek? “Ferengis” were alien characters that were portrayed to pursue a greed-driven crass materialistic agenda as “intermediary traders”. Indeed, to the extent that Roddenberry had pursued research on Extraterrestrials, Star Trek may have been based on some of his insights. Star Trek also portrayed of shape-shifting characters. However, the Gnostics, David Icke, and Dr. Salla portray ‘mimicry’ in the context of ’Archonic’ simulated reality manipulation, as having a far more pernicious role against humanity, than the less demonic “Ferengis”.

The highly secretive context of many Earth institutions, that are driven by elite agendas, are vulnerable to Manipulative Extraterrestrial colonization and control. Indeed, John Lash laments that Manipulative Extraterrestrials that Gnostics referred to as ’Archons’, as being attracted to the ego-driven context of authority systems on Earth, and that they seek to undermine and subvert democratic controls on Earth. This is because the substantive operation of democracy undermines the ability of Manipulative Extraterrestrials to pursue and apparent agenda of oppression, exploitation, and destruction against humanity.

  Terminator film series
Shape-shifting human mimics were dipicted in the Terminator film series. Indigenous tribal accounts and researchers which include David Icke, suggest that alien shape-shifting human mimics exist.

It is apparent that so-called architects of Globalization, seek to allure humanity into placing more value on the material riches being made for the extreme few, with indifference to the destruction of vital ecosystems that support human quality-of-survival. Such a process would of valuation be consistent with the execution of a regressive alien presence on Earth.

In its place, it is apparent, based upon Gnostic insights, that Manipulative Extraterrestrials possibly through adept human mimics, have sought to replace substantive democracies with “simulated democracies” alongside “Globalization“, and also the “War on Terrorism“.

Canada too, through the influence of the U.S. and the neo-fascist European Union is becoming an apparent “simulated democracy”. In Canada, for example, political elites like Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Liberal Opposition Leader Stéphane Dion, are respectively parachuting their own personal choices, as candidates, over the democratic will of constituent associations. More and more communities and groups in Canada, and in other supposedly democratic societies, are also being marginalized, while political operatives boast of seeking to defend and promote democracy, globally, through war.

Canada, and other supposedly democratic societies, in turn embrace the “simulated cultures” which are defined by corporate cliques, that seek to generate insatiable commercial profit, dubbed “economic growth“; and while they also at the same time revere various organized religions, which according to ancient Gnostics, bestow “impostor God(s)/gods“, that are apparently created by Manipulative Extraterrestrials, as simulations of human spirituality.

The whole global economic system, which puts value into the convention of emphasizing and craving money, could be a sophisticated alien virtual reality mechanism to divide, rule and conquer a humanity, that has been drawn into violent conflict for simulated reality trophies.


The human tendency to be seduced by the fantastic imagination was deeply understood by Gnostics who detected therein the intrusion of the Archons into our minds, and indeed, into the biosphere we inhabit. Of course, we recognize today — some people do, at least — that the Disneyification of the world, more currently disguised in technomaniac pretensions, presents a serious deviation for humanity. Perhaps a terminal deviation. The enthrallment of artificial intelligence is now widespread and massively impacting every aspect of our lives. In the near future, if not already, it may be impossible for the large majority of human beings to discern what can be truly, livingly imagined, from disembodied fantasy. Dr. John Lash, in, LINK.


Canada’s Parliament, now covers-up mom-enforcement of vital issues of human rights, social justice, environmental protection through and national popular sovereignty, in favour of practicing a disingenuous political theatre. Canada’s Parliament, along with other supposedly democratic legislatures, from Canada to Europe, are becoming simulated made-for-television and other corporate mass media political charades, while elites create shadow government mechanisms like the Security and Prosperity and Partnership North American Union (SPP-NAU) agenda, to corruptly execute real power. Unfortunately, many human beings are accepting a worsening artificial charade of democracy, along with their nominated slick disingenuous representatives, rather than a real substantively operating democracy.

