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Roper organization suggests large segment of the U.S. population have been abducted

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by Geraldo Fuentes

In the typical "alien abduction," the victim is paralyzed by some unknown force, taken to a small circular room, and then examined and probed by a number of large-eyed, gray skinned, hairless, short creatures. Tissues and cells are sampled and subcutaneous implants are often installed. Special attention is focused on the genitals and rectum. This involuntary examination is often supervised by a larger non-human creature, sometimes described as female. The abductees are then returned to their beds or automobiles and awake with no memories of the encounter. If they notice anything at all, it is usually that some time has mysteriously passed.

This abduction story has been described by hundreds of people who have been placed under hypnosis by psychiatrists, psychologists and other therapists. Victims come from all corners of the globe and from every age, gender and race. For every abductee whose recollection has been liberated in therapy, there are many more who remain totally unaware of their routine encounter with aliens.

The amnesia induced by aliens is highly effective, but it comes at a price. Horrific memories can eventually emerge in vivid dreams. In fact, many victims recall being told that they will remember the abduction as "just a dream." Even with effective amnesia of the events, as this paper will show, abductees have other symptoms that can betray their unusual experiences.

John Mack, M.D., a Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School is familiar with these symptoms. His careful documentation of abductees began with his clinical exposure to what is today known as Post-traumatic Stress Disorder. This collection of symptoms can vary from strange nightmares, in which vignettes of the abduction are remembered, to full-blown and detailed recollections of the entire examination. This delayed recollection of painful memories was first seen in Vietnam veterans who repressed gruesome memories of death and the carnage of war. Abductees differ in that their memories are of personal suffering which, in many circumstances, is ongoing.

A helpful treatment for Post-traumatic Stress is the effective release of these pent-up memories through hypnosis. Dr. Mack utilized this technique almost a decade ago when patients began to seek treatment for strange, frightening dreams of big-eyed monsters, involuntary physical examinations and large chunks of forgotten time. Under hypnosis, many different patients recalled similar abduction events in great detail. Dr. Mack's patients were not faking their memories, nor did they want to believe in aliens. These first patients described their experiences long before the media made abduction stories a source of entertainment. Most just wanted relief from the nightmares and some explanation of the odd images that terrified them or made them feel "crazy." Regression therapy for abductees, like Vietnam veterans, provided some relief.

With the passing of time, an increasing number of adults were being referred to Dr. Mack by therapists who felt uncomfortable with the stories that were being recalled in therapy. It seemed clear that a growing number of Americans had been periodically abducted and examined by someone or some-"thing," and that it had been going on since their childhood. Robert Bigelow, a pioneer with Dr. Mack, was documenting the abductee phenomenon. He was curious to know exactly who the "typical" victims of this dangerous research were, and why they were chosen.

The Roper Organization

The American population is vast. With about 350 million people in the last official census, this "melting pot" contains so many races, cultures, ages and economic strata, that it is a major undertaking to find any common denominator with a traditional random sample.

When a big company, like Coca-Cola or Proctor and Gamble, decides to market a new product, the company seeks the views of the "average American" and designs its product and marketing strategies to have the widest popular appeal. A random survey is not reliable enough when millions, or billions, of dollars hang on the success of accurately reading the minds of the American populous. That's why large companies often look to The Roper Organization.

Based in New York City, The Roper Organization spends more time deciding from whom they will solicit opinions than they do asking the questions on their nation wide Limobus(TM) survey. Their demographics go far beyond the random selections based on age and gender. Roper's sample populations contain the precise percentages of each ethnic group, political affiliation and education level as is reflected in the most recent census data. From a relatively small sample, The Roper Organization can determine the preferences of hundreds of millions of American individuals. Also, their data base can often reveal subtle psychological factors that not only tell a marketer not if his product has appeal, but why.

The Limobus survey can contain hundreds of questions from a variety of companies. Subjects in their special populations are asked about their laundry, their musical tastes, their food preferences-- all mixed together with no clue as to the purpose or intent of the inquiries.

Beginning in 1992, Robert Bigelow, and an anonymous financial partner, formed The Bigelow Holding Company and inserted their own special questions in three separate Limobus surveys to learn both the number and character of alien abductees in America.

