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U.S. axis responsible for nearly 2,000,000 deaths in Iraq since 1991

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  Anti-Iraq War Protests in Washington D.C.
These protesters shown in the above photo were a group of an estimated 300,000 people who attended Anti-Iraq War Protests in Washington D.C. on Monday, 26 September 2005.

A United Nations corroborated estimate of one million people had died as a result of U.S. led efforts not to lift sanctions against Iraq. Most nations wished to lift the sanctions, but the U.S. with the additional support of the U.K., continued to oppose any such calls. The sactions which were in violation of United Nations Conventions on human rights, had gross consequences for the people of Iraq.

The brutal Saddam Hussain, whom the U.S. helped to bring into power in the 1980’s in the first place, remained unaffected while the Iraqi people suffered. Iraq used to have one of the best levels in the world for standards of living. However, after U.S. coerced sanctions, Iraq sank to the bottom twenty percent, in just 10 years.

Basic medicines were not available, as children died from treatable diseases. Even chlorine had been blocked, and that is needed for disinfection of water that has already been contaminated from the allied bombing. Cancer rates have shot up, believed to have resulted from the use of depleted Uranium by the allied bombing-which was cleaned up in Kuwait, but not in Iraq.

Anti-Vietnam War Movement in the 1960's
Vested interests seek to repress the kind of information that had lead to the massive Anti-Vietnam War Movement in the 1960’s, which eventually forced used troops to withdraw from Vietnam.

When asked on U.S. television if she [Madeline Albright, then U.S. Secretary of State] thought that the death of half a million Iraqi children [from sanctions in Iraq] was a price worth paying, Albright replied: “This is a very hard choice, but we think the price is worth it.”, as reported by John Pilger, in “Squeezed to Death”, The Guardian, March 4, 2000.

A release by the medical journal Lancet release stipulates that at least 600,000 have died as the result the U.S. pre-emptive strike based upon a fraudlent representation that Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Independent Iraqi accounts from disenfranchised groups added to the Lancet reported scholarly calculations, shows that an estimated nearly 2 million Iraqis have died as a result of the policies of the U.S. political-military-industrial complex.

“Deaths are occurring in Iraq now, at a rate more than three times that [rate] from before the invasion of March 2003,” Dr. Gilbert Burnham, lead author of the Lancet published study, said in a statement.

The major funder of the new Lancet published study was the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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