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Howard Menger case illuminates Extraterrestrial infiltration of Earthbound Human institutions

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by Ed Komarek

  Howard Menger
Howard Menger.

I read a lot of contactee stories from the 1950’s when I first got interested in UFO/ET as a young man. I did not know what to make of these stories and just moved on. Now that I am much older and have quite a lot of experience under my belt I found myself rereading the book, From Outer Space by Howard Menger. As we all know these contactee stories were heavily debunked in the 1950’s and 1960’s and to a point where most mainstream UFO investigators to this day easily dismiss these cases of human extraterrestrial infiltration into our society. I believe this is a big mistake.

First, the very fact knowing what we know now about the propaganda campaign propagated against the public since the 1940’s ought to be cause enough to revisit these old cases. Second, in light of current knowledge of human Extraterrestrial encounter cases and possible meetings between human ET’s and Eisenhower in 195Os is another reason to take a good look at these old cases. Third, I have local contactee friends that have been providing me with stories for many years that are no different from these old contact cases.

The only difference between these newer local cases and the very public cases of the 1950’s is that the human ET’s seem to have changed tactics in light of resistance from earth humans as well as some other races that have been troubling them and us. Forth, this discussion of tight fitting ET flight suits having a slight glow with invisible pockets, a kind of small square image recording device that fits into the palm of the hand and projects a holographic image, electromagnetic propulsion systems, doors on craft that just open up and are invisible when not open, view screens etc. all compare well to what we know today about ET technology from crash retrievals.

This image recording device seems similar to the device that holds a ET history known as the Yellow Book. Something else I have not heard anywhere is that the ET men don’t have a problem with facial hair on their worlds but when on earth for awhile they have to shave. Menger remarked that on his moon trip is facial hair quit growing. What could be causing this effect I have no idea but it could be important.

From what I am hearing from my local contactee sources is that extensive contact and infiltration into earth human society has continued unabated since the 1940’s. What is different today from the 1950’s is that what once was a very overt infiltration has morphed and gone underground due to resistance from world military, economic and government elites. From what I am hearing is that the human ET’s intent to turn things around on earth has not wavered even though tactics have had to be modified so as to adapt to changing external conditions. It also seems that there continues to be a high turnover rate amongst individual ET’s with earth educated ET’s being constantly replaced with new recruits. I am speculating that there are two reasons for this, one being the stress involved, and the other being growing interest in earth affairs by more ET individuals and groups.

Howard Menger gives a very broad perspective on extraterrestrial humans and their relationship to earth’s indigenous people. He is saying that there are different human races living in parallel worlds around other planets, moons and the sun of our solar system as well as elsewhere about the universe. One of the main criticisms by the uninformed and sceptical is that the rest of the solar systems seems to be inhospitable to life at least complex life forms. But Menger makes it clear that these ET humans are living not in our dimension around the inhospitable planets, moons and sun, but in other hidden to us dimensions.

It looks to me that maybe what we have are habitable finite dimensional shells or zones around large accumulations of mass that are held together by some processes of gravitation and quantum entanglement.

I have heard of speculations by physicists that gravity is weak because it is holding together mass in other dimensions. Menger talks about being in orbit around the moon for 10 days according to his watch having his body adjusted on a molecular and atomic level before setting foot on a inhabited moon. This compares well to what some of the Rama folks in Peru have been saying since the 1970’s, that their human ET contacts go in and out of other dimensions even here on earth. There is some really interesting physics going on that physicists should be taking a good look at.

But Menger’s broad view is even broader and he says that his ET friends tell him that all these parallel worlds are connected and that souls transmigrate between these different parallel worlds. He is talking about this way back in the 1950’s and in a big way on the Long John Nebel radio show that reached millions of people just as George Norey and Art Bell do today.