The Limobus survey questions

Since most successful abductions involve amnesia, Bigelow realized that he couldn't just ask subjects if they had been abducted by aliens. Also, since the questions would be asked in person, by an examiner, he doubted that anyone would want to admit to such an inquiry for fear of being labeled "crazy." But Bigelow knew that abductees, even before their memories were released, had certain events that they remembered and were likely to admit. These events were not shared by non-abductees.

He worked with abduction therapists to carefully craft a list of "positive indicators" and these questions were intermixed with inquiries about the scent of laundry soap, the preferred sweetness of ketchup and a number of other inquiries in three Limobus surveys.

Pre-testing the indicators had assured Bigelow and his team that they could discriminate between true victims of alien abduction and non-abductees with over-active imaginations. Positive responses to specific questions would definitely indicate an abduction had occurred. The test also had built-in questions to detect fraud. For example, a positive response to "Do you remember seeing or hearing the word TRONDANT (a word Bigelow had made up) and knowing it has a special significance to you?" would automatically eliminate the subject from consideration, regardless of other indicators.

The surprising results

The results of the Roper survey took them by surprise. The report was published and confidentially distributed to every member of The American Psychiatric Association. Thereafter it made its way to clinical psychologists and other therapists dealing with post-traumatic disorders.

 Roper's representative American sample of about 6000 adults (with a sampling error of 1.4 percent!) showed that one out of every 50 people met the profile of an abductee. This figure suggests that about 33,000,000 individuals had been abducted in America. A closer look at these specific profiles showed that these people were not "average" at all.

Who is being abducted?

The Roper Organization's previous statistics showed that about one percent of all American adults could be placed into a category they termed "influentials." Influentials were adults, ages 35 to 45, who had higher than average incomes and held positions of political or social authority. They were "trend setters," defining morality and public policy. They were leaders rather than followers. Roper surveys regularly focused on this group for a variety of clients who valued their opinions. The new survey results showed that a surprisingly large number of these "trend setters" seemed to have been abducted.


While the details of the abductee profile are best left undefined for the purposes of future diagnosis and treatment of post-traumatic syndrome, the Roper analysis showed the following positive responses to be unique:

  • Do you remember ever seeing a ghost?
  • Do you remember feeling as if you left your body?
  • Do you remember seeing a UFO?
  • Do you remember waking up paralyzed with a sense of a strange person or presence or something else in the room?
  • Do you remember feeling that you were actually flying through the air although you didn't know how or why?
  • Do you remember having seen unusual lights or balls of light in a room without knowing what was causing them?
  • Do you remember having seen, either as a child or adult, a terrifying figure-- which might have been a monster, a witch, a devil, or some other evil figure-- in your bedroom or closet or somewhere else?
  • Do you remember experiencing a period of time, an hour or more, in which you were lost, but could not remember why or where?
  • Do you remember having vivid dreams about UFO?
  •   Do you remember finding puzzling scars on your body and neither you nor anyone else remembering how you received them or where you got them?




Certain types of scars or blemishes can follow an abduction.

 (Right) A "scoop" in skin, A, appears as a non red depression and is often adjacent to a hard subcutaneous bump, B.(Ruler shows centimeters.)



The conclusions of The Roper Organization

"The Roper Organization's research on behalf of Bigelow Holding Company produced results that were unexpected by Bigelow Holding Company; chiefly because the number of people reporting occurrences of items on the list far exceeded what was anticipated, and also because the answers cut across most demographic subgroups... It is clear that significant numbers of people do report that these unusual events occurred, independent of any factors in the survey that might increase responses." [Copies of the report, Unusual Personal Experiences, may be available through The Roper Organization, 205 East 42nd Street, New York, NY 10017]

Why are abduction taking place?

The report suggested that abductees were selected across gender and ethnic lines, with a larger number than expected falling into the "influential" group. The preference for people with higher education and social awareness may be coincidental, or it may reflect a concerted effort to examine the genetic potentials of these human characteristics.

The larger than anticipated number of Americans who fit the abductee profile is difficult to understand. For this figure (33 million) to be true, the frequency of abductions taking place would surely have resulted in more conspicuous activity on the part of the "abductors." We would expect that there would be more witnesses to these abductions. However, if this activity is being conducted by a non-human, superior life form, then its methods of covert action might escape detection.