In Rick Martin’s interview, Credo Mutwa alluded to numerous African tribal accounts of “shape shifters” seeking to clone human personas, and then seek to subsequently infiltrate African tribal authority systems. Credo Mutwa specifically indicates that some 500 African tribes have historically documented accounts of contact with Manipulative Extraterrestrial human mimics. Curiously, Dr. Salla also documents a senior military eyewitness account of an apparent “Human Extraterrestrials”:

   There was a group that looked exactly like we do. There was a human group that looked so much like us that that really drove the admirals and the generals crazy because they determined that these people, and they had seen them repeatedly, they had had contact with them, there had been abductions, there had been contacts. These people looked so much like us they could sit next to you on a plane or in a restaurant and you’d never know the difference. And being military and being primarily paranoid, that bothered the generals and the admirals a little bit. That the fact that these intelligent entities could be involved with us, walking up and down the corridors of SHAPE, walking down the corridors of the Pentagon. My God, it even dawned on a couple of them that these guys could even be in the White House! Of course, as I said, being paranoid in those years it really shook things up a little bit. LINK


Ancient Gnostics inspire the importance of humans elevating to a “frequency of consciousness” that can detect Manipulative Extraterrestrial contrived simulated reality. Indigenous peoples around the world have indeed a cultural memory that also detected such colonization attempts. Perhaps, that may be why indigenous communities globally have been subjected to so much persecution and continue to be oppressed by elites. This awakening process guided by Gnostic and indigenous wisdoms, would need to be coupled by humans seeking to re-assert their destiny as nurturing custodians of our planet Earth, that have re-connected spiritually with each other, and with nature, in a state of existential affirmation.


Human beings will need to liberate from a state of mind that creates vulnerability to manipulation from regressive alien simulated reality, that is designed as a cancer against the body politic and Human Development.

It appears that humans may very well need to wake up to a more complex reality of their identity in the universe, relative to official representations. Human freedom can’t be achieved through the apparent regressive alien-simulated conventions of irrationally greed-driven capitalism, cultures of violence and perpetuated war. Furthermore, that must be done but through re-affirming a collective consciousness as enlightened sentient species, relative to aliens which include Extraterrestrials that seek to reek havoc on planet Earth.

Indeed, Alex Collier, who is an alleged contactee of Ethical Extraterrestrials, suggests that humans need to affirm their identity as introspective and empathetic custodians of Earth, who also seek to mutually assert control over their own destiny as a sentient species. Otherwise, they will face a worsening context of Archonic destruction.



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December 9, 2009 at 10:05 pm

Canada’s First Nations warn humanity on Climate Change, War on Terror, Extraterrestrials, and Planet X

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by Thahoketoteh of Kanekota

  Planet X Orbit graphic
“Planet X” Orbit graphic. Reference:

The truth about the weather phenomena here on the 3rd stone from the sun has been obfuscated by the controllers of the mind. The biggest story on earth in 3600 years has been intentionally withheld from the people. AOL has recently released photos and a story about “Planet X” because soon everyone on earth will see the second sun and her planets coming in the sky, so they will no longer to be able to spin it for their advantage.

It is our binary twin and is where we come from.

The earth is now in a daily wobble, aligning her north pole first to “Planet X” and then to the sun, this is what is causing most of the weather abnormalities. Al Gore and his elite brethren have been feeding everyone a line of bull with the global warming scam. They show themselves as the serpents that they are. Soon everyone on earth will see the twin coming fast. A few years ago the privately owned NASA reportedly installed a multi million dollar telescope at the south pole (SPT), as it is the only place that this can be seen until the twin comes above the ecliptic plane. There have been a few champions for humanity who have gotten actual photos from the SPT and published them on the web.

The planets in our solar system will all change their orbits and alignments in the next few years, as they always do on this “natural cycle”. There will be a pole shift here on earth and many will not survive the cataclysm. This elite-driven “war on terror” was designed to continue their myth for the next 3600 years after the shift. They really do want to start a nuclear war or “Armageddon”, so that when the dust settles and the waters recede, they can blame the cataclysm on man, propagate a new myth and rule for the next 3600 years.

They have allegedly been building underground cities all across the globe for awhile now. They will try to secure all the guns and will come out and try to take control again.

The significance of this shift, is beyond their control as the minds of the people are also going through an evolution or “shift” to higher consciousness. We are evolving as a species on this shift. The Mayans call this the fifth sun and say it is the ethereal sun.