While we can see from cases like the 1958 Fontes Briefing that the military was freaking out about a ongoing alien invasion and trying to shoot down craft and mostly getting shot down themselves in the process, while Howard is helping his human ET friends infiltrate into earth society. He is cutting their hair, getting them earth clothes, briefing them on local ever-changing language, going about helping them install transceivers about the country that have a range about 25 miles to monitor earth humans etc. He says his ET’s are vegetarians, the men don’t like having their shoulder length hair cut off and the ET women can’t stand bras. The only time he knew them to be really upset and angry was when they themselves were being infiltrated both by earth humans and it seems at least one other ET race causing them and their contactees a lot of trouble.

In fact a contactee friend of mine believes that things have only gotten worse over the years with some troublesome ET’s and that this friend thinks a ET war may be brewing. Other than that the human ET’s are keeping a lower profile, not much has changed in regard to their activities and their long range plans of earth humanity.

My friend said that a mutual contactee friend even got clothes for his ET’s so they could walk around Walmart and feel and touch things. Another contactee that I know about says he calls some ET’s stupid ET’s because they have had to ask about simple things like what is Christmas? Its obvious that many ET humans are still dropping in cold turkey without going through any formal courses on earth affairs. What does seem to have changed is that human ET’s now favor involvement and infiltration with lower economic social classes because when people talk it won’t be taken seriously causing them security problems. Social class divisions restrict information flow to the military and economic elite that give the ET’s trouble.

Its even kind of funny in that all this infiltration and interaction with earth humans is happening right under the military’s arrogant noses, right around their military bases where they engage in cat and mouse games with ET craft and have their Blue Beret Teams stationed. It seems that our military has all this hard power just as Fulford claims but little soft power.

The U.S. political-military-industrial complex is enamoured with technology and it is getting us into no end of trouble even in terrestrial affairs. This all makes our military and intelligence community look like the Keystone Cops when compared against the ET military and intelligence community. America’s terrestrial HUMIT intelligence is pretty bad but it would seem that extraterrestrial HUMIT intelligence is even worse. Those of us that have taken the trouble to become informed have seen plenty of cases of human ET’s involved in earth affairs, so all this infiltration should come as no surprise.

Even Bob Dean has commented that the military brass at NATO were very upset at these human ET’s that look just like us infiltrating our planet. Its obvious from the Fontes Briefing, The Three Star General Report and other cases that the military was very paranoid about this in the 1950’s and 1960’s with a reactionary faction of the military even today just as paranoid, dangerous and delusional. This mentality about shooting first and asking questions later is pretty dangerous and stupid if you ask me.

I thought Menger was quite clear about the motives of his ET friends and that it was in their and our self interest to turn things around on earth. In light of the much bigger picture of soul migration and the interconnectiveness of these parallel dimensional worlds this makes since. It would seem that earth human devolution is harming others in the cosmic neighbourhood in ways that are difficult for us to understand and the celestial humans are determined to get things straightened out here even if they have to fight us and other troublesome ET’s in the process.

In fact other UFO investigators are beginning to comment that there are just too many crashes for it to just be due to equipment malfunction. Not only are earth forces still fighting with some ET groups but ET groups seem to be fighting amongst themselves not only around earth but on a much wider universal scope.

Why should we think conflict ends with us when we see conflicts between predators and prey all through the natural world. If the world’s military and economic elite would just observe more and act less, things would be better for everybody concerned. But no, earth humans have to make it hard not just on themselves but on everybody else as well. So what is new? The immensity and reality of the situation is just mind boggling for anybody who tries to get a handle on it both inside and outside of government. As usual our worst enemy is ourselves!

About the writer:

Ed Komarek is an investigative research on UFOs and Extraterrestrials. Check out his blog: LINK


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To escape self-destruction Humanity must liberate itself from Manipulative Extraterrestrial ruses

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by Sue Bertrand

  Carlo Crivelli's Annunciation
Carlo Crivelli’s “Annunciation,” 1486. A UFO-like object in the sky shines a beam of some kind down on Mary’s head.