The focus of attention on skin samples and reproductive organs seems to suggest an interest in human anatomy and reproduction. If the examinations are for the benefit of the human species, the methods of involuntary intrusion and the subesequent post-trauamtic stress that many victims report, is suspicious. The effort to produce amnesia is largely successful, as this study has shown. This could support a theory that the abductors have a more comprehensive understanding of our minds than we have of ourselves. It could also indicate a genuine consideration for our well-being, similar to our use of tranquilizers when examining endangered animal species. It could well be that the abductors have a similar mission with our species.

Therapy for abductees

Abductees generally suffer from both a physical violation (similar to being raped) and psychological isolation that results from being afraid to admit-- even to themselves-- the validity of their abduction memories. This is further complicated by the reality that these events are likely to continue into the future. Dr. Mack and other therapists believe that it is important that therapists do not consider recollections of alien abductions as "crazy." He suggests that successful therapy for victims of this terrifying experience requires that repressed memories be acknowledged and accepted as true, regardless of the personal belief (or disbelief) of their therapists. Patients seem to be able to recover some sense of control over their lives when these disclosures are allowed valid expression.

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Texas witness relates traumatic abduction

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by Roger Marsh

A Texas man related his abduction experience to a friend after a traumatic 15-minute experience on February 8, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) database.

The experiencing witness reports that he was crossing a field between 11 and 11:30 p.m. on his way home when he felt the presence of a UFO and became paralyzed.

He experienced a weightless feeling and then an examination.

When he was returned, he found himself “standing, his arms outstretched, looking up at the sky.”

The following is the unedited and as yet uninvestigated report filed with MUFON. Please keep in mind that most UFO reports can be explained as something natural or manmade. If Texas MUFON investigates and reports back on this case, I will release an update.

TX, February 8, 2010 – Man relates to me his abduction. MUFON Case # 22196.

I met this gentleman for the first time, well over a year ago. I was in my front yard with a telescope, upon seeing him I asked him to have a look.

The next time I see him he relates this story to me. This happened to him in Athens Texas. At the time we spoke February 18, 2010, the event had just happened approximately ten days earlier. The time of the abduction was 11:00 or 11:30 pm.

He was shaking and had goose bumps covering his arms as he was telling me his story. I reported this abduction to another web site but did such a botched job, I felt I had to file it again.

Subject got out of a car he was riding in with friends. He was going to walk across a field surrounded by woods to an apartment complex. His reason for not going directly to the apartments was that he did not want someone at the apartments to see him with his friends.

As he was crossing the wooded area heading to the field he felt a presents above him. Some how he knew it was a ufo without looking. He started running through the woods to escape. This is when he heard a twitching noise in the bushes in front of him.

He turned and ran in a different direction but no mater which way he turned he would hear the same noises ahead. The noises keep him running in a circle. Then he became paralyzed and could only move in a jerking motion and fell to his knees.

At this time God told him not to open his eyes.

He became weightless for a few moments. Next he was examined with some device that he called a scanner. As it was moved around his head he could hear a buzzing sound similar to a radio being tuned across the band. This devise made his hair stand up as it was moved over his head.

As he was relating this to me he was holding both sides of his head as if he were in pain. While in the craft he hears someone say, he is still alive. Then hears someone one else say, I need a transfer then a string of numbers. For some reason he felt that these numbers were very important and related to me that he wished that he could be hypnotized to reveal the sequence.

The duration of the time he was abducted was approximately fifteen minuets. He told me that he cried so much that his shirt was soaking wet. The event was so traumatic that he prayed to God that if he made it through the ordeal that he would give his life to God.

When he was returned he was standing, his arms outstretched, looking up at the sky. The condition of the sky before the abduction was cloudy, after his return no clouds with the stars clearly visible.

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Human-like ufonauts reported in many countries

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 by Scott Corrales

Some early UFO cases involving occupants, such as those in the ’50s and ’60s, involved more often than not creatures that resembled human beings in most respects. The more notorious “contactee” experiences provided a wealth of god-like, fair-haired saucernauts claiming to be our kindly elder brothers from outer space, visiting Earth to show us the error of our ways.
In the Grey-and-Reptoid-haunted 1980’s, 1990’s, and today, it is almost heretical to suggest that any other possible form of occupant can emerge from a UFO. But human ufonauts remain an intriguing part of the picture, and their very existence has suggested very disturbing possibilities to certain investigators.
In 1967, South American UFO researcher Luis Anglada Font, an ex-WW II fighter pilot and former intelligence operative, published a well-written compilation of U.S. and European cases entitled “La Realidad Ovni Atraves de los Siglos” (“UFOs Throughout the Centuries”), in which he turned his military man’s eye upon a problem that distressed him greatly: he had no doubt as to the fact that UFOs and their occupants were real, but what was to be made of the humans who are often seen aboard UFOs or involved in some sort of activity with the ufonauts?
Anglada stated in his book: “They come to our planet from satellites forming a stepladder in space, stealthily-with some exceptions-covering the Earth at amazing speeds….I get the impression that they know us better than we think, and I believe that they have a ‘fifth column’ that moves among us, and this is one of the factors that concerns me.”