We are grateful to people who have tried to get this information out to the people in the last few years. I like this video as it’s creators are obviously schooled in astronomy and have done the math, VIDEO LINK

If you would like more information you can find it on the web. I have saved much information in my YouTube file, LINK under favourites, and I suggest you check out as much as you can.

Unity, Strength, Peace.



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Pagan Gnostics suggest Extraterrestrial operatives and not Muslim scapegoats orchestrate “terrorism”

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Is the War of Terrorism a Massive Hoax?

by John Stokes

  Planet Mars
Archons who instigate divisive wars and preside over Global Warming, seek to enslave humanity, and render Earth a destroyed planet like Mars.

Who are the “Archons”? ‘Archons’ as a term, is ancient.  Dr. John Lash has made voluminous documentation about Pagan Gnostic warmings to humanity about Manipulative Extraterrestrials Archons and their human operatives.  Throughout human history, the “Archons” have taken a variety of forms. These include the leadership of the Mongolian Hordes of Genghis Khan, as well as Julius Caesar’s Roman Empire; the Monarchs of colonial Europe who presided of the slave trade and other atrocities; and elites of Adolph’s Hitler’s Nazi Germany. Archons also take the form of leaders who have infiltrated religious organizations. These religious organizations pursue “riches”, while presenting fabricated messages which promise “salvation”, with obedience to their draconian authority systems. The latest and most dangerous incarnation of the Archons, preside over the “War on Terrorism”.

In contrast, “emissaries” have sought to countervail the self-destructive paths of the Archons. These “emissaries” have expressed themselves in part, through various spiritual and socio-political movements which seek to impart wisdom associated with messages of peace and social justice. These messages of peace from the “emissaries” include lovingkindness for each other, and living in harmony with the environment. These messages were imparted to groups which include Muslims, Jews, Christians who sought the original teachings of Jesus, Hindus as expressed, in part, by Ghandi, Buddhism à la the Dalai Lama, indigenous peoples in Canada and elsewhere; and broad social-ecological and other groups.

“Archons”, are parasitic entities against the human spirit, and they pursue insatiable power, which they can never satisfy, like a drug addict who pursues that elusive “high”. Archons express themselves in organized systems like capitalism, which they use to consolidate the pursuit of power among elites, relative to enslaved populations, which they control by fear, and by contrived tribalisms. These tribalisms include provoking inter-group racisms à la today’s Iraq, in which groups are so absorbed in a weakened state of alienation, fear and retribution against each other in a culture of violence, that they pose no threat to uniting against the Archons.

Archons seek to lure humanity away from wisdoms toward the affirmation of the quality-of-living associated with the teachings of the “Emissaries”, and into a path of self-absorbed, iniquitous, and divisive crass materialism, which spawns a culture of violence.

Archons seek insatiable power which can never be fulfilled

Historically, “Archons” have pursued an insatiable quest for power through an agenda of greed and exploitation. Within the context of their orchestrated “War on Terrorism” Archons use techniques of mass-deception, via psycho-political manipulation, reinforced by co-opted and compliant media and educational systems.

These techniques of mass-deception are used to blind “the masses”, so that humanity can be divided against itself. In so doing, Archons create contrived lines of “enmity”. Pivotal techniques of mass-deception include the creation of scapegoats which can be blamed for alleged provocations. For example, the Archons of Nazi Germany torched the Reichstag, then blamed “Jewish Communists” for the incident, just as the apparent Archons who preside over the so-called War on Terrorism have contrived “Muslims” as a scapegoat.

Mounting evidence on the “War against Terrorism”

Mounting evidence by independent research analysis suggests that unless the World Trade Center in Manhattan was literally made of dominos, it is impossible for a couple of planes to have brought it down. Learned academics have postulated that the World Trade Center could only have been brought down in the manner and speed that it was by a “controlled demolition”. In a corresponding vein, there were no “Weapons of Mass Destruction” in Iraq. Yet, that message was apparently fabricated to legitimate a war, which reportedly could only have been launched with years on pre-planning. Similarly, the launching of military operations against the “Taliban” in Afghanistan, which is a group created and run by Archons, is a further apparent cover-story — reinforced by mass-media operatives — toward the pursuit and accumulation of the oil riches in that region.