Humanity apparently has the power to heal itself and others. That is reminiscent of references that were made of Jesus in historical documents. Humanity also, for example, has the power in itself to eradicate poverty, racism, sexism, and other bigotries. It is also within humanity’s power to leave behind a culture of violence, and never ending wars, that is now pivotally symbolized in the so-called “War on Terrorism’. Humanity can also begin to substantively reverse the course of Global Warming and accompanying ‘climate change’, along with other environmental destruction, which threaten to create a “tipping point” toward catastrophic results.

The typical human being. would prefer a milieu of peace, that is free of a culture of violence, accompanying oppression, social injustice, and environmental catastrophes. By allowing the follies of Manipulative Extraterrestrials to enter into human consciousness, human beings deny themselves from being able to create a milieu which affirms their quality-of-survival, and accompanying Human Development.

The ancient Gnostics understood this threat to humanity, and sought to warn other human beings through Biblical texts. The problem is that these texts, were apparently censored by willing human agents (inclusive of religious cult elites) of the same Manipulative Extraterrestrials whom the Gnostics apparently sought to warn Humanity, as suggested by various researchers. The foremost of these researchers include John Lash, in association with the Marion Institute.

Gnostics disciples of Jesus specifically warned of a threat from the sky by Manipulative Extraterrestrials that were inorganic but living beings from a physical Hell. Indeed, the Bible itself in pre-translated forms, as presented by Biblical scholars, actually contains specific warnings against these apparent Manipulative Extraterrestrials, who have apparently sought to control, exploit and oppress humanity, through mass-deception. However, translated forms of the Bible, including the notable King James Version, presumably directed by these reported manipulative entities, excluded the explicit warnings. This had been documented in The Canadian National Newspaper article entitled, Ancient Gnostic disciples of Jesus reveal reasons for Extraterrestrial Denial in Western society: LINK

For example, Ephesians 6:12 in the King James Version of the Bible, used as a basis for more modern translations stipulates “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” In sharp contrast a direct uncensored translation from Greek according to Biblical scholars indicates the following “For our struggle is not against [human beings], but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual [dark forces] of wickedness in outer space.” – Ephesians 6:12 [the uncensored citation]

Human agents, allow Manipulative Extraterrestrials to subvert the human psyche, by cultivating a context of greed, which Manipulative Extraterrestrials survive in, and then use to invade this temporal universe. Once human beings allow a context of greed to enter into the human psyche, Manipulative Extraterrestrials can then physically manifest themselves into this temporal universe, in an effort to enslave humanity, and extract Earth resources, to further seek to conquer other planets.

Manipulative Extraterrestrials can then use a context of greed, to create a broadened context of induced self-deception. The induced context of self-deception, undermines and distorts the ability of human beings to act in a rational way, that affirms their own quality-of-life. Examples of such “clouded” decision-making include human beings who take narcotics or smoke cigarettes in spite of knowing the adverse consequences of their actions on their own health, and on the health of others. Other examples include human beings who forgo actions which would affirm their quality-of-living.

A context of deception can then be used to frustrate humanity from being able to obtain a milieu of peace, and other conditions which humanity ideally needs, as to facilitate its creative and mutualistic development. Manipulative Extraterrestrials can then use their access to superior technologies to leak technologies to humanity (via willing human minions), that can be used in turn to control humanity. Those leaks extend from military hardware to other “conveniences” of modern society, that support ego-driven fantasies of power and ensuing self-delusions of grandeur, and that will head materialistically enslaved humans into wanting more and more of the finer things of “progress”.

As this process occurs, Manipulative Extraterrestrials then apparently seek to use the human being’s own dysfunctional tendencies that are associated with greed, undermine and then break down social structures, so as to continue the apparent goal of the Manipulative Extraterrestrials, to oppress, subjugate and conquer.

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Researchers which include John Lash in association with the Marion Institute, further indicate that the Gnostics revealed that repression of sexuality through the dogma of organized religions, has been a part of the techniques that Manipulative Extraterrestrials have used against the organic foundations of human consciousness, in the context of their desire to break down the unifying organic vitality of social structures.

Humans beings must spiritually awaken themselves from the greed-driven vices of their own self-destruction, in order to save themselves, from its apparent on-going manipulated immersion into a path of human self-destruction.