What exactly is a “fifth column”? Simply stated, it is any group that secretly sympathizes with an enemy, aiding and abetting their cause in ways that range from espionage to terrorism. Anglada’s thesis was that UFOs were far from being sanguine, and that their ultimate goal was the subversion of humankind, although perhaps by not as blunt a method as outright hostility. This group of underminers would be humans in league with the ufonauts and sympathetic to their ultimate aims.

We know more about the phenomenon than we did back in 1967, to be sure, and the paragraph from Anglada’s book could easily be dismissed as cold war paranoia. Certainly, even Dr. Olavo Fontes, APROs Brazilian consultant and the key researcher of the Villas-Boas case, believed in a “military” objective to UFO activity, regarding the infamous attack on the Itaipu garrison (1965) as the opening round in a massive UFO invasion of Northern Brazil1.

But in 1989, Spanish UFO investigator J.J. Ben¡tez investigated a case which took place in the south of Spain involving the materialization of two large, brilliant figures that turned into human beings before the eyes of frightened teenagers. The “humans” were a male and female, dressed in street clothes appropriate for the time and place. They calmly walked along the beach and vanished into a crowd, while a UFO display filled the heavens above. The witnesses stuck around to see them return hours later, capturing with a Super-8 camera their unusual manner of walking2. The trail of footprints left by the male and female led straight into the water.

The incident caused the researcher to give his book, in which this case was featured, an ironic name: La Quinta Columna (The Fifth Column). The evidence presented by Luis Anglada in his argument was based on the mysterious disappearances of humans and “breeding experiments,” such as those in the Villas-Boas case.

Humans were being abducted in order to breed an “invasion force” that would be human and acclimated to the alien’s home planet. He suggested that not all the force would consist of conscripts-some would be youthful volunteers, who, attracted by the prospect of adventure, would choose to throw their lot in with the ufonauts.

Despite the “space opera” ring that such a claim leaves in our ears, the truth is that humans have been reported in some landmark cases. In September, 1972, a driver near the town of Palenque in the Dominican Republic was flagged down by a trio of aliens in grey form-fitting uniforms and with lemon-hued skins. An egg-shaped UFO was in the background, and the driver became understandably concerned for his safety.

One of the aliens approached him and engaged him in perfect Spanish, telling him that he had once been as human as he was, having been rescued by the aliens from nearly drowning in the high seas ten years previously. His human name had been Freddy Miller, and he had successfully adapted to living on the aliens’ homeworld.

Jacques Vallee mentions a case in his book Dimensions which occurred in Temple, OK, in 1966. A flight instructor saw a brilliant machine parked on a shoulder on the interstate, got out of his car to take a snapshot of it, and noticed a “man in military fatigues…a plain old G.I. mechanic”carrying out repairs on the wingless, tapered fuselage. It had no visible means of propulsion, yet it took off vertically at an astounding speed.3

Spanish researcher Ben¡tez mentions another roadside encounter, this one in November of 1974 outside Huesca, Spain. It involved a couple who stopped their car to have a bizarre conversation with a pointy-faced, all-too-human ufonaut, who asked a surprising question of the motorists: could they lend him a monkey wrench? A semi-spherical UFO with alternating red, yellow, and white lights hovered in the background, and the driver wondered what good would a wrench do aboard such a vehicle. The ufonaut introduced himself as the former “Dr. Flor, from Barcelona.”

In 1980, private plane owner Jos Antonio Pagan disappeared while flying from Santo Domingo to Puerto Rico. He sent out a frantic mayday in the darkness: his plane was being dragged off course by a “weird light.” A Boeing 747 belonging to the Spanish airline IBERIA heard the mayday, and relayed his descriptions to the FAA headquarters in San Juan, P.R., until Pagan finally vanished.