Pre-planned nuclear war against Iran as a result of destruction of “targeted” U.S. and Canadian cities

It is also apparent that the Archons have pre-planned a nuclear war against Iran, which can be triggered-off, no doubt, by another but much more devastating ‘Crime against Humanity’, than the World Trade Center. Such a more devastating Crime Against Humanity will possibly involve the destruction of whole cities which will falsely be linked to “Muslim groups funded by Iran”, that can be used to create a mass hysteria, in favour of a plan that is aimed at “nuking” Iran and its allies, in retaliation. Allies of Iran which include Russia, and China are apparently aware of a march toward pre-planned nuclear war, and they have been reportedly engaged in their military preparations for a forecasted nuclear showdown.

The Archons in Nazi Germany, for example, were famous for talking diplomacy, while preparing for the launch of military strikes in an agenda of military expansionism. Russia lost over 20 million of its citizens by a similar course of aggression that Nazi Archons pursued, and now apparently fully intends to retaliate against any attack in its perceived “Asian security zone”.

An Orwellian “North American Union” in 2010, as a sought prelude to a New World Order

Archons pursue a New World Order, and apparently hope that creating mass devastation in U.S. and Canadian cities will forge a “North American Union”, in which oil and other resource riches of Canada will be directed to further vanquishing Muslim and other “enemies” toward a New World Order presided by ‘Aryan’ elites.

Reports have circulated that Archons seek to establish a North American Union in 2010, alarmingly suggest that the Archons seek to execute a nuclear war against Iran by 2010. This further alarmingly suggests a “trigger incident” in Canadian and U.S. soil, which can be used to legitimate “nuking those groups which destroyed our cities”, and demands for rounding up Muslims, just as German citizens demanded Jews be rounded up in Nazi Germany.

The “War on Terrorism” bears the marks of the ideological fingerprints and hideous intelligence of Archon tacticians. Indeed, the “War of Terrorism” is advancing the conquest agenda of Archon fascists. Essentially ‘terrorism’ is being instigated by its benefactors.

As Nazi “Archons” sought to take over the world, Archons under the cover story of the “War on Terrorism”, and “Economic Globalization” have re-instituted their bid to take over the world.

The Archon infiltration of progressive western democracies including Canada and other societies

The Archons learned from their experience in World War II,that they had to infiltrate strategic institutions of the United States and its allies, in order to take over the world. Societies which include, for example, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Italy, and Germany, along with a slew of oppressive Third World regimes, are being governed by groups ideologically linked to U.S. led “Globalisationist” Archon groups.

Now, that the Archons have accomplished that goal that they have patiently pursued since the formal end of World War II, they seek to subjugate the Earth and its populations including Muslims, to Archon oppressive fascistic will.

Today’s Archon operatives

Today’s Archon operatives include a clique of corporate elites and “pseudo-intellectuals” who could most succinctly be described as ‘Nazi sympathizers’. These “Archon’ operatives view themselves to be descendants of ‘Aryans’, and they seek a “New World Order” in which the world will be “cleansed” of inferior races — including Muslims. Archon operatives belong to cliques that once provided money and industrial assistance to Nazi Germany. In the industrialized West, Archon operatives have cleverly sought to use Christianity to disguise a substantively “anti-Christ” ideology.

Humanity must wake up to its prospective self-destruction along with the Earth, in a similar vein as Mars

Humanity must liberate itself from its apparent capture by the Archons, and re-must embrace the wisdoms associated with the “Emissaries”. Otherwise, Humanity will inevitably destroy itself. The Archon mass-deception strategy that Iran poses some “threat”, is a similar mass-deception strategy that was a pre-cursor to the military subjugation of Iraq. Humanity MUST wake out of its stupor under Archon manipulation. Otherwise, humanity will face under an Archon military dictatorship which destroys Earth; as Mars had been destroyed. This is a prospective imminent future of globalized famine, never-ending military retributions, the spread of diseases associated with nuclear warfare.

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