Months later, his mother reportedly saw Jos Antonio in a vision one afternoon: he was wearing a metallic green uniform with black metal boots, and told her that he had joined the “extraterrestrials” in their mission and was quite safe and very happy with his new life.

Perhaps even more alarming is a case investigated by Spanish researcher Manuel Carballal. According to the testimony of a number of witnesses, a young man who identified himself as Frederick Valentich, the Australian pilot who disappeared mysteriously in 1978, was alive and well in 1990 at Plaza del Charco, a seaport square on the island of Tenerife in the Canary Islands.

Displaying an Australian passport to prove his claim, Valentich told those with whom he spoke on several occasions that he now belonged to a group of humans who had been “recruited” by extraterrestrials. It is also worth noting that the supposed Valentich showed no signs of aging, and resembled the photos circulated around the time of his disappearance at the age of 20.

A group of nine Puerto Rican UFO watchers ascended to the heights of El Yunque Rainforest in October 1974 in hopes of seeing the elusive phenomenon. The singular experience they had on the evening in question, however, took place at ground level.

Heriberto Ramos, a researcher and the group’s leader, recently stated in a radio interview that at the time of their overnight stay in the jungle peak, there were no commercially available flashlights that would last an entire evening, so the group’s lighting issued from an ingenious PVC tube containing an auto headlight and a car battery. As the hopeful saucer watchers ascended the trail, they were surprised to see three human beings coming down from the mountain top in their direction.

The three humans-two males and a female-had an uncanny resemblance to one another and were clad in nondescript uniforms. There appeared to be nothing “alien” about the threesome, who spoke Spanish and claimed to be from a local community, until one of the group members noticed a puzzling detail-the uniformed trio were utilizing an improvised lighting source that resembled their own in every respect.

Photos taken of the trio revealed haze-shrouded images upon being developed. Their images, however, could be made out clearly on infrared film. This peculiarity, Ramos reasoned, was probably the reason that the pictures and other UFO related materials were stolen from his office by unknown interests.

There are many more cases in which humans-not humanoids or human-looking aliens-have been seen operating in conjunction with clearly nonhuman types, ranging from “Greys” to tall, god-like blonds. Although his argument was couched in military terms, could there be the slightest bit of validity to Luis Anglada’s fears of a “fifth column”?

The answer is a cautious “yes.” Charles Fort toyed with the notion of “certain esoteric ones” being in contact with nonhuman forces since the dawn of history in the pages of his Book of the Damned.

Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier suggested the existence of the “Nine Unknown Men” in their Le Matin de Magiciens, who would be beings of our own world in contact with higher powers. Could some of the human “crewmembers” be the descendants of those who were forcibly abducted in the past?

There is an extensive tradition of people who were kidnapped “from above” in human history-Elijah; Romulus, the founder of Rome; and a host of unnamed ones-combined with the many thousands that disappear every year without a trace4. If these alien-born humans have the power, obviously, to return to Earth, what keeps them from staying? Perhaps they fear the reprisals of their alien masters, or the loss of certain faculties (“powers,” so to speak) that they may have developed or acquired on other worlds. Perhaps they have been thoroughly “brainwashed” and no longer see Earthbound humanity as kin.

Anglada offers a more ominous possibility: these UFO-related humans (as well as the “offspring” of our contemporary abductees, resulting from the breeding experiments to which they are allegedly subjected) could well be our replacements on this planet, after our own race is annihilated either by design or accident. In his militaristic scenario, these hybrid humans would be returned to Earth as our overlords or taskmasters: much more alien than human in custom, training and choice.

The genetic experiments being visited upon unsuspecting humans worldwide (the Mirassol case in Brazil, for instance) reinforce the above mentioned possibility. But what do the very human collaborators stand to benefit from it all? Power, influence or status in the real “new world order”? It remains anyone’s guess.

Editor’s Note

Among the interesting cases noted in this article is that of Frederick Valentich, 20, who disappeared Oct. 21, 1978, while piloting a single-engine Cessna 182 aircraft between Victoria, Australia, and King Island (across the Bass Strait). Following are the pertinent details of the case, which features a sighting, engine malfunction, and radio failure.Endnotes:

1 Lorenzen, Jim and Coral. Flying Saucers: The Startling Evidence Of The Invasion From Outer Space, New York: Signet, 1962.4 Gaston, Patrice. Disparitions Mysterieuses. Paris: Editions, Robert Laffont, 1973.

Editorial reference: LINK

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2 Ben¡tez, J.J. La Quinta Columna, Barcelona: Planeta, 1990.

3 Vallee, Jacques. Dimensions: A Casebook of Alien Contact, New York: Ballantine Books, 1987. p. 233-234.

Just after 7 p.m. Valentich radioed Melbourne Air Flight Service (MAFS):

Valentich: “Is there any known traffic in my area below 5,000 feet?”

MAFS: “Negative. No known traffic.”

Valentich: “Seems to be a large aircraft below 5,000 feet.”

MAFS: “What type of aircraft?”

Valentich: I cannot confirm. It has four bright lights that appear to be landing lights…aircraft has just passed over me about 1,000 feet above.”

MAFS: “Is large aircraft confirmed?”

Valentich: “Affirmative; at the speed it is traveling are there any RAAF [Royal Australian Air Force] aircraft in the vicinity?”

MAFS: “Negative. What is your altitude?”

Valentich: “4,500 feet.”

MAFS: “Conirm you cannot identify aircraft?”

Valentich: “Affirmative.”

Three minutes later, Valentich again contacts MAFS:

Valentich: “Aircraft…It’s not an aircraft. It’s” [break in transmission.]

MAFS: “Can you describe aircraft?”

Valentich: “It’s flying past. It has a long shape. Cannot identify more than that…coming for me right now. It seems to be stationary. I’m orbiting, and the thing is orbiting on top of me. It has a green light and sort of metallic light on the outside.”

He then reported that the object had vanished.

MAFS: “Confirm it has vanished?”

Valentich: “Affirmative. Do you know what sort of aircraft I’ve got? Is it military?”

MAFS: “No military traffic in the area.”

At 7:12 p.m. Valentich reported, “Engine is rough idling and coughing.”

MAFS: “What are your intentions?”

Valentich: “Proceeding King Island. Unknown aircraft now hovering on top of me.”

MAFS: “Acknowledge.”

Valentich: “Delta Sierra Juliet [Valentich’s call sign] Melbourne…”

This final transmission was followed by 17 seconds of a loud metallic sound. An extensive search of Bass Strait failed to turn up any trace of Vallenich or the aircraft. There were a number of UFO sightings reported on that date, at least 15 of which have remained unexplained. There had also been several reports earlier in the year.

In 1944 a Beufort bomber crew reported a “dark shadow” flying within 100 feet of their plane for 18 to 20 minutes, causing radio and ADF malfunction before zooming away at three times the speed of the bomber.

Reference: LINK

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Oklahoma witness reports UFO and EBE

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Edited by Albert Rosales

Location. Hugo, Oklahoma
Date: December 12 2009
Time: 4:00 pm

The witness mother was sitting on the living room couch talking with her husband and her 8-year old son was in the front yard when she saw flickers of an orange glow reflecting off a box on the porch, through the living room window.

She opened the door to see what it was when she saw her son standing past the end of the east side of the house, staring at the porch. She asked him what he was doing and what was going on. He walked quickly over to her and proceeded to tell her what he saw. He was crying and shaking and very scared. He said he saw a dark figure with really big, dark eyes, with an orange glow all around it. He said it looked like it was floating just a little off the ground, came from behind her car and went next to the house and turned and looked at him. He said it then floated higher, and was about the height of the Christmas lights hanging on the porch. He said it looked at him. He slightly turned his head and closed his eyes briefly because he was scared. When he looked back it was gone. He said whatever he saw was about as tall as he is (about 4 feet).

He said he couldn’t see its legs and its arms appeared to be straight down beside its body. He said its face was very dark and its eyes were really big and a slightly different colour than the face. He said it glowed all around it.

The mother estimated that her son had been 40 to 50 feet from the entity, given where he was and where he said he saw it. They have dogs in the back, but they did not bark at all. However when she called her husband out to tell him what happened and to look for it, her small house dog came out and immediately started smelling the ground where her son said the entity had been floating.

Source: NUFORC

internet site reference:  LINK

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Understanding Earth’s problems requires appreciating forces from outer space

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The Global Crisis, the quest for Empire and Extraterrestrials

by Come Carpentier de Gourdon [Excerpted]


 In the course of the last decades a growing body of evidence, compiled by a number of researchers, suggests that a very large and critically sensitive covert endeavour to understand, “reverse engineer” and harness technologies and processes possessed by extraterrestrial or alter-dimensional beings has been undertaken under the auspices of elite-driven interests.

Come Carpentier reviews some of the facts that point to this largely hidden reality on the basis of some recent books, including Michael Salla’s latest work: “The Challenge of Exopolitics”.

The Thesis

In recent years a few books have presented various facets of a hitherto largely ignored reality that seems to intrude into every aspect of our lives. I refer to the increasing likelihood that the forces at play beneath the spiritual, ecological, social, political and economic crisis that befalls us are hidden from view and remain inscrutable from a conventional rational perspective. If this exordium is mystifying, the best way to clarify what I am pointing at is to mention the titles of the books that I will use as beacons in this exposition. One is Dr. Michael Salla’s Exposing Government Policies on ET Life – The Challenge of Exopolitics (2009), another is Richard M Dolan’s UFOs and the National Security State – An Unclassified History (Vol. I- 2002), another yet is Prof. Peter Dale Scott’s Drugs, Oil and War (2003) about “Deep Politics.” I also have in mind John Perkins’s  Confessions of an Economic Hitman (2004) and Timothy Good’s Need to Know: UFOs, the Military and Intelligence, Jim Marrs’ The Alien Agenda  (1997) as well as Dr. Steven Greer’s  Hidden Truth, Forbidden Knowledge (2006), Dan Sherman’s Above Black – Project Preserve Destiny (1997) and Paola L. Harris’s various works, including the latest entitled  Exopolitics: All of the Above  (2009).

A special mention must be made of the cryptic and prophetic writing entitled Behold a Pale Horse, authored in 1991 by the late Milton William Cooper, a former Naval Intelligence Officer at the US Pacific Fleet Command, a seminal work.

In a nutshell, the theme or at least the proposition that underlies those books and connects them is that there is a secret world (or quasi-global) government which is by definition neither democratically elected nor publicly accountable, and which may have been able to connect with or tap into forces that are at least partly non-human and possibly originate outside our planet.

Though not all the cited books make the latter allegation, which some authors such as John Perkins or Peter Dale Scott may not agree with, they all bring various pieces to the puzzle we are trying to construct – or unravel, and all demonstrate and conclude that the global socio-political and “scientific” reality is not what most people are taught and subsequently believe it is.

What are, in brief, the elements of proof or the indications which lead us toward that stunning and yet not unprecedented conclusion?

1. Many authors, even among those of relatively conservative persuasion, have shown or acknowledged what Nafeez M. Ahmed calls “the increasing criminalization of the state” at the global level, but particularly applying to the most powerful or leading states, beginning with the “sole superpower” and its closest allies: the UK, Israel and other NATO members.

Ahmed asks in the same article entitled “Torture, Rendition, Terror and Oil: a Primer on Deep Politics”: “In the service of what powerful vested interests are states acting in this increasingly criminal manner?” and provides in response the definition coined by Peter D. Scott for “deep politics”: “(a system) in which institutional, non-institutional and para-political bodies, criminal syndicates, politicians, judges, media, corporations and leading government employees, resort to decision-making and enforcement procedures outside…law and society.

What makes these supplementary procedures “deep” is the fact that they are covert or suppressed, outside public awareness as well as outside sanctioned political processes” (in “Drugs, Oil and War”).

Ahmed adds that this situation generates “a form of police-crime symbiosis where the defining parameters of which side controls the other are no longer clear.” John Perkins is one of several expert witnesses who, as a former actor within the system (“an economic hit-man” as he defines himself) has documented and shown how this criminal hidden ruling structure spread its tentacles to control global economy and politics. He provides a vivid illustration of the operational methods used by the global powers-that-be, some of which were analyzed by Noam Chomsky in his books “ Manufacturing Consent ” (1988, with Edward S Herman) and “ Necessary Illusions ” (1988).

 2. Dolan, Salla, Good, Sherman, Marrs,  Harris, Greer and a host of other researchers have gathered and presented some of the massive evidence that our planet has been for many decades at least under the frequent or constant watch of intelligent highly technological “alien” (?) visitors who may or may not be “human,” but who do not belong or report to any known governments or corporate authorities in any country, and who often interfere with military, energy-producing, telecommunications, aeronautical and astronautical systems and organizations, with the apparent design to prevent any aggression from “our” side and to curtail or control our defensive and offensive capabilities.

Many nation-states have now acknowledged through the relevant official agencies or from the lips of very senior political and military leaders that they have been aware of this presence and potential threat for many years and have tried, without much if any success, to track down, study and understand the nature, origins, motives and goals of the “unknowns”.

A documentary by Jose Escamilla entitled “The Greatest Story ever denied – Proof of the Alien Presence” in one of several that provides hard and solid visual evidence from NASA and other “official” records about alien ships filmed in the atmosphere and in outer space.

3. Some researchers , especially Michael Salla and his colleagues in the realm of Exopolitics, Paola Harris, Alfred Lambremont Webre, Stephen Bassett, NASA astronaut Edgar Mitchell, Greer, Victor Viggiani and others, (supported at least in part by many “whistle blowers” and by various high level government officials such as the former Defence Minister Paul Hellyer from Canada, Admiral Lord Hill Norton, former Chief of the British Defence Staff, French Defence Minister Robert Galley and General Bernard Norlain, once Hill Norton’s counterpart in the French Air Force, the late Colonel Philip Corso from the USA, Dr. Jacques Patenet, Director of GEIPAN at the CNES (the French NASA), Prof. Jean-Claude Ribes, associate director of the National Institute for Astronomy and Geophysics, France and Nick Pope who headed the “UFO Desk” at the UK’s Ministry of Defence) have documented apparent Extratrrestrial influences on worsening socio-economic, political, and environmental issues.

The effects in our polity

Richard Dolan, one of the most “political” of the authors mentioned defines the situation very well in the preface to his aforementioned book (UFOs and the National Security State): “America is a country with a bad conscience, nominally a republic and a free society, but in reality an empire and oligarchy: vaguely aware of its own oppression.” He describes the mysterious realm of “special projects” surrounding government military UFO intelligence and research as “a project that is taking place in near complete secrecy, for purposes unknown, by entities unknown, with access to apparently substantial resources and technology.”

It is noteworthy that various highly sober and experienced professionals of space exploration as Dr. Edgar Mitchell do not dismiss such apparently incredible allegations, but rather give them the benefit of doubt. Mitchell has often gone on record to state that he is convinced of the existence of a “cabal of insiders” which controls relations with the Aliens and the study of their technologies.

About the writer:

About the writer:

Come Carpentier De Gourdon is currently the Convener of the Editorial Board of the World Affairs Journal, a quarterly publication dedicated to international issues, sponsored by the Kapur Surya Foundation (a co-sponsor of the “World Public Forum for Dialogue of Civilisations”) New Delhi, India. He has been associated with various businesses and not-for-profit organizations. They include the Nuclear Disarmament Forum and the Foundation for Global Dialog, Zug, Switzerland (in 2001-2002), the Tissot Economic Foundation of Neuchatel, Switzerland (1991-2000), the Global Commission to Finance the United Nations (from 1994 to date), the FEGAWERK Group of Companies, Switzerland (1991-1999), the Business Council for Sustainable Development (BUSCO, Paris, France, 1994-1995), Planet India Ltd. of New Delhi, India (from 1995 to date), the Conference of World Affairs of the University of Colorado in Boulder, U.S. (1985 to 1988), Orbit Productions, Washington D.C., USA (1987 to 1989), the Together Foundation for Global Unity of Caracas, Venezuela and Boulder, Colorado (1990-1992) and the Swiss Academy of Technical and Engineering Sciences (SATW)(1992-1993) among others. He is the author of numerous papers including a presentation at the 2006 World Public Forum on “The Case for Exopolitics: Ushering in a Cosmic Dialogue.” His website is: LINK

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Relaxation technique lowers blood pressure

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Special to The Canadian




A just-published study suggests the practice of meditation may bring cardiovascular and mental-health benefits.

The research, followed close to 300 students, half of whom practiced…

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Witnesses report UFO and EBE sightings in Texas

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Special to The Canadian

Location. Near Temple, Texas
Date: March 22 2009
Time: night

The main witness and his wife were heading southbound on I-35 from Waco when his wife pointed to a strange light in the sky moving at incredible speed.

It suddenly stopped on a dime over a field about a mile or so off the highway.

He pulled his car over to the shoulder as they wondered what it was. Suddenly it appeared…